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For some reason, I’ve been late to the party on saxophones. I had a good, saxophone-playing friend in college who was so frustrated by what he termed “the musical limitations” of his instrument that I developed an ‘over it’ attitude towards an instrument I was barely familiar with. Ah the folly of youth! In the years since those heady, saxophone-prejudiced days, and as I’ve been slowly adding sax to my listening diet, I’ve come to a realization: I like the saxophone!

This week will be heavily sax-infused. There’s a lot of wonderful new music out there featuring saxophones, much of it commissioned by sax heroes the Prism Quartet. We’ll get hip to sax solos, sax quartets, and sax concertos. Yay saxophone!

Have you ever eschewed an instrument or style of music you were not too familiar with, only to find out you loved it? Come clean in the comments!