Quiz: Which Mozart Opera Are You?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' from the Royal Theater in Turin. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed several operas including 'The Marriage of Figaro'. (Ramella&Giannese /TeatroRegioTori)

It's Mozart's birthday on Friday and we decided to celebrate with a brand new quiz!

Mozart's operas are amongst the greatest artistic achievements of all time. Each story has its own inventiveness, powerful characters and climaxes that range from comic buffoonery to heartbreaking tragedy. That breadth is much like the entertainment we enjoy today.

So, can your TV, book and video game habits predict which Mozart opera fits your personality best? Take our quiz and find out.

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Kim Nowacki


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Comments [21]

Ed from NJ

Wasn't familiar with many of the books, games, and TV shows. Answered the ones I knew and guessed at the others. Result was close, they got what were probably 2&3, Giovanni and the flute. But Figaro not only favorite Mozart opera, but is actually all around favorite opera.

Feb. 04 2017 04:36 PM
Cynthia White from Ohio

Very intrigued by my selection: "The Clemency of Titus", which I'm not familiar with, but now will have to explore. Alternatively, I received "Idomeneo". I don't agree about having none of the above as an option. As an (almost) 60 year old, I've always been interested in everything around me, and that includes reading more modern works (as well as the classics), listening to contemporary music (as well as the classics); in general, experiencing and exploring life as it happens and not getting stuck in a previous century. Who wants to be a dry, dull curmudgeon?

Feb. 03 2017 10:56 AM
Sergio Becerril from México

Indeed is one of my favorite Mozart´s opera:

"You are Don Giovanni! This is Mozart’s version of the classic “Rake” or “Don Juan” story. It is arguably the most well known opera by Mozart, and although he labeled it a comic opera, it really blends the genres of comedy and drama. The supernatural themes and the ending, especially, when Don Giovanni faces his judgement day, bring out some of Mozart’s most dramatic music. Mozart’s father died while he was composing this opera, so the atypical dark ending and attention spent on avenging a father’s death in the plot, beg us to ponder a possible connection between Mozart’s personal tragedy and the story he was composing.

You admire a story with laughs and tears and get along well with another famous Mozart opera, The Magic Flute.""

Feb. 02 2017 05:54 PM
Floria from NYC

Well I was "Marriage of Figaro" and a close "Cosi"......not bad, but my real favorite is "Idomeneo".......for the music, not the plot.

Feb. 02 2017 11:49 AM
Beach Siggy from NYC

Clemenza and Idomeneo. I suppose that indicates I am over the hill and well mellowed? Funny in any event. Some of the questions were about things I have no clue about, eg. stuff one can watch on tv (I don't do tv at all). But ok, fun anyhow. If I have to listen to a Mozart opera (he's not my favorite opera composer), tho, my favorite is Don Giovanni.

Feb. 01 2017 02:47 PM
Mrs. M. from Williamsburg

As a late 30s classical music lover I'll attempt to bridge the gap of the complaints. Yes, the questions skewed younger but take it in stride. It's clearly a means to an end: getting younger folks interested in Mozart. You can choose to feel excluded but I suggest a different view: post your results to Facebook (surely most of the naysayers have FB despite their "weak knees and creaky bones"!) and tag your younger connections. Then ask them about the games/tv/books/netflix. Start a conversation. Classical music must capture new audiences and you can help! By the way, the quiz wasn't meant to predict your favorite Mozart opera but which you might most "resemble". It chose The Clemency of Titus for me which I've never heard of and I'm more than an average opera fan. So I'm going to look it up! Thank you WQXR for consistently engaging audiences beyond your reliable set. Cheers!

Jan. 31 2017 11:30 AM
Bill Vaughan from Central Florida

Hate to admit that despite this is a beautiful, cloudless, bright sunny Florida day,(no snow, but only 40 something outside) I've taken the time for the quiz.

Jan. 30 2017 10:55 AM
Joe Shocket from Richmond, VA

Agree with most of the other comments - you most definitely needed a "None of the Above" option. I don't watch netflix, don't have cable TV, and definitely don't play video games. This quiz was designed for my grandchildren, not people like myself, a 1950's baby boomer. BTW, I've never heard of the opera I'm supposed to love. My favorite has always been "The Magic Flute."

Jan. 28 2017 02:35 PM
margaret gilleo from st.louis, mo

I can't wait to find out which opera I am, butwhere is the quiz?

Jan. 28 2017 12:08 PM
Richard Pairaudeau from Madrid

General agreement with many of the posters below - your quiz needed a bypass: 'none of the above'. Otherwise, you assume that followers of WQXR spend their reading time on stuff like Tolkein and Harry Potter. I get the impression actually that fans of Harry Potter won't bother in any case about having favourite Mozart operas!

On the more important Mozart issue, I strongly feel that 'Il Seraglio' is overrated, and 'Idomeneo' neglected.

Jan. 28 2017 03:19 AM
Nate from NYC

Nice--Answered to the best of my ability and indeed my favorite--Don Giovanni--was the answer, with a honorable mention to my second favorite, The Magic Flute. Well done.

Jan. 27 2017 01:43 PM

Not a particularly enjoyable quiz. I wanted to answer: "None of the above" for most of the questions.


Jan. 27 2017 11:29 AM

I'm not and have never been a Mozart opera! So I don't want to take the quiz.

But my favorite one is Figaro.

Jan. 27 2017 09:58 AM
Susan Wool from New York, NY US

I agree with the other post-ers as I don't stream Netflix or play video games, but I guessed in accordance with my tastes, my goal being to see if you would come up with what I KNOW to be my favorite Mozart opera, The Magic Flute, with runner-up Don Giovanni, and that is what came up. So I guess it did get something right. My favorite Shakespeare play is actually The Tempest, and it is not listed.

Jan. 27 2017 09:11 AM
Linda Mantel from OR

This quiz was impossible for me to answer. I believe there was one question to which I could give a reasonable response. I have not seen any of the movies, read any of the books, or played any of the games you listed. I tried as much as possible to vary my responses by type just to see what came out..Don Giovanni. I usually enjoy your quizzes and find them relevant, but this one missed the mark.

Jan. 27 2017 02:19 AM
Vicky from New Jersey

I thought this might be a fun quiz till I read the first question and had no answer. Old fogies like me have a rough time judging current pop art, especially in a quiz about Mozart operas!

Jan. 26 2017 03:49 PM
Belle from NYC

Idomeneo. Bullseye.

Jan. 26 2017 12:43 PM
Suzy from New York City

Don't you know about reading books? Some of us still do.

Jan. 26 2017 12:31 PM

I agree with the other posters. So far, those questions are for 30-ish young-uns. I was stopped by the Netflix question because although I know what Netflix is, I don't waste my money by subscribing and I have never seen any of the programs listed therein. My 'Netflix' is my local library which is a much better resource than anything online. It is also where I discovered so much of the classical and jazz repertoire I know and love.

Jan. 26 2017 12:29 PM
Ron Balut from NJ

The quiz is for those under 30 years old.

Jan. 26 2017 12:23 PM
Rommel Redito from I new york

This is not a good quiz, What if I can't find a good answer in your selection as most of the time I can't.I am a WQXR supporter.

Jan. 26 2017 11:52 AM

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