The Pulse That Pulls You In

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I don't know why repetitious and pulsing patterns (minimalist or otherwise) obsess me, but they usually factor into pieces of music that catch me off guard and refuse to let my attention wander. That's what binds today's seemingly unrelated selections. What particular pieces obsess you, because of an insistent pulse and/or irresistible momentum?

Tuesday, October 19: The Exploding Piano!
The Exploding Piano can mean only one person, namely my pianistic soul sister Kathleen Supové, whose fearless and virtuosic advocacy of the newest piano music (plugged and unplugged) never fails to inspire, not to mention her wicked red hair! We'll hear music by Elaine Kaplinsky, Randall Woolf, Neil Rolnick, David Lang, Anna Clyne and Lukas Foss.

Wednesday, October 20: Gotta Toccata
Toccatas (and toccata-like pieces) embody machine-like steadiness and merciless repetition. If you can get through today's eclectic sampler with your wrists, arms and upper body intact, you won't need a gym membership.

Thursday, October 21: The Well-Sedated Steinway
After yesterday's strenuous Toccata blowout, we need a one-hour cool down. So I've assembled a playlist that I hope massage therapists will notice! Imagine getting your rhomboids rubbed to the dulcet tones of Kernis, Part, Berio, Silvestrov, Del Tredici, Einaudi, Jarrett and yours truly.

Friday, October 22: Three's Company
Our high school gym teacher tried to divide our gym class into teams by instructing us to "pair off in threes." That memory sparked my idea for a program devoted to triptychs, triumvirates, and other "pairs of three," or, in the case of Satie, a "pear" of three.