Orpheus Chamber Orchestra: Live from Carnegie Hall with Arabella Steinbacher

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WQXR brings you a live broadcast of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra from Carnegie Hall on Friday, April 29 at 8 pm. Violinist Arabella Steinbacher joins the orchestra with her 1741 Guarneri for Mozart's Adagio in E major and Rondo in C major, and Hartmann's Concerto funèbre. The program also includes Haydn's London Symphony and Strauss's Serenade in E-flat Major. 

As a new feature, WQXR is offering a 3-D audio stream that puts your ears in the middle of Carnegie Hall. For this special 3-D binaural headphone-only mix, click on the Special tab in the player. For the regular FM stereo mix for any listening device, listen to the WQXR tab in the player. 

Program Details

Richard Strauss - Serenade in E-flat Major, Op. 7

Karl Amadeus Hartmann - Concerto funebre

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Adagio in E Major for Violin and Orchestra, K. 261

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Rondo in C Major for Violin and Orchestra, K. 373

Franz Joseph Haydn - Symphony No. 104 in D Major “London”

Watch Arabella Steinbacher perform in the WQXR Cafe below: