'Idomeneo,' With Its Complex Maturity, Is Featured as Your Met Radio Broadcast

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Nadine Sierra as Ilia in Mozart's Idomeneo.

Idomeneo is a mighty work by Mozart. Lengthy and complex, its central themes of love, loyalty and sacrifice capture the difficult nuances of the human condition. You, too, can ponder your beliefs in love and fate this weekend, as the music of Idomeneo, Re di Creta, ossia Ilia ed Idamante fills your ears for this edition of the Met Radio Broadcast at 1 pm.

Mozart’s first “mature” opera is the subject of this week’s He Sang/She Sang, featuring mezzo-soprano Alice Coote, who sings the role of the vexed King Idamante. Mozart was 24 by the time of this opera’s 1781 Munich premiere, and was ready to show the world how much he had grown as a composer. Idomeneo is a perfect complement to this “new Mozart” — the former child prodigy’s music mastery was on display through a lens of love and defiance of the gods. But for all of the maturity present in the work, it also paid homage to earlier works, particularly the opera seria of Christoph Gluck.

Check out this week’s episode of He Sang/She Sang as a primer, or, after the broadcast, additional insights from Alice Coote:



Conductor: James Levine

Ilia: Nadine Sierra

Elettra: Elza van den Heever

Idamante: Alice Coote

Arbace: Alan Opie

Idomeneo: Matthew Polenzani