Postcards to the Internauts

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Greetings from sunny (I’m not kidding, the sun never sets) Iceland! I’m spending my days at Valgeir Sigurðsson’s Greenhouse Studios, where, to my surprise, June Hammered! guest host Bruce Brubaker is recording Drones and Piano, Nico Muhly’s work for the same. I had NO idea Bruce was gonna be here. Q2 party up in Iceland! Come Wednesday, I’ll begin to record Daníel Bjarnason’s viola concerto-like-thing Sleep Variations, for solo viola, harp, percussion, and ten additional violas, all of which I will record, Mwah-ha-ha-ha.

Kirkjufell, Iceland (Daveness_98/flickr)

The ENO today released this trailer for Nico Muhly’s Two Boys. Awesome, right?? It’s a nice counterpoint to their somewhat-silly-but entertaining-yet-not-informative viral marketing video which you can find here. I have bought myself an OUTFIT for the premiere of the opera, made by this wonderful woman; YES. Meanwhile, I’m getting good and psyched for this production by re-reading the 2005 UK Vanity Fair article that inspired the whole shebang. More to come! Miss you all. XOXO, N