B.Y.O. Popcorn

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Tomorrow night, the Metropolitan Opera starts its second annual (hopefully, anyway) Summer HD Festival. They’ll be spending the next ten nights out on Lincoln Center Plaza showing operas that were originally beamed live into movie theaters. And it’s free!

Some of my first opera experiences as a kid were outdoors, in a park, with a pond next to the stage. We used to love the friendly competition from bullfrogs “harrumphing” along with the music. (If the singers weren’t up to snuff, we even cheered for the bullfrogs.)
The Met's HD broadcasts are a different experience from being in the theater, but a wonderful one in their own way. (Check out the Soundcheck Smackdown on our sister station WNYC.)
I love introducing people to opera. Remember when someone did that for you? This is a great chance to grab someone who’s never been, and share something you love with them.

And it’s free!