Classical Music that Turned into Musical Theater

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If the story of the Broadway musical "Rent" sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same one that Puccini used in his opera "La Boheme." Tune into Classics for Kids this week to hear about other classical pieces that inspired Broadway shows.   

Music used within the program:

Larson: Rent, "Seasons of Love"

Larson: Rent , "La Vie Boheme"

Puccini: La Boheme, "Musetta’s Waltz"

Larson: Rent, "The Tango Maureen"

Puccini: Girl of the Golden West , "Quello che tacete"

Webber: Phantom of the Opera, "Music of the Night"

Borodin: Prince Igor, "Polovtsian Dances"

Robert Wright and George Forrest: Kismet, "Stranger in Paradise"

Borodin: String Quartet No. 2, Nocturne

Robert Wright and George Forrest: Kismet, "And This is My Beloved"

Robert Wright and George Forrest: Song of Norway, "Legend"

Grieg: Piano Concerto

Bizet: Carmen Jones, "Dat’s Love"