Volcanoes, Scandinavia, etc.

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These shows originally aired the week of June 7, 2010. For the original show page, click here.

I am so happy (finally!) to be back from my ash-extended hiatus. To celebrate (and partly to facilitate a smooth radio re-entry), I thought it might be fun to feature music by northern European and Scandinavian composers this week.

There’s some sort of aesthetic about the music of this region that is undeniably attractive to me. I also have an affinity for herring? Anyway, this week will be all about the North.

Also: If you want to hear music that strikes me as literally insane, check out this piece Hekla (after the volcano of the same name) by Icelandic composer Jón Leifs. Seriously, go watch this crazy thing. There is literally no counterpoint! It’s all just crazy hits and wild instruments! What is this music!? I kind of love this, though it’s not exactly radio-friendly.

There are a lot of new names and pieces coming this week, but we can always use suggestions. Got any favorite northerners you’d like to hear?