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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Franz Liszt (Franz Hanfstaengl/Wikimedia Commons)

Tune in 8pm Thursday as David Dubal begins a new series on the pianist and composer Franz Liszt.  During his time, Liszt was regarded as the greatest pianist who ever lived; today, his legacy is still immediate and profound.  The composer and pianist Ferruccio Busoni once said, “We are all branches from his tree.”

 On this first program on the series, Dubal sketches out the timeline of Liszt’s life, from the auspicious comet in the sky at his birth to his death in Bayreuth in 1886.  Along the way, Liszt reinvented the possibilities for his instrument, finding the expressive power of a full orchestra along the 88 keys of the piano.

Program Details:

Sonetto del Petrarca No. 104    
Franz Liszt    
Dinu Lipatti    

Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F minor    
Franz Liszt    
Sophia Agranovich    
(no label/ self released)

Impromptu ('Nocturne')    
Franz Liszt    
Arnaldo Cohen    

Theme and Variations – A minor    
Franz Liszt    
Barbara Nissman    

Gretchen am Spinnrade    
Frans Schubert/Franz Liszt    
Evgeny Kissin    
BMG/Sont/Philips/Deuche Grammophone

Les jeua d'eau á la Villa d'Este    
Franz Liszt    
Jorge Bolet    

Consolation No. 3 in D flat    
Franz Liszt    
Murray Perahia    

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (arr. VH)    
Franz Liszt    
Vladimir Horowitz    
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Comments [16]

Ross from Massachusetts

This is just another "Thank You" to Mr. Dubal for assembling this remarkable collection of pianistic interpretations of Liszt. Those who enjoyed the Agranovich interpretation as much as I did may want to check out her latest CD, where she brings the same fiery dynamism and power to the Schubert "Wanderer" Fantasie.

Jan. 25 2016 09:06 PM
Mohamed Boubendir

Thank you for the radio show. It is always a pleasure to listen to Mr. Dubal and to hear about Liszt's life. Thank you also for the artists, and for the pieces that you have chosen. Thanks to Liszt, of course.

Jan. 25 2016 10:46 AM
Donna Mouchtaris from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

I am the proud mother of a 14 year old pianist under the instruction of Sophia Agranovich. With Ms. Agranovich's guidance, Liszt has become my daughter's most favorite composer. Mr. Dubal's colorful and careful narrative has demonstrated the legendary life of Franz Liszt most completely. The selection of the pianists illustrating the works of Liszt are all masterful, and this program brought forth by Mr. Dubal has been a joy to witness. Thank you!

Jan. 24 2016 10:31 PM
Robert Argasinski from New Jersey

With gratitude to Mr. Dubal for a very informative program which spanned the life of the virtuosic pianist Franz Liszt. I would like to thank WQXR for broadcasting this program and making it available to the general public. A big round of applause for Ms. Sophia Agranovich for her astounding performance of the most expressive Liszt Transcendental Etude.

Jan. 24 2016 03:19 PM
Elaine from NJ

Thanks David and WQXR for such a wonderful program about Liszt and his works! Also enjoying Sophia's performance, truly amazing! Can't wait for the next program!

Jan. 23 2016 12:10 PM
rossella brevetti from Washington

Thank you to David Dubal and Sophia Agranovich! You guys rock!

Jan. 23 2016 07:44 AM

I'm in awe of the piano playing from Sophia Agranovich! Very enjoyable indeed...

Jan. 23 2016 02:41 AM

It's always a pleasure to listen to Sophia Agranovich!

Jan. 23 2016 02:39 AM
La Ron

Sophia Agranovich, truely amazing! Her compassion for music is a gift that is expressive and shines through on every note that she plays. Bravo!!

Jan. 23 2016 02:33 AM
AB from NJ

Beautiful music and interesting performances by talented new artists.
I wish we had a chance to hear some of Gyorgy Cziffra's recordings.

Jan. 22 2016 10:12 PM
Francis from NYC

Beautiful rendition of Liszt's Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F minor. Reflections from the Keyboard never disappoints.

Jan. 22 2016 05:06 PM
SMonga from NJ

Really enjoyed David Dubal's narration--very informative! Sophia Agranovich was such a pleasure to listen to. Amazing to hear her energy and enthusiasm.She clearly loves what she does.

Jan. 22 2016 04:46 PM
Lin L.

I love how Dubal narrates List's life -- it showed me many interesting things that I did not know. The energy and passion in the Etude by Ms. Sophia Agranovich is truly amazing.

Jan. 22 2016 03:51 PM
Susan Z.

What a wonderful program! David Dubal did a great job narrating - I learned so much! Sophia Agranovich's performance of Liszt's Étude was amazing - my father thinks so too and he's a native Hungarian and a graduate of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music!

Jan. 22 2016 01:55 PM
Steve reisman from New Yersey

Very much enjoyed the Liszt program liked Sophia Agranovich performance.

Jan. 21 2016 09:19 PM
Bonnie Large

Wonderful!! Thank you!!

Jan. 21 2016 09:03 PM

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