'The Avengers' and Other Heroic Adventures

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The first of the summer blockbusters, "Avengers: Age of Ultron," opens this weekend, and for this film about a team of super heroes, a team of composers created the musical score. Veteran composer Danny Elfman (Tim Burton's "Batman") and Brian Tyler ("Iron Man 3") worked tag-team style, each contributing portions of music, and each drawing on themes from Alan Silvestri's 2012 score for "The Avengers," the first film in this series.

David Garland presents highlights from this amalgamated score, plus music by Howard Shore, who will join David at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Wednesday, May 6, for a conversation and a screening of the 1991 film "Naked Lunch." The event is part of New York Public Radio's Radio Lovefest. In addition, tonight's show includes music by Max Steiner from the old-style Hollywood heroic adventure film, "Adventures of Don Juan."