Listen: Electroacoustic Minimalism from Hauschka, itsnotyouitsme and Sontag Shogun

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Hauschka performs in the Soundcheck studio.

On April 15, Berlin-based pianist Hauschka headlined an evening of meditative electroacoustic music at Le Poisson Rouge.

Brooklyn-based ambient duo itsnotyouitsme opened the show with a slow-building improvisation constructed largely on mesmerizing loops. Guitarist Grey McMurray and violinist Caleb Burhans colored serene swells of ambiance with stings of distortion and industrial sounds.

Electroacoustic psych-outfit Sontag Shogun layered looped found sounds (sand and coins among them) and glitch electronics over impressionistic piano improvisations.

Pianist Volker Bertelmann – aka Hauschka – rounded out the evening with a prepared-piano set ranging from minimalist textures to ambient interludes of distortion and bits of techno. Hauschka is currently touring in support of his latest album "Abandoned City," released last year.


Sontag Shogun

*Hauschka's full set is archived at the top of this page.
This performance was recorded and mixed by Irene Trudel.