May the Fourth Be With You: Brooklyn Duo's 'Star Wars' Medley

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Everyone knows the music of Star Wars. Whether you’ve seen the movies or not, the strains of John Williams’ iconic scores have graced your ears through decades of pastiche, parody and groups of children vocalizing that familiar fanfare. The many soundtracks stick with you after you hear them, so it should be no surprise that arranging their most popular themes is a go-to for musicians of all stripes. That includes Marnie and Patrick Laird of Brooklyn Duo, the cello-and-piano power couple that’s as comfortable with Ed Sheeran as they are with Franz Schubert. In their musical tribute, they zip through a medley that includes fan-favorite themes such as “Binary Sunset” and “Imperial March.” According to Patrick, they arranged and recorded the music in a single afternoon before taking off for a vacation. That’s some serious dedication to the fans.