Hard Times

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The financial situation in our country is having a profound effect on a great number of Americans. Many economists are convinced that this is the United States' worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. People are losing their homes and jobs and are afraid that there is no end in sight.

Throughout history, people have turned to music in times of crises such as these. Music has the power to express the frustration and fear brought on by financial trials, and can bring us together to face these forces that are beyond our control.

This week, Terrance shares his experience with the recession and helps us explore music inspired by financial troubles. We'll hear Stephen Foster's Poor Old Joe, a 1939 recording of Aunt Molly Jackson singing Hard Times in Coleman's Mines, and Erik Satie's Mass of the Poor. Also on the program are two Concerto Grossi, one by the master, Archangelo Corelli, and the other by Philip Glass.


Poor Old Joe
Stephen Foster
Uncredited Orchestra
Ray Noble, conductor
Paul Robeson, bass-baritone
Angel/EMI 15586

Hungarian Dance No. 7 in A Major
Johannes Brahms
Maxim Vengerov, violin
Vag Papian, piano
Angel/EMI 57164

Hard Times in Coleman's Mines
Aunt Molly Jackson
Aunt Molly Jackson, vocals
Rounder 1002

Misha Alperin
Misha Alperin, piano
Anja Lechner, cello
ECM 1995

Messe des Pauvres (Mass of the Poor)
Erik Satie
C. Bowers-Broadbent, organ
ECM 1495

Dichterliebe, Op. 48; Ich Grolle Nicht
Robert Schumann
Ian Bostridge, tenor
Julius Drake, piano
Angel/EMI 56575

Nocturne No. 13 in C Minor, Op. 48/1
Frederic Chopin/Jacques Loussier
Jacques Loussier, piano
Telarc 83602

Waltz in f Op 70/2
Frederic Chopin
Artur Rubinstein, piano
RCA 5492

C Jam Blues
Edward K. (Duke) Ellington
Mulgrew Miller, piano
Niels-Henning Ă˜rsted Pedersen, bass
Bang & Olufsen 01

Different Trains: America - Before the War
Steve Reich
Kronos Quartet
Nonesuch 79394

Meredith Monk
Musica Sacra
Richard Westenburg, conductor
Catalyst 68329

Spanish Suite
Byron Olson/Manuel de Falla/Joaquin Rodrigo
Various Artists
Angel/EMI 54799

Concerto grosso No. 6 in F, Op. 6
Arcangelo Corelli
The English Concert
Trevor Pinnock, conductor
Archiv 423626

Concerto Grosso
Philip Glass
Beethoven Orchester Bonn
Dennis Russell Davies, conductor
Orange Mountain Music 0042