Max Steiner, Part 2

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He was the titan of film music. His talent towered above the others, so he was the perfect composer to write music for King Kong. Max Steiner's 1933 score for King Kong was innovative, and ushered in a new era of movie music. On this week's Movies on the Radio, host David Garland continues his introduction to Steiner's work, featuring Kong, The Son of Kong, The Fountainhead, The Searchers, A Summer Place, and more.



Max Steiner - King Kong - Main Title - Rhino Movie Music

Max Steiner - King Kong - suite - Marco Polo

Max Steiner - The Searchers - suite - BYU Film Music Archives

Max Steiner - Pursued - One Must Leave - Screen Archives Entertainment

Max Steiner - The Fountainhead - Main Title/Montage/Roark's Early Life, Wynand Tempts Roark/Dominique and Roark Reunited - BYU Film Music Archives

Max Steiner - A Summer Place - Reunion on the Beach, Be Sensible - BYU Film Music Archives

Max Steiner - The Son of Kong - Finale - Marco Polo