On-Demand Audio: Louis's Jazz at 'Andriessen 75' Festival

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Wednesday, July 9 at 11 am ET, Phil Kline continues his presentation of the "Andriessen 75" festival in Washington, D.C., the celebration of Louis Andriessen's 75th birthday. The concert, titled "Andriessen's Piano/Andriessen's Jazz" featured pianists Molly Orlando and Francesca Hurst as well as the Brad Linde Jazz Ensemble

Andriessen's Image de Moreau opened the concert. It's a punchy, intricate work with a repetitive foundation that sits underneath a winding melodic line, and it echos the controlled aggression of Prokofiev's Toccata. The next section of the concert defined Andriessen as a jazz composer. On Jimmy YanceyMonument to Graettinger, That Happens in Vietnam and The Family Revisited were performed by the ensemble heavy with brass. 

The festival was developed and curated by Armando Bayolo, founder of the Great Noise Ensemble and new-music curator at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. 

Complete Program:

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Base"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Feli-citazione"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Etude pour les timbres"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Ricercare"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Blokken"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Image de Moreau"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Trois Pieces"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Caecilia's Counterpoint"

Louis Andriessen  Image de Moreau: "Trepidus"

Louis Andriessen  That Happens in Vietnam  

Louis Andriessen – On Jimmy Yancey  

Louis Andriessen – The Family Revisited  

Louis Andriessen – Monument to Graettinger  

Concert audio recorded live and mixed by Brian Knox. On Jimmy Yancey and Monument for Graettinger will be archived on this page for one year following the initial webcast.