This Flash Mob of Holst's 'Jupiter' Will Bring You Jollity

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Of the seven movements from Gustav Holst’s Planets suite, it’s perhaps “Jupiter” that is the most memorable. Maybe you recognize it from your time in a house of worship — the composer used the stately middle theme as the basis for a second tune, “Thaxted,” to which many hymns have been set. Or maybe it’s a throwback to your days as a student in band class. You can catch fleeting moments of it in a trippy Frank Zappa treatment, or in an episode of The Simpsons or Sherlock.

In case you missed it, here’s another “Jupiter” moment to add to your list. Several members of the Berklee Contemporary Symphonic Orchestra gathered in Boston’s Prudential Center late in 2016 and created one of the better flash mobs we’ve seen lately. Watch how musicians gather, each bringing their own strain of jollity to a crowd of unsuspecting mall-goers. Life can be good.