The Salon de Virtuosi Grant Winners

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Continuing a long tradition, the Young Artists Showcase begins the New Year by introducing the new winners of Charlotte White's Salon De Virtuosi. This past October, Bob Sherman hosted a gala concert at Steinway Hall which presented the five new grant winners. This week, we'll meet three of them: violinist Paul Huang, pianist Naomi Kudo, and mandolinist Avi Avital. In fact, all of this week's featured musicians have appeared on the Young Artists Showcase before.

Avi Avital opens the gala program with his mandolin transcription of Bach’s famous Chaconne for solo violin. Then we'll hear Chopin from Naomi Kudo. And to close, fiery violin playing from Paul Huang, who gave us a Young Artists Showcase studio session in October 2012.

Next week, the Young Artists Showcase will feature the other two of the five laureates of Salon de Virtuosi. The organization, founded some 25 years ago, supports young artists with career grants and concert opportunities.

Program details:

Bach (transcribed by Avi Avital): Chaconne in D Minor
— Avi Avital, mandolin.

Chopin: Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise
— Naomi Kudo, piano.

Alexander Zarzycki: Mazurka
Franz von Vecsey: Valse Triste
Falla: Danse Espagnole
— Paul Huang, violin; Sean Kennard, piano.

Recorded live at Steinway Hall.