Lights, Camera, Music! A Film-Music Marathon

Q2 Music's 24-Hour Marathon of the Best in New Music for Film

Friday, February 28, 2014

On Monday, Feb. 24 and Sunday, Mar. 1, Q2 Music presents Lights, Camera, Music! – a 24-hour kaleidoscopic survey of the most innovative and new-music inflected film scores. Hosted by WQXR's David Garland (Movies on the Radio), this day-long marathon shares soundtracks that demand to be heard on their own terms.

Music composed for film is the most vibrant, varied, experimental and widely-heard instrumental music of our time. In feature films, indies, documentaries, abstract movies, and more, music plays a crucial role, communicating story and mood, adding a unique dimension. But when film scores are working their magic on movie viewers, the power of the music is usually absorbed subconsciously. That's why it can be so surprising and exciting to bring the composers' contributions into focus by listening to the music on its own.

Lights, Camera, Music! includes excerpts from across the rich spectrum of original film music, including:

  • Cult favorites Clint Mansell ("The Fountain," "Requiem for a Dream"), Angelo Badalamenti ("The City of Lost Children"), Rachel Portman ("Chocolat"), Cliff Martinez ("Traffic," "Solaris"); Jon Brion ("I Heart Huckabees"); Carter Burwell ("Where the Wild Things Are"); Javier Navarrete ("Pan's Labyrinth")

  • Rock icons Jonny Greenwood ("There Will Be Blood," "Bodysong"), Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross ("The Social Network," "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"), Andrew Bird ("Norman"), Arcade Fire ("Her"), Massive Attack ("Danny the Dog"); The Necks ("The Boys")

  • Curveball selections from Hollywood big-wigs Alexandre Desplat ("Moonrise Kingdom," "Fantastic Mr. Fox"); Thomas Newman ("American Beauty," "Shawshank Redemption"); Howard Shore ("Crash"); John Williams ("Images")

  • New-music mainstays Jóhann Jóhannsson ("Prisoners," "Copenhagen Dreams"), Philip Glass ("The Hours," "The Illusionist"), John Zorn ("The Last Supper"), Toru Takemitsu ("Rikyu"), Ólafur Arnalds ("Broad Church"), Michael Nyman ("Wonderland")

  • Legendary film score pioneers Leonard Rosenman ("Fantastic Voyage"), Quincy Jones ("In the Heat of the Night"), Bernard Herrmann ("Misadventure"), Ennio Morricone ("The Best Offer," "Maddalena"), Louis & Bebe Barron ("Forbidden Planet") and many, many more! 

We'd love to hear from you too, so let us know what film scores you find the most breath-taking and awe-inspiring by leaving your favorites in the comments section below. 

Hosted by:

David Garland


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Comments [6]

Q2 Music

michelled and Gijs: Here's the playlist:!/playlist-daily/2014/feb/24/?scheduleStation=q2
- It's a 12 hour chunk repeated and (shhhh) we'll revisit it on Sunday so that you can hear a bit of what you missed! We're working on updating the player, so it should be easier to see this in the not-too-distant future.

And Nisi, great choices! We did get some Rota in there.

Feb. 24 2014 07:54 PM

Wish I knew what was playing

Feb. 24 2014 07:30 PM
Frederick from LA

While you can call highly repetitive programing "immersive", you can also say it is boring.

Feb. 24 2014 04:52 PM
Nisi Jacobs from NYC

Wonderful. Nino Rota / 'E La Nave Va' by Fellini

Ed Tomney / SAFE by Todd Haynes
(Tomney did a presentation on film sound at the old Diapason space in midtown.. in some scenes, he recorded the room tone, deduced its pitch, and built the soundtrack in relation for transparency)

David Shire / The Conversation by Coppola
Sound collage by Walter Murch
I read that Coppola asked Shire to write the piano piece first before the script was done, then played it on the set to infuse the actors with its mood. Murch would pull actors off to the side after a scene and ask them to redo the dialogue and record it.. it usually fit perfectly because the rhythm of the scene was fresh..

Tati / Playtime
13:21 in particular

Feb. 24 2014 03:29 PM
Nisi Jacobs from Nyc

Niño Rota... Fellini's composer. La Strada, E La Nave Va, Juliette of the Spirits,

Feb. 24 2014 02:01 PM
Gijs from Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Great fan of this station as it allows me to discover new artist/composers I would have otherwise missed out on completely.
Quick question about the Lights, Camera, Music! stream; is it maybe possible to post a Spotify list of the songs played? This way I can re-listen to it later on.
Thanks in advance,


Feb. 24 2014 10:34 AM

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