Chopin's Polonaise

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

'Polonaise under the sky' by Kornelli Szlegel. A polonaise is a popular dance form. (Wikipedia Commons)

It seems only natural that Chopin, having been born in Poland, would find inspiration in the polonaise, a dignified dance that is named for the French word for Polish. At first only men were able to dance to the polonaise, but later women's were allowed to join in. Eventually the polonaise opened every ball in Europe.

However, the polonaise evolved into a form that stands on its own, not just at dances or balls. Today's on Classics for Kids, learn about the popularity of the polonaise, and how Chopin became one of its biggest fans.

Program Playlist: 

Chopin: Polonaise in B flat
Chabrier: Fete Polonaise
Sousa: Presidential Polonaise
Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov
Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin
Schubert: Polonaise
Dvorak: Polonaise
Liadov : Polonaise
Chopin: Polonaise No. 1 in G minor
Chopin: Military Polonaise

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