Listen: 'Variations on America' and Lou Harrison's Organ Concerto

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On June 9, 2013, organist Colin Fowler performed music of Charles Ives and Henry Cowell alongside Lou Harrison's Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra with percussion ensemble Red Fish Blue Fish at the 2013 Ojai Music Festival. 

In the program for the performance, musicologist Christopher Hailey notes that Harrison wrote for percussion ensemble to contrast with the sustaining quality and expand the timbrel possibilities of the organ. 

Listen to Harrison's concerto above and works by Ives and Cowell below.

Charles Ives - Variations on America

Henry Cowell - Prelude

Henry Cowell - Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 14

This on-demand music is part of a new partnership between Q2 Music and the Ojai Music Festival to share live recordings from the festival dating back to the 2012 season.