Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Music in the Movies?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tim Robbins's character in 'The Shawshank Redemption' plays a duet from Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro.' Classical music is still a mainstay of movies as part of the story and to best convey emotion. (YouTube)

The Oscars are this Sunday and there are several films nominated for a statue that are punctuated by orchestral music. In celebration of movies that are so inextricably linked with classical music, we've scripted our biggest trivia quiz just in time for the Academy Awards. You'll recognize these famous classical pieces and the memorable scenes that made them even more famous.

Music and movies live together seamlessly on the big screen — take this quiz to remember why.

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Comments [2]

Susan Smith from Livingston, NJ

Unlike Rosanna from NYC, who is obviously a classical music pro, I am not. I became introduced to WQXR about 8 years ago and if you indeed have "dumbed-down" classical music for us, I say, "thank you!". I listen exclusively to WQXR! On another note, thank you for the Emmy's Classical Music Quiz! I enjoyed taking the quiz, although I only scored 40% (which was what the majority of people scored!). I watched all the clips and was moved to tears more often than not. Many of these movies I have not seen, but thanks to your quiz, I am now putting on my Netflix list. I am proud to be a Sustaining Member of WQXR!

Feb. 25 2017 11:35 AM
Rosanna from NYC

Why don't you put the movie music back on WNYC-AM or WNYC-FM, rather than waste airtime on WQXR with it? INSTEAD of The Score at Four you could be playing early, medieval, or Renaissance music Monday-Friday. There is a lot of wonderful,joyful music from those periods: just take Machaut's "Douce dame jolie" for example. Your library must have recordings from the NY Pro Musica, St. George's Canzona, & the Musical Heritage Society, also the Boston Camerata, among other groups devoted to earlier classical works. Please look into these neglected masterpieces and play them for us!!!!!!!!! I first heard many of these works on the precious WNCN-FM--- so Clayelle Dalferes and David Dubal could likely vouch for their existence! AND MANY, MANY THANKS TO DAVID DUBAL FOR HIS RECENT SERIES EXPLORING THE BEETHOVEN PIANO SONATAS!!!!!!!!!!! WQXR listeners do not need to have classical music dumbed-down for us, which movie music generally does. AMEN.

Feb. 23 2017 04:32 PM

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