A Pilgrim’'s Journey

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This edition of All Ear’s was programmed days before the passing of Madiba (Nelson Mandela) but some striking connections arose as we put the final touches on the evening.

The program opens with “"Calvary,"” an American spiritual bred on Southern plantations that represents the trajectory of a pilgrim'’s journey – life, despair, afterlife. The spiritual speaks of the love that Jesus had for the oppressed and to the hope of a downtrodden individual or people.

Jordi Savall’ has made a career of exploring centuries of Jewish music. We hear his recording of “Jerusalem, a City of Pilgrimage” a traditional Hebrew work that bears a direct sonic relationship with the American spiritual “"A Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow,"” sung by J. Robert Bradley.

Each week, All Ears aims to demonstrate how music connects the range of human experience and emotion over centuries and across cultures.