Listen to the Magnificent Music of 'Aida' for your Met Radio Broadcast

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A Scene from Verdi's "Aida"

This Saturday at 12:30 pm, listen for the Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcast presentation of Aida, Verdi’s grand spectacle. The romantic and tragic tale of the princess Aida and the military commander Radamès has dazzled audiences since its 1871 Christmas Eve premiere in Cairo. Its popularity has certainly been bolstered by the scale of the productions throughout the years, which features sets that reflect the architectural and engineering wonders of ancient Egypt, epic armies and the arts of antiquity.

The key word, though, is “feature.” As stage director David Paul argues in this week’s He Sang/She Sang podcast, “Aside from the triumphal scenes … actually every other scene in the opera is small. I think Verdi’s primary interest was the three main characters and the love triangle between them.” The Triumphal March may steal the show, but the real focus is far more intimate. This is an impressive contrast, one that puts on display Verdi’s skill as a composer.

Below, listen to Paul's full conversation with He Sang/She Sang host Merrin Lazyan:



Conductor: Daniele Rustioni

Aida: Krassimira Stoyanova

Amneris: Violeta Urmana

Radamès: Riccardo Massi

Amonarso: George Gagnidze

Ramfis: James Morris

The King: Soloman Howard