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Monday, April 07, 2014

Louis Andriessen, composer Louis Andriessen, composer (Francesca Patella)

Louis Andriessen has exerted a vital influence on American music over in the last few decades. Of course he’s Dutch and has stayed close to home most of his career, but the strength of his convictions and principles have traveled well.

Traveled, of course, through his amazing music, which communicates a free, revolutionary spirit that was and is in many ways a counter to the classical establishment. Rejecting the traditional orchestral world, Andriessen typically uses mixed ensembles, usually with amplification to create works which are political, critical, jazzy, jolting, often extremely aggressive, and by turns serious and funny.

Be on the lookout for two types of pieces:

1) Big mixed electro-acoustic chamber ensemble works with relentlessly insistent rhythmic lines–Hout (Wood,) Hoketus (Hocketing,) De Snelheid (Velocity.)

2)Even bigger quasi-theatrical pieces that embody big concepts, like De Staat (The Republic,) De Tijd (Time,) Die Materie (Matter.)

Luckily, we’ll have time for all of that, along with two of his collaborations with Peter Greenaway, M is for Man, Music, Mozart, and the remarkable Writing to Vermeer, an epistolary semi-opera which includes electronic contributions from his eminent younger compatriot and one-time student Michel Van der Aa.

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Phil Kline

Comments [2]

Thank you for sharing that fantastic story, Mary. It's always refreshing to hear new music and to hear how listeners such as yourself respond to it. Hoping you can continue to tune in to Q2 Music and find equally uplifting music.

The piece in question is probably "Hoketus," so you were only one letter off! Here's a complete playlist from Tuesday in case another title rings a bell.


Best wishes and happy listening!

Apr. 10 2014 12:51 PM
Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom from Maine, USA

Not sure what I am hearing by Bang on the Can All-Stars, but I have to report that it lifted my spirits out of the doldrums this noon. I had been depressed all morning with life in general and bad weather, I suppose. Hockitus? It was just announced by Q2 announcer. In the beginning, I had been searching for classical music via WQXR since I couldn't make KLEF Anchorage come in as it used to. I couldn't see where to access the main stream and happened upon this. At first I thought I would be bored by the regular beat, but as it added another beat and tone one by one, I was fascinated and my psyche picked up on it and came to life, thank goodness. I am almost ninety, a senior living at a retirement community, where I am going to recommend this work for a Wellness Session, hoping that I can find out how to spell the name of the composition by Andriessen.

Apr. 08 2014 12:44 PM

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