The Mad Music of Alexander Scriabin

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Alexander Scriabin's music may not be for everyone. He possessed a harmonic vocabulary that was among the most avant-garde during the early 20th century and can still sound challenging today. Scriabin wrote almost exclusively for solo piano and his compositions are sometimes lyrical, sometimes dissonant and always brilliant.

On this episode of the Great Russian Piano Tradition, host David Dubal explores the passionate music and almost mad personality of one of Russia’s most distinctive pianists and composers.

Program playlist:

Alexander Scriabin: Poeme, Op. 32, No.1 in F-sharp
Vladimir Horowitz
Sony Classical

Alexander Scriabin: Etude in D-flat Major, Op. 8, No. 10
Simon Barere Vai Audio

Alexander Scriabin: Allegro from Piano Concerto in F-sharp Minor, Op. 20
Heinrich Neuhaus
Russian Disc

Alexander Scriabin: Poeme Satanique, Op. 36
Michael Ponti

Alexander Scriabin: Valse, Op. 38
Stanley Waldoff

Alexander Scriabin: Prelude Op. 48, No. 3 in D-flat Major
Vladimir Horowitz
RCA Red Seal

Alexander Scriabin: Prelude Op. 11, No. 13 in G-flat Major
Vladimir Horowitz
RCA Red Seal

Alexander Scriabin: Prelude Op. 15, No. 2 in F-sharp minor
Vladimir Horowitz
RCA Red Seal

Alexander ScriabinL 4 Pieces, Op. 51
Vladimir Ashkenazy
London Decca

Alexander Scriabin: Sonata No. 4 in F-sharp, Op. 30
Andrei Gavrilov

Alexander Scriabin: Etude Op. 8, No. 5 in E Major
Sviatoslav Richter