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Episode 12: Andras Schiff Plays the Keyboard Concerto No. 2, 1st Movement

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Andras Schiff, pianist

Today, we're offering a free download of the first movement from Bach's Keyboard Concerto No. 2 in E Major, BWV 1053, played by Andras Schiff.

Keyboard Concerto No. 2 in E Major, BWV 1053: I. Allegro
Andras Schiff, piano
Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Bach Concertos BWV 1052-1058
London/Decca 425676
Available at

Playing classical music in bars and clubs is not a new concept, or even a 20th century one. From 1729 to 1741, J.S. Bach was curator of the Collegium Musicum in Leipzig, a society that presented concerts in, among other places, the coffee shop Cafe Zimmermann. It was for these occasions that Bach produced his harpsichord concertos, among the first concertos for keyboard instrument ever written. Today's episode features one of the pieces – the first movement from the Keyboard Concerto No. 2 in E Major. It's performed by Hungarian pianist Andras Schiff, who since the 1980s has been a major proponent of playing Bach's music on the modern piano.

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