Nordic Journey

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Pipedreams visits with American soloist James Hicks, who leads us on an adventure amidst the organ repertoire of Scandinavia.

Program details:

FREDERIK SIXTEN: Toccata Festival 


VIIJO MIKKOLA: Sonaati uruille (ii. Adagio, ma non troppo; iii.Allegro molto) 

KURT WIKLANDER: Elegie, fr Suite for Organ, Op. 35

UNO SANDEN: Invention, fr 3 Pieces

THORKELL SIGURBJÖRNSSON: Chorale-prelude, Praise God

EINAR SARK: Toccata Primi Toni, Op. 11

LARS EGEBJER: Variations on the Anthem of Varmland 

LUDWIG NIELSEN: The Bells of Nidaros Cathedral, Op. 37b