On-Demand Audio: The Shifting Landscapes of Rinde Eckert at 2014 Ferus Festival

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Rinde Eckert in 'The Aging Magician' by Paola Prestini

On May 16, composer, singer and theater artist Rinde Eckert played diverse instruments and sound-making devices for an impressive solo set contemplating geography and the numinousness of objects as part of VisionIntoArt's 2014 Ferus Festival of performance-workshops at John Zorn's legendary downtown venue, The Stone.

VisionIntoArt (VIA), the multimedia company co-founded at the Juilliard School in 1999 by composer Paola Prestini has commissioned works from composers, choreographers, poets, filmmakers and other artists, with particular emphasis on cross-disciplinary collaborative projects.

Complete program

Rinde Eckhart - Dry Land Devine

Rinde Eckhart - Gospel Plough

Rinde Eckhart - Rigoletto (excerpt)

Reynaldo Hahn - Ah Chloris

Rinde Eckhart - Ukelele Medley (Bar Fight / The Singer Says / The Cat Bird Sings)

Rinde Eckhart - Idiot's Church

Rinde Eckhart - Monologue: The Idiot Variations

Rinde Eckhart - Indian Summer

Rinde Eckhart - Let's Hear It For the Walking Dead

Rinde Eckhart - Clean Out of Churches

Rinde Eckhart - Monologue: Woman, Window, Square

Rinde Eckhart - The Queen of the Dead

Rinde Eckhart - Deep Whales

Rinde Eckhart - Your Voice Is...

Rinde Eckhart - Shorebird Barker with Harmonica

Rinde Eckhart - I Believe

This concert was recorded and mixed by Jay Eigenmann.