Moving Sounds Festival

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Christian Fennesz's Complete Concert

Due East's Complete Concert

The marriage of music and raw sound is so closely intertwined that it is easy to take one or the other for granted. In an effort to explore the infinite possibilities of this relationship, the Argento New Music Project, the Musical Information Center of Austria (MICA) and the Austrian Cultural Forum banded together to create the Moving Sounds Festival; this year's festival comprises of 4 concerts taking place in various New York venues.

This particular installment on September 4 at (Le) Poisson Rouge features electronic sound artist, Fennesz and the flute/percussion duo, Due East, presenting world premieres by Bernhard Lang and Brian Kane alongside pieces by David Lang, Michel Galante and Alexis Bacon.

As one might expect for its unconventional instrumentation, Due East -- comprised of flutist Erin Lesser and perucssionist Greg Beyer -- concentrates largely on performing and commissioning new works which range from extensive multimedia and technology-driven works to pieces that call for world-music instruments. This is an influence stemming from Beyer's skills on the Afro-Brazilian instrument, the berimbau. Highly active in the New York freelance scene, the duo has performed as concerto soloists with The Knights and individually has appeared with the likes of Orpheus Chamber Ensemble, So Percussion and Alarm Will Sound. In addition to her dedication to Due East, Lesser is a founding member of Argento Chamber Ensemble.

Listen to the entire concert from (Le) Poisson Rouge above or excerpts below, and don't forget to poke around the Q2 Live Concert archive for more exciting live performances at your fingertips. You can access Q2 24/7 through our pop-out audio player or iTunes.

(L)PR’s Technical Director is Richie Clarke and this concert was mixed by Bill Bowen.

Due East's Program

David Lang: Lend/Lease

Brian Kane: 0.215

Michel Galante: Duos and Trios

Alexis Bacon: Cowboy Song

Bernhard Lang: DW 21 | Difference/Repetition #21