Bizet's The Pearl Fishers From Vienna

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Bizet's 'The Pearl Fishers' From Vienna.

Yes, George Bizet did write something besides Carmen

Bizet's The Pearl Fishers premiered in 1863 and, like Carmen, it got a rocky reception. Still, there was one prominent critic who saw things differently right from the start. In one of his last reviews, published a week or so after the opera's first performance, Hector Berlioz cited The Pearl Fishers as evidence of Bizet's "characteristic genius" and described the opera as having "a considerable number of beautiful, expressive pieces, filled with fire and rich coloring." 

On World of Opera, host Lisa Simeone brings us Bizet's The Pearl Fishers from the historic Theater an der Wien in Vienna. Tenor Dmitry Korchak and baritone Nathan Gunn portray Nadir and Zurga, the troubled friends who join in the famous duet, with soprano Diana Damrau as Léïla, the woman who comes between them.

Leila: Diana Damrau (soprano)
Nadir: Dmitry Korchak (tenor)
Zurga: Nathan Gunn (baritone)
Nourabad: Nicolas Testé (bass)

Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
Arnold Schoenberg Chorus
Jean-Christophe Spinosi, conductor