From Harvard Yard

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Pipedreams makes a visit to Harvard's Memorial Church to hear the new gallery organ by C. B. Fisk, the renewed 1930 Skinner organ in Appleton Chapel, and some historic resonances of instruments from the past.


JOHN COOK: Fanfare (1952) –Christian Lane (Fisk Op. 139).

JOHN RUTTER: Most glorious lord of life (2010). ALFRED FEDAK: Spring bursts today (premiere) –Harvard Univerity Choir/Edward Elwyn Jones, director/Christian Lane (Fisk Op. 139).

JOHANN CHRISTIAN KITTEL: Prelude No. 7 –David Higgs (Fisk Opus 139).

CHELSEA CHEN: Rice Dumplings –Chelsea Chen (Fisk Opus 139), with violinist Lewis Wong.

DAVID CONTE: Prelude & Fugue (2004) –Christian Lane (Skinner Opus 793).

SAMUEL GILMAN: Fair Harvard –Harvard University Choir/Edward Elwyn Jones, director; Christian Lane (Skinner Opus 793).

CARSON COOMAN: Fantasia on Fair Harvard, Op. 964 (premiere) –Carson Cooman (Fisk Opus 139).