Mozart Manuscript Auctions for $1 Million

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A five-page manuscript of an incomplete Mozart Kyrie was auctioned on Tuesday by Sotheby's in London for 578,500 pounds, or about $1 million.

As previously reported, the manuscript was expected to fetch between $500,000 and $800,000, estimates themselves that some scholars considered to be exceedingly high. It appears that a fascinating back-story played a part in the elevated sales price. The manuscript had been smuggled to South America by Rudolph Götz, a German Jew escaping the Nazis in 1938. Götz's 88-year-old daughter sold the manuscript in the hopes of seeing it returned to Europe.

Despite the remarkable lineage, the Kyrie earned less than half of what the auction’s top-selling lot fetched. An autographed copy of Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2, dating to 1907–08, went for $2 million. That piece was lost shortly after the work’s premiere, before resurfacing a decade ago.

Below: Listen to a performance of the Mozart Kyrie.