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Ingram Marshall: A Connecticut Hippie In California

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Composer Ingram Marshall Composer Ingram Marshall (Timo Andres)

Ingram Marshall is often called a California Minimalist, a title which, while not exactly geographically accurate, allies him with a loose cadre of artists writing ambient, visceral scores. It’s a title he’ll happily wear, but it only vaguely describes they art he makes.

Ingram is kind of a throwback – a free-thinker making music on his own, music that accesses a deep, emotional place. His music leaves the listener gutted, keyed into something beyond consciousness. It’s ambience with a purpose, slowly inevitably unfolding towards a climax. - Nadia Sirota

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Hosted by:

Nadia Sirota

Produced by:

Alexander Overington

Ingram Marshall: I. Sine Waves and Tape Loops

Ingram Marshall found composition late, only beginning to write in grad school, and almost immediately found electronic music. Listen to the first act of our Ingram Marshall episode.


Ingram Marshall: II. Gamelan, Sacred Harp and Other Lovely Things

After grad school and a few years of nomadic existence, Ingram found a new tribe in the students of the newly-formed California Institute of the Arts. Listen to our second act.


Ingram Marshall: III. Finding a Path, Finding Morels

Nowadays, Ingram is a teacher, among other things, and is the type of pedagogue that inspires almost spiritual reverence from his students. Listen to the final act.


Ingram Marshall: Playlist

Hear a piece of music you loved in the show? Find below a complete breakdown of all the music in Episode Eight – Ingram Marshall: A Connecticut Hippie In California.


Comments [4]

anne from New York

I was also wondering why Balinese gamelan was played, since it is very, very different from the Javanese gamelan that Ingram played at Cal Arts and in Indonesia, and from the Javanese gamelan the Ravel and Debussy heard at the Paris Expo in 1889.

That said, it was wonderful to hear Ingram's music.

Feb. 16 2016 06:26 PM
Amelia from Oregon

I loved this episode, and getting to hear so much music from throughout Marshall's career.

I'm curious about why Balinese gamelan was being played under the description of Javanese gamelan. The sound of the music didn't really match up with what was being said about it because the two genres are so different.

Oct. 30 2015 04:06 PM
Katja from Brussels

Really enjoyed this episode. Are you guys planning on adding a playlist as with season one? Am curious to further explore the music you touched in this episode.

Oct. 07 2015 05:32 AM
Paul from Tucson, AZ

Wonderful episode. Thank you.

Oct. 06 2015 01:07 PM

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