Reality Star Soprano Jackie Evancho to Perform at Trump's Inauguration

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 02:49 PM

Jackie Evancho will be performing at the 2017 Inauguration. (

A 16-year old Jackie Evancho has been chosen to perform at Donald J. Trump's presidential inauguration next month. Her announcement came earlier today, during an appearance on the "Today Show."

Evancho first achieved widespread popularity during her 2009 run on "America’s Got Talent." A winner of the show’s YouTube competition, she won the hearts of the judges with a performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” from Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi. While she did not win the competition, she has gone on to enjoy a successful career. In the years since "AGT," Evancho has released five studio albums, becoming a platinum-selling artist in the process.

According to a report by TMZ, the president-elect personally called Evancho's manager to request the young soprano's talents at the ceremony on Jan. 20. 

The selection seems to be a natural fit. Evancho has performed in front of a presidential audience before, at the National Tree Lighting Ceremony in 2010. She also began her rapid ascent to fame after appearing on a reality television program; the president-elect has his own well-known reality TV career with "The Apprentice," which will continue to credit him as an executive producer.

Evancho's most recent effort, Someday at Christmas, was released on Oct. 28. It peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s classical chart and at No. 19 on its holiday album chart.

Revisit Evancho’s earlier years with her "America’s Got Talent" performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro.” 


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Comments [35]

Arden Broecking from Connecticut

The more I think about this young woman who will to sing at the Inauguration, the more insulted I feel for this ridiculous choice. However, given the caliber of the people in the government we are about to have from the top on down,and will hopefully survive, (historically we've survived worse,) I can understand the choice. First of all, this girl has a pretty voice, true, but so do thousands of other "pretty voices."she has been exploited from the beginning. All the glamor trappings cannot make a mediocre talent anything else. The few times I have heard her, she has made musical mistakes, altered the music, and has a distracting "butterfly catching" gesture. She has been sloppily coached, if at all. I could go on, but I will refrain. I just hope she remembers the words to our National Anthem !!!!

What an insult this is to the truly great singers are country has!!!

Jan. 05 2017 04:45 PM
Vespasian from Suffolk

@jESS. I never said Trump was a nice guy. He is not a racist, etc. and all the nasty things said about him. He is a swine. My problem with Hillary is the money she received from the Saudis, etc. Also, there is a video of her at a convention in April of last year where she said that we need to change religious views in this country. Mind control.
These are the choices we had. Let us hope America will survive.
The go between we had was fun.
Best wishes

Dec. 21 2016 07:02 AM
Norma J F Harriison from Berkeley, California, U.S.A.

How bad does it have to get before people start boycotting him!? The thick-skinned - protected by that slim semblance of security - blindered by comfort - will they notice the destruction of myriad protections, let alone increasing horror amid their-our neighbors?

Dec. 21 2016 02:40 AM
The Baron from Long Island City

Although I am not normally disposed to engage in Schadenfreude, in the case of smug, superior ProgLibs like "Jess from Pelham" I feel totally justified in making an exception. It will please me immensely to think of how much they will be suffering
during the next eight years.

The compassionate side of me, however, hopes that they will have the foresight to stock up on coloring books, crayons and Play Doh to play with in their imaginary Safe Spaces. Perhaps Mayor Bill De Blasio might even take pity on the plight of his distressed comrades and issue an Executive Order that they all be provided with comfort dogs as well.

Dec. 21 2016 02:17 AM
jess from Pelham

Vespasian: Forgive all my failings of the Left - and they are many. The only insults I can see are direct quotations from your President-elect. I do have to wonder about the Hillary-based "compliant citizenry" you repeatedly reference, given there have been more protests after the election of Trump than there has been in whole history of the post-election period of our country. What part of compliant citizenry is that? Nor do I think Ms. Clinton was asking for everybody to agree, act and think the same. (That seems more like a page from the Trump playbook - Think, "Lock her up.") As far as tolerating the monstrous bigot elected - I do not and will never. But in the spirit of the season I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Dec. 20 2016 05:51 PM
Vepasian from Suffolk

Jess: Hillary has gotten lots of money from Goldman Sachs. Oh dear, dear. Usual nastiness. Her foundation has gotten bad reports from the charity rating agencies. They refuse to turn over financial reports. Trump also will not turn over his financial reports. We can have this difference of opinion without insulting everyone who disagrees with you. Unfortunately you are the usual ideologue of the left who cannot tolerate anyone who thinks differently from you. Also, I guess you do not know what compliant citizenry means.
I must now leave you for a little while as I must cook. A sacred duty.
But I will return with my wisdom, charm and wit. Don't despair.

Dec. 20 2016 02:11 PM
jess from pelham

Vespasian you are right. I should have said "kinder" - WAY more kind than characterizing large portions of the general populace as; rapists, drug dealers, terrorists, fat pigs, losers - the list goes on and on. If anyone is calling for conformity it is Trump with his wall-building white supremacists, his billionaire cabinet from Goldman Sachs and his so-called "christian" evangelicals. But I must give credit where it is due; you are a indeed a player if you don't mind a President that at any time may grab you by your privates without consent. Have a rockin' Christmas, you party animal you!

Dec. 20 2016 01:43 PM
Vespasian from Suffolk

Gosh Jess, Hillary is kind. Wanting to shoot down Russian planes, etc. When she said this, the Russians dispatched a nuclear sub to the Bering Strait. They fight back.
No, no one put a gun to my head. I am a firm believer in 2nd amendment rights to protect us from GOVERNMENT and people like Hillary who wants a compliant citizenry.
Best wishes
By the way, this is fun. I am old woman.

Dec. 20 2016 12:10 PM
jess from Pelham

@Vespasian; I am so sorry someone was holding you at gunpoint and forced you to vote for Trump. How traumatic (and just another reason to have stronger gun protections)! Ms. Clinton's whole campaign was built on diversity of people, as well as ideas, and the concept of inclusiveness, kindness and welcome -- the latter which seems wholly unknown to the President-elect. Please mention this to him so that he may finally understand Christmas. I am sure he will thank you.

Dec. 20 2016 10:39 AM
Concetta Nardone from Nassau

It gets crazier and crazier. Do not know if this is a true story but the Hillary supporters want to boycott Bocelli if he sings at the inauguration.
I guess he did not see this coming.

Dec. 20 2016 09:17 AM
Vespasian from Suffolk

@jESS: You are not sure what I meant. No, those of us who were forced to vote for Trump had no choice. We are not morons. Hillary, wanted a compliant citizenry. This does not bother the Hillary supporters. Who are the morons. The other choice was a pothead who did not know where Aleppo was. The puppy I wanted was Rand Paul.
Merry Christmas, left and right.

Dec. 20 2016 07:20 AM
jess from Pelham, NY

@Vespasian: Not sure what you are talking about, but best wishes anyway.
I am sorry no one likes your candidate given his attributes of being a home-grown, greedy moron who only likes white rich men. But I am proud that so many artists and fellow listeners seem to find him as reprehensible as I do. It is a small comfort to cherish; especially when you consider the horrors that lie ahead.

Merry Christmas.

Dec. 19 2016 05:57 PM
Floria from the US

Hey, DF....I agree with you, "he couldn't get anyone else."

Dec. 19 2016 11:50 AM
Vespasian from Suffolk

@jESS: Amazing that the classical music world has not rebuffed someone who wants to shoot down Russian planes, wants a compliant citizenry, etc.
How very clever of them not to recognize a monster when she opened up her mouth. Also, wants to change religious views. Mind control anyone?

Dec. 18 2016 11:58 AM
Listener from Queens NY



Dec. 17 2016 03:24 PM

I suppose this immature reality-show graduate will be forgiven or more likely forgotten. Just as music lovers forgave (forgot about) Anna Nebretko and Valery Gergiev for their unabashed defense of V. Putin for his persecution of gay Russians.

Dec. 17 2016 02:24 PM
Concetta Nardone from Nassau

Merry Christmas to all.
This has been fun.

Dec. 16 2016 05:09 PM
jjf from Michigan

Just because he asked her doesn't mean she had to say yes. I don't do everything everyone asks me to do. No matter who it is.

Dec. 16 2016 12:02 PM
Concetta Nardone from Nassau

@DEPLORABLE: catty comments are fun. We can't all be warm and fuzzy.

Dec. 16 2016 11:55 AM
Carol Luparella from Garfield, NJ

Hi Concetta,
Merry Christmas!
I am enjoying these comments also - there's nothing like a good kerfuffle!
Best wishes!

Dec. 16 2016 10:05 AM
Michael Blackmore from Toronto

"See deplorable listener" : all of these catty comments are the consensus.
I am a gay man, teased throughout life for my love of classical music, suffered a near fatal stroke 10 years ago and proudly re-entered my medical practice 5 years ago......SO, LEAST OF ALL, I AM NOT SMUG.
It's deplorable alright.....and, unfortunately, a "reality".
But, Merry Christmas, and no hard feelings.

Dec. 16 2016 08:22 AM
Arden from New England

Thinking on it after having heard this young lady, and in fairness, her voice is pretty, but so are many other young women's voices. One wonders if the word "exploitation" comes to mind. Where are her parents?

Dec. 16 2016 07:51 AM
Owen from Manhattan

I would think Trump has no taste in quality music. I believe he would not even know who Wagner, Sibelius, Bruckner and people like that even are. So a 16 year old who needs a career boost would fit his bill just fine

Dec. 15 2016 05:52 PM
Concetta Nardone from Nassau


I am actually having fun with all these comments.

Dec. 15 2016 05:18 PM
Carol Luparella from Garfield, NJ

It is very unfortunate that WQXR seems to be turning into a "lite-classical/crossover" station with the blogs to match.
Perhaps it is reflective of the times we live in. How sad.

Dec. 15 2016 04:48 PM
HYH13 from Long Island

I don't watch reality shows (never have) so I don't even know who this woman is. Is she good? Is she a classical music singer (other than O mio bambino)? Is that why this story is on WQXR site? Can someone please enlighten me?

Is this a sign of things to come or a sign of what is -- 'reality-tv' has won. :(

Dec. 15 2016 01:54 PM
deplorable listener from flyover country

My, my, how catty all these comments are.

It must be that time of the month for all the smug comment-divas at WQXR.

Dec. 15 2016 01:52 PM
Michael Blackmore from Toronto

How "hilariously fitting": a TV TALENT SHOW soprano, in which your future President was a judge, to sing at HIS INAUGURATION.

You DO REALIZE....that, except for Vladimir Putin.....the entire world will be holding their abdomens while on their backs....from laughter at the sight/sound of this?

Anyway, let's do something more constructive......HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEETHOVEN.

Dec. 15 2016 12:13 PM
jess from Pelham, NY

I am proud that the Classical music world has rebuffed him so completely. Other professional artists are also standing firm. While nothing could be more pathetic than the Republican National Convention this summer, the Inauguration may come in a close second.

Dec. 15 2016 10:39 AM
Concetta Nardone from Nassau

@Keppen: there was a video posted of a group of terrified cats running and a deep voice says: Grab all ----.
Another video from Jackson Galaxy of My cat from hell showing a beautiful little kitten saying He Grabbed Me.
We better laugh folks.
Best wishes

Dec. 15 2016 10:01 AM
Concetta Nardone from Nassau

SHE keeps popping up like a fungus infection.

Dec. 15 2016 09:50 AM
df from nyc

He can't get anyone else!

Dec. 15 2016 09:48 AM
K Heppen

Just make sure she's not left alone in a room with him.

Dec. 15 2016 08:51 AM
Ellen L Lienhard from West Chester, PA

Yes, Arden, this is totally predictable and appalling as yet another sign of things to come. Apparently the ability to make money is the prime consideration.

Dec. 15 2016 08:02 AM
Arden Anderson-Broecking from Connecticut

With all the great American singers who would be far more appropriate?
End of comment!

Dec. 15 2016 07:42 AM

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