Circles & Lines

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Contemporary music ensembles are more often than not spearheaded by dedicated performers who band together out of a shared chemistry and passion for performing new works. In the case of Circles & Lines however, it is a consortium motivated by composers who are committed to presenting a range of accessible, yet eclectic and unique compositional styles.

This performance on September 12, 2010 at (Le) Poisson Rouge features the works of Circles & Lines composers Angélica Negrón, Noam Faingold, Eric Lemmon, Dylan Glatthorn and Conrad Winslow in addition to that of Pedro da Silva and Lucia Caruso.

Though the illustrious composers of Circles & Lines possess a range of experiences -- from composing music for toys and unconventional instruments to founding the music criticism and review site OpenSourceMusic to being composer-in-residence at Tulsa's Midtown School -- they have all managed to find common ground right here in New York City. Featuring pieces which involve everything from electronics to prepared piano to banjo to chamber orchestra, this (L)PR concert exemplifies Circles & Lines's colorful backgrounds and mission to program a performance that runs the gamut of today's emerging composers.

Listen to the entire concert from (Le) Poisson Rouge above or excerpts below, and don't forget to poke around the Q2 Live Concert archive for more exciting live performances at your fingertips. You can access Q2 24/7 through our pop-out audio player or iTunes.

(L)PR’s Technical Director is Richie Clarke and this concert was mixed by Damon Whittemore.


Noam Faingold: A Knife in the Water
Eric Lemmon: Little Respite

Conrad Winslow: Nearly Resolved Chords
Pedro da Silva: Concertino Buleria

Dylan Glatthorn: Joy
Angélica Negrón: Drawings for Meyoko

Lucia Caruso: Canção de Sintra

Circles & Lines: (from left to right) Angélica Negrón, Conrad Winslow, Eric Lemmon, Dylan Glatthorn and Noam Faingold (Anthony Aquilino)

Circles & Lines Composers