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Episode 3: Benjamin Grosvenor Plays the Overture from Fourth Partita

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Every weekday during November, WQXR offers a free, daily download of a noteworthy Bach recording. Today, the Overture from Bach's Fourth Partita, played by Benjamin Grosvenor.

Album Details:
Benjamin Grosvenor, pianist

Partita No. 4: Overture
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In 1726, Bach published some of his compositions for solo keyboard, calling them a partita, which is another name for a suite. He enlisted some of his musician friends to market and sell the partita and the idea apparently succeeded, as he issued five more such works over four years. While Bach bundled them as a set, we're offering just a sampling here: the Overture from Bach's Fourth Partita. It's performed by the Benjamin Grosvenor, a former keyboard prodigy from England whom we've featured a few occasions. This is an "old school" treatment of Bach, with no repeats observed, and there's much to admire in its tonal beauty and range of nuances.

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