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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

At home with Meredith Monk At home with Meredith Monk (Kim Nowacki/Q2 Music)

At Q2 Music, we believe that to discover a new artist, to hear a new piece of music, and to be surprised by the possibilities of organized sound can be a breathtaking, transformative experience.

We strive to create such experiences by sharing the music of those who make sense of our world through sound.

We play music of beauty, complexity and dynamism, the kind that connects you to an international community united by curiosity and a passion for discovery. Tune in, won’t you?

Stream Q2 Music via,, the WQXR Mobile App, iHeartRadio and TuneIn. Stay up to date with upcoming features via Facebook, Twitter and our weekly e-newsletter.

As contemporary music and listener habits continue to evolve, we'll always want to hear more from you

What do you think of the music stream?
What ideas have worked to bring you closer to contemporary classical music?
What would you like to see us do more / less often?
Why is discovering new music important to you?

You've been telling us your thoughts on this page since the launch of Q2 Music. Tell us what you're thinking now by leaving a comment below.


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Comments [372]

I stopped waking up on Sunday mornings to TV talk shows and instead now enjoy my Sunday morning coffee with Sample Rate - now that is refreshing rate of return.

Apr. 18 2017 01:23 PM
Glenn Thomas from Amsterdam

Hello. just heard a wonderful piece by Phil Kline on Counterstream radio called Chant and wonder why I have never heard it on Q2… Could it be that Q2 is becoming a showcase for 20 or 30 composers? Counterstream and France Musique / La Contemporaine put a bit more variety in there programing. I'll continue to support Q2 but would like to have a bit more variety, Perhaps some late Stravinsky for example.. All Best, Glenn Thomas

Mar. 01 2017 06:28 AM

just wanted you to know that there is a dance by Lar Lubovitch that he choreographed to this music, possibly back when it premiered. Wonder if it was a commission by Lar?

Feb. 20 2017 12:26 PM
Dimitar Kambourov from New York

Swap between New Sounds with Sample Rate and you'll get perfect!!!

Feb. 01 2017 07:55 PM
douglas from North of Samsarica


sounds like
david summer david summer
david david
summer summer

then it goes
twenty twenty
thirty thirty
twenty twenty twenty
thirty thirty

ever get these verbal hallucinations?

Dec. 19 2016 03:37 PM
Clive from England

Well now - wonder how many Brits you've got commenting ? Am grateful to an American on-line contact for this excellent facility !
First real discovery today- Christos Hatzis 'De Angelis'. Look forward to more !
Happy Holidays to all.

Dec. 16 2016 01:37 PM
mark sheridan

I hope this can be entre nous and not be published on your website: as you may know, there's enough peer-reviewed research out there to suggest that listening to music WITH LYRICS IN YOUR LANGUAGE inhibits your ability to think verbally that I have stopped doing so when I am working (writing poetry). When you play something like "I Will Learn To Love A Person" - as beautiful as that is - I am forced to switch to Pandora. I don't know how relevant this is to you/your listeners ... but I suspect anyone who listens to you during working hours experiences this issue? Just so you know ...

Nov. 09 2016 09:56 AM
Steve from Twin Falls, Idaho

I really enjoy your marathon days. Shostakovich Day was very exciting. He wrote enough good music that next year you can marathon a completely different playlist! Looking forward to Steve Reich Day on Monday. What would really be fun would be to find an excuse to play a Louis Andriessen marathon.

Oct. 02 2016 08:10 PM
Stephen from Newark, NJ

Q2 is now my daily streaming station. I love this music and it was a brilliant move to create this station. And the timing was perfect for me--I am outgrowing WFMU, now delegated to 2nd position (3rd if you count John Schaeffer)!

Sep. 10 2016 12:28 PM
Glenn Thomas from Amsterdam

You seem to be playing, or repeating pieces daily. The john Henry piece from Julia wolfe ( to be honest one of the silliest pieces I have ever heard ) is almost daily. Also Steve Reich seems to be the court composer, some of us just can not stand his mechanical soulless music ( as a posed to philip Glass his nemesis who is far more interesting not to mention Terry Riley ! ) To end on a positive note It is a great pleasure to hear Phil Kline's program, he has an incredible knowledge of modern music and presents it in such a wonderful way. I don't always like what he plays but have an enormous respect for him.

Sep. 01 2016 06:12 AM

As you shift toward more voice programming I am shifting more toward Pandora. One listener's view ....

Aug. 23 2016 12:03 PM
Mark from not-Fairlfield County, CT

Hi - I initially had mixed emotions about repeating Phil Kline's show at night, but now I find myself listening to it twice a day, it's so good!

Jun. 07 2016 07:43 PM
Raritan2002 from NJ

For me, the on-demand concerts and the new albums are the most gratifying. I like to what I am about to hear before I start listening to it.

Apr. 08 2016 12:15 AM
Mark from not-Fairfield County CT

I love Q2; listen while I work; give what I can; tell my friends. To make it even better, how about more insights into the creative processes of the artists you play: more MTC, more of what Phil Kline does every day, more Composer Portals, Video Documentaries, and Artist Insights. You/r music does not attract listeners who are just looking for earworms!

Apr. 06 2016 07:08 PM

@aristata: unfortunately we are not able at this time to post an advance playlist of upcoming Q2 Music offerings. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for your continued listening!

@Cathy DeMille from East Greenbush, NY: Yes, the Water Passion is streaming on demand here:!/story/listen-live-tan-du...

@Ismael from Sao Paulo, Brazil: Thanks for your kind words, and it's thrilling to know our music stream is inspiring your own visual creative art! If you ever want to let us know what you're working on that might nod to the stream as accompaniment, let us know at

Thanks all & keep up the listening and discovering!

Dec. 13 2015 06:30 PM
Steve from Twin Falls, ID

For Phil Kline: thanks very much for playing the Holidays Symphony by Charles Ives yesterday! Loved hearing its humor and cantankerousness.

Nov. 27 2015 02:36 PM
Steve from Twin Falls, ID

Q2 programming is a breath of wildly fresh air out here in Idaho! So much of the music is new to me that I really appreciate the announcers who tell us what they are playing, so I don't have to keep looking at the app. Recent highlights that grabbed me include Tan Dun's Water Passion, and Morton Feldman's Rothko Chapel.

Nov. 25 2015 02:29 PM
Cathy DeMille from East Greenbush, NY

Will you be providing an online, recording Water Passion from the Saturday, November 14 Livestream? I was unable to get it to stream smoothly enough to listen. MY daughter was part of it as a member of the MSM Chamber Choir-I really want to hear it!

Nov. 15 2015 12:52 PM
Ismael from Sao Paulo, Brazil


I'm a visual artist and for me Q2 is a turn in the point on my environmental since I started to listen it from 2009. I believe Q2 is a unique in the whole world even more to have a free access to its stream music radio. I could note a significant shift in my work since them.

Many thanks to New York Public Radio this incredible opportunity.

Nov. 02 2015 10:53 AM


I'm a regular Q2 listener and just signed up for the weekly newsletter. Is the newsletter the only way to know your upcoming schedule? I listen to Q2 on and off all day and am aware there are some programs that reoccur and I would like to catch them on a regular basis instead of the current hit and miss routine.

Thanks, thad

Oct. 23 2015 07:46 PM
Roy from Stow OH USA

A Facebook friend in Estonia who knows I like Arvo Pärt's music posted the link to the live stream this morning and I've been glued to it ever since.

I first heard music by Arvo Pärt about 25 years ago on an EMC sampler CD. Soon after I bought a copy of "Te Deum" and I first heard Symphony No. 3 while on a long night-time drive from Ohio to Washington DC. Our Estonian friend re-ignited my interest in Arvo Pärt last year when she spent some time with us as a house guest and brought to us as a gift a copy of the documentary "24 Preludes for a Fugue."

Your Arvo Pärt birthday celebration is also my introduction to Q2. I've added it to the presets on my Internet radio in my office.

Sep. 11 2015 09:25 AM
JAS from Boston

Thank you for the Aldo Pärt marathon. Such a joy to hear a large selection of his music!

A poet friend of mine introduced me to Pärt's Fratres during a discussion of economy of expression. I've been enjoying his works ever since, but admit I had yet to hear several of the pieces you've presented. I had to force myself to bed last night, sorry to have missed the overnight portion of the marathon.

BTW, Helga Davis has done a terrific job assembling the marathon. It must have been a great deal of work and I want to thank her it.

Sep. 11 2015 07:36 AM
Dan O'Connell from Chelsea

Hey, I'm trying to send Q2 some money, and I keep being told that Safari can't open the site to do so. What's up?

Sep. 10 2015 01:47 PM
Laila Salins from new york

Thank-you to Q2 for streaming the extraordinary 24-hour musical marathon currently taking place in Riga, Latvia, highlighting the work of contemporary Latvian composers. What a wealth of riches...

Aug. 24 2015 10:56 AM

Thanks all your thoughtful comments and kindly-worded criticisms! We assure you we take everything into account and do our best to respond here or in some unstated fashion on the stream or website whenever possible.

@Bruce Oltman - Thank you for your devotion to the stream and for supporting our efforts! We will double down on our efforts to diversity the playlists and give you every opportunity to listen 24/7.

@Bill Bonner - We will transmit your tech concern to our team here and investigate. In future, email and they will help to resolve any issue ASAP.

@Paul Epstein - Thanks and we totally agree! It was something of a happy experiment to see how this would sound on the stream, but given positive response, we will be devoting more time to developing these unexpected insights.

@Jared - Thanks for the names. Your advice and input keeps us moving in the right directions (outwards and ever forward!), so keep 'em coming.

Jun. 17 2015 11:30 PM
Bruce Oltman from Downtown Chicago

I'm listening to John Luther Adams' "Four Thousand Holes" for the way-too-many-est-time. I realize that there aren't that many new music recordings out there, and Q2 is an semi-automated streaming service, but your devoted listenership, like me, would like to have you on 24x7 (if the internet stream was reliable enough), and get bored hearing the same-old-same-old, not unlike WQXR classical or my home WFMT classical stations. And while I'm venting, there seems to be an over abundance of vocal and choral music lately that annoys me. Please avoid Meridith Monk, because I heard all I can take several months ago during the marathon featuring her (no disrespect for ther artistry, it just doesn't suit me).

Sincerely, your fan and donor...

May. 18 2015 02:19 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ, USA

I am a devotee of Q2, in fact back all the way to WNYC2. But, I grew up on composers like Beethoven. So I caught the Beethoven 7th in Michael Gordon's piece right away. Great work.

May. 14 2015 11:34 AM
Bill Bonner from Highland Park, NJ

Up until about a week ago, I had been receiving Q2 through my Amazon Echo device 'Alexa'. While I was able to acess Q2 by saying "WQXR Q2 Music" , the device no longer understands the command and either gives me wqxr fm or Operavore - no Q2 - Has something changed?

Mar. 23 2015 12:16 PM
Paul Epstein from Upper Manhattan

That's cool! Nico Muhly commenting on a Philip Glass piece before you play the piece. I've always liked it when Q2 has a composer introduce their own piece. But this is a nice twist, with one living composer commenting on another's work. That it was an inter-generational comment is even better, giving the impression of Nico learning from Phil.

Mar. 08 2015 02:38 PM
carlyle baker from canada

fabulous, really enjoying the morriecone marathon, thank u!

Feb. 22 2015 06:41 PM
Peter Richardson from DC

Q2 music streaming is great... but the superimposed audible commercial messages are execrable !!!

WQXR should know better.

Jan. 29 2015 08:29 PM
Jared from Greenwich

I just tuned in during the middle of a piece by Alex Temple (new to me) called 'Three Creatures'. Very nice, and while it's contemporary in the sense that it was likely written at some point in the last 20 years or so, or recently, it is certainly not 'contemporary classical'. This is not a complaint whatsoever, as I love electronic music almost as much as I love medieval all the way up to 21st century music. The track, is pretty much in the "IDM" electronic genre, with hints of Aphex Twin, early Plaid, the Merck Records catalog in general not to mention early Warp Records a la 1990s. The fractured breakbeat element and guitar is nice too. Q2 might want to check out electronic artists such as the Danish Karsten Pflum or even some of the earlier music by brilliant composer/bassist/electronic musician Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson). He writes both manic music with extremely high bpms (hints of 'jungle', 'drum & bass' elements -although far superior to any 'd & b', occasionally bordering on Breakcore, free jazz, wild bass guitar improv and jazz, and well, i'm doing the composer no justice in a sense as Tom Jenkinson's music is it's own genre-a couple years ago he released an album "Solo Electric Bass Vol 1" (there is also a Vol 2), recorded live, with Tom playing the bass, and only an amp. I wonder what Bach or Ysaye would have thought? Anyhow, nice programming these days Q2!

Jan. 22 2015 03:10 PM
mark sheridan from CT

If Nadia Sirota is open to suggestions, I would love to hear her explore the works of & person behind Bryce Dessner on "Meet The Composer." Thanks!

Jan. 20 2015 08:38 AM
Jared from Greenwich

Ok, well I answered my own question as I immediately checked out the info on "The Law of Mosaics - Ted Hearne and Andrew Norman". Either it's me or when the work came on, it was actually listed as Gavin Bryars. I think it's the latter; I kept clicking on the title at the top as I was puzzled, and each time the Bryars piece remained listed, as the other work was playing. In any event, thanks for playing it!

-I would like to suggest again that Q2 plays/acquires Arnold Rosner's fantastic string quartets on Albany Records.
He was a close friend of mine and I was at the memorial concert for him at Merkin Hall last week; his Quartet No. 3 was played and as always I couldn't stop thinking how sad it is that 99.9% of people do not know of him or his output; his quartets are simply knock-outs, I think Q2 listeners would benefit from hearing them!! -Regards

Nov. 17 2014 11:13 AM
Jared from Greenwich

I have commented many times here @ Q2, needless to say I'm a raving fan and devotee of the station!

-I have a question about today's playlist (I tried to find a "contact" link but did not see one), and one piece
in particular; around 10:20ish am, or so (directly after the Colin Jacobsen piece) a work was played that really
did it for me. It was listed as 'Lauda (con sordino)' by Gavin Bryars. -The artists were listed as being but three
players: Audrey Riley, cello Andrew Zolinsky, piano James Woodrow, electric guitar. This could not be:

The work was clearly for a small string orchestra, string quartet (or some string chamber combo)
with wild baroque passages (Vivaldi was I believe humorously quoted..) and exciting string plucking and periodic dissonant screeching from 1 or 2 violins..

PLEASE let me know what the work actually was! Loved it....

Nov. 17 2014 10:53 AM
Joe Robertson from Kansas City, Mo

This is Internet radio streaming's divine purpose: That I can be sitting at work in Kansas City, Missouri, and be listening to living, dynamic music

Nov. 12 2014 04:29 PM

While I know that Nadia is part of the book and may feel a conflict of interest, surely Q2 will take some notice of Jim Klosty's new text on Cage.

Nov. 11 2014 08:13 AM
Nathan Johnson from Seattle, Washington

Love Q2! One composer I'd suggest adding to your playlist would be Karin Rehnqvist. This Swedish composer is creating some really exciting and beautiful music!

Oct. 14 2014 10:56 AM
Jill D.S. from New Haven

Out of curiosity, how come you're not playing any of Andrew Shapiro's brilliant piano music?

Sep. 26 2014 10:25 AM
Gr from San Francisco

Your effort to showcase emerging female composers was appreciated. However, the music was dismal. Surely, there are worthy women composers with more life and wit in their music.

Aug. 28 2014 09:09 PM
Frederick Schmid from Los Angeles

You play Patchwork to often.

Aug. 10 2014 10:45 PM
bobby Hill from Takoma Park, MD

I program avant jazz on Pacifica's WPFW 89.3 station, and have so for more than 30 years, Searching out for some other sounds, I initialliy found BBC3, but after listening to you for over a year almost continually now, I must say you do have my ears. Thank you.

Bobby Hill\sdiki serigne
“Our work is the continual conversion of the beloved visible and tangible world into the invisible vibrations and agitation of our own nature.”
(poet Rainer Maria Rilke)

Jul. 31 2014 10:43 PM
Glenn Thomas from Amsterdam

I'm not sure what the point is in playing 24 hours of Arvo Pärt's music. He is one of the few living composers that gets regular attention. He certainly has written some wonderful music but listening to your marathon it's clear that a lot of pieces are not at all interesting and a few are really awful. I listen to Q2 to hear a verity of modern music. I consider middle and late 20th century music also modern since so little gets played. I can't remember ever hearing a piece by Paul Hindemith on Q2 and only once or twice a piece by Stravinsky. ( not the rite of spring!) This all said, I remain a small contributor and a fan of your station. Of all the hundreds of stations on line that play " classical " music only 4 play modern music!. Many thanks…..

Jun. 02 2014 09:45 AM
Eric Somers from Poughkeepsie, NY

I love the day devoted to Arvo Part on Q2. It is a nice tribute. It was especially nice to wake up to his music at 5AM and listen for a couple of hours before I had to start the day.


Jun. 02 2014 07:47 AM
Richard Mitnick from HIghland Park, NJ, USA

It is absolutely great to have Phil Kline associated with Q2.

Apr. 08 2014 01:02 PM
mitchw from eastchester,ny

What's up with all the Terrance McKnight talking to me on Q2? Is this solicitation going to go on for much longer? I come to Q2 to hear the music and get some respite from all the talk and promo, and McKnight's driving me away. (dues payer, here)

Nov. 29 2013 09:52 AM
Glenn Thomas from Amsterdam

At this moment I am listening to a Lutoslawski symphony, unfortunately you are only playing the 3rd and 4th movement. This is a practice that music for the millions stations do all the time, I'm shocked that Q2 does this! Please only play complete pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 12 2013 09:57 AM
Tony DelGiudice from Yonkers, NY

Does Paul Cavalconte work other shifts. He works during the night mostly,d he is a graduate of the high school I teach at,he amy remember me as he graduated from Mount St. Michael Academy in the Bronx, NY. Give him my regards as he migth remember me.

Nov. 05 2013 02:17 PM
Tony DelGiudice/Yonkers, NY from Yonkers, NY

Love the music, better than blood pressure medicine, however your station is sandwiched between 2 other stations that play other types of music I do not like. Can someone check the frequency as they intefere with your station.

Nov. 05 2013 02:07 PM
Russell from Little Rock, Arkansas

Thank you for focusing on contemporary performers, very enlightening. I've only been a listener for a couple of months, while doing homework, and already have a favorite: Marc Mellits "machine iii."

Jul. 22 2013 07:05 PM Robert MacDonald. I have 2 McIntosh 750 Music Servers
with an internet Radio function. All these years, I have used Wnyc2's URL#.
A week or ten days ago both Servers simultaneously showed "Bad Server Response." I am thinking that you updated the URL# for Q2Music. If so, please E-mail me the new URL. If not, please offer me suggestions when you
have time.
Thank you in advance,
R MacDonald

Jul. 15 2013 08:52 PM
Gary Weismer from Madison, WI

Thanks for playing Kate Moore's compositions over the past year or so. I enjoy listening to them. Has anyone else noticed how similar her work is to Leo Ornstein's? I see no mention in her various bios (on the web) of her having studied with Ornstein, or even a claimed influenced from him, but from my listening perspective there is a close resemblance between their respective works...

Jul. 11 2013 09:06 AM
James Klosty from Millbrook, NY

What a delicious surprise to have Phil Kline play Delius, who I too am not ashamed to say I adore!

Jun. 27 2013 11:53 AM

Hi Mitch,

We do indeed have some schwag. Namely, the Q2 Music tote bag offered for the first time this past pledge drive! Do pick one up and show your support for new music (with an Elliott Carter button?) now:

Best and thanks for listening!

Q2 Music team

Jun. 11 2013 12:54 PM
mitch weaver from eastchester ny

Would it hurt if you guys/gals sold a little swag? I'd buy a black Q2 T-shirt and some refrigerator magnets. Also, you've turned me on to Eliot Carter. Who knew?

May. 18 2013 03:09 PM
Al Wegener from New Paltz, NY

Please tell me the piece played this morning March 27 like 6 a.m., before the double bass piece, I think two voices and comments by composer, a woiman, who composed piece when visiting northern Canada. Thanks.

Mar. 27 2013 09:37 AM
sartorio from 2 penn plaza-- manhattan

Nothing but Bach has been playing on WQXR --It's driving me nuts--had to
change stations .Terrible format --Bach 360 ??

Mar. 26 2013 01:32 PM
Erik A Tobiason from Lyndhurst, NJ

Dear Mr.Garland

I am excited to hear your "Music of the Movies" with Humphrey Bogart later this evening. I hope you are planning perhaps to include the music from the movie "Beat the Devil" directed by John Huston and starring not only Humphrey Bogart but his most beautiful co-star of all his films- Signor Gina Lollobrigida!

Signora Lollobrigida will be celebrating her 86th birthday on July 4th, 2013 having outlived all of her leading men from the classic movie era.
... and deserves recognition for her great contributions to cinema and theatre. As the original and still unmatched "Queen of Sheba" from the movie Solomon and Sheba I hope you wish her a "Buon Compleanno on July 4th 2013.

Erik A. Tobiason

Mar. 09 2013 07:54 PM
ruth schapira from Riverdale, New York

I just heard a wonderful program, hosted by David Dubal paying tribute to Van CLiburn. I hope it will be repeated again and again. It was a warm, affectionate portrait of an artist that mesmerized the world during a very critical post- war era by his youthfulness, charisma and talent.
Thank you so much.
Ruth Schapira

Mar. 03 2013 01:10 PM
Marjorie RutimannMrutimann from Manhattan

I'm sending in my annual gift today, and I wanted to express my special appreciation for q2 as well as for Wqxr. Through q2, I've broadened my love of good music and rejuvenated my 69-year-old ears. Thank you so much!

Mar. 03 2013 10:25 AM
Patrick Adams

I really love this station. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Only one complaint, which I realize borders on blasphemy, is I wish Phil Kline played less Glass and Reich--they're a little too formulaic. There, I said it. Otherwise, it's perfect.

Mar. 01 2013 12:02 PM
Antonio Celaya from Oakland

I enjoy the shows in which various composers, like Phil Kline, come in and play favorite pieces. TWo ideas strike me when hearing those shows. I wonder how many other composers let iTunes play their collections randomly as they scrub the bath tub and dust. It would be interesting to have shows in which composers record the random plays on their collections and then play that set of pieces for half an hour. It might be the composers unconscious tastes speaking, rather than a selection of music by friends or music that one "ought" to hear. Might make an interesting experiment. Also, I'd love to hear composers in Iowa, New Mexico, Southern Arizona or far Northern California do shows. There is musical life outside Manhattan and Brooklyn.

How about a few shows focusing on US born Latino composers?

Dec. 20 2012 05:58 PM
julian Broadhurst. from Derby, UK

Dear Q2, I am a British Electro Acoustic Composer and Percussionist, working with a number of very interesting International Collaborators. I am currently being played regulallly on on the Contempoary Classical Feature 'What's Next?' Presented by Jim Cross on WGDR Mondays 1 - 3 pm New York time. One of my Albums will be played today [Dec 17th 2012]. Would be VERY INERESTED in talking to you about featuring in a future Q2 Broadcast.

Dec. 17 2012 10:56 AM
mike w from ny

Nadia, thanks for this Carter memorial. Fantastic!

Nov. 13 2012 01:57 PM
bob schneider from Cincinnati

Thanks for supporting music by living composers.

bob,guitar plus international

p.s. If your station's music library doesn't have any cds by Duo46 or their strung Out Trio let me know and i will send you review copies.

Nov. 12 2012 10:38 PM
mitchw from eastchester ny

The only thing better for my head than Q2 is chess. Yes, I went there

Oct. 18 2012 11:50 PM
amycello from Whitestone, NY

I'm a long-time listener to and supporter of WQXR, but I have one small suggestion. The number of repeated compositions, especially in the morning hours, are far more than even the most committed music lover could enjoy. I've heard Schumann's Concerto for 4 French Horns so many times in the past two weeks that I could probably sing every part from the flute down to the double bass. It's a great piece but enough is enough. What I do love is all the chamber music and Baroque music. I would suggest a more varied approach, something like that of BEMF, at In a recent trip to Mass. we heard wonderful pieces that are slightly off the beaten track (not contemporary works, but different from the approximately 250 usual things that are heard on WQXR) over and over again.

Sep. 21 2012 04:08 PM
tim taffe in iowa city iowa from IOWA CITY IOWA

BRAVOS FOR OVERDOSE OF PHILIP GLASS....But a Correction for the overly anxious afternoon announcer lady who described the pianist Conor Hanick as .."Our Very Own Conor Hanick" with the Metropolis Ensemble and DreamScape..Correction, Dear WQXR, in the land of my birth (Newark, or is it New York City)..Conor Hanick was born and raised right here in Iowa City Iowa..and we lay all rights of First Claim to him!..... Perhaps, you thought you would sneek this commentary past little Iowa City..out in the parched corn fields, But..Alas..We listen to WQXR...and we pay our dues monthly and automatically. BIG KUDOS TO YOUS. T2

Sep. 03 2012 05:02 PM
Tony Thompson from Hudson, NY.

Listening this morning to Milton Babbit on Hammered.Question, is there anything in the "rules" of Serialism that forbids repetition? The brainstem and cortical auditory functions detect and amplify repetition making it a focus in the assimilation of auditory stimuli. Most other composers and traditional sources incorporate it into the structure of their music. If I record a minute of random noise, say cooking sounds in the kitchen, and listen to it through several repetitions I begin to expect and enjoy certain sound combinations. Why don't serial composers take advantage of this natural phenomenon to make their notoriously difficult music more accessible?

Aug. 09 2012 10:54 AM
sherri jean from queens Village, n.y

Yes! Thank you for playing such wonderful contemporary classical music.I'am loving it.

Jul. 18 2012 12:29 PM
Lukas Wagner from MD

Is there a way to buy an mp3 of a streamed concert? The March 24 2012 Muntain Goats/Anonymous 4 concert was fantastic.

May. 18 2012 06:08 PM
Charles Packer from Washington, D.C.

To Mr. Feeney from Spokane: Would that piece
have been Paul Schoenfield's Trio for Clarinet,
Violin and Piano (played at 3:32 AM Pacific time)?

The way you find the playlist from an earlier date
is to find your way to the Q2 playlist Web page.
By default it shows the current day's playlist
up until the time you are viewing it. Latest work is
at the top; scroll down for earlier items. Off to
the right on this page is a calendar. Click on the
day whose playlist you want. For a previous month,
click on the little "<<" under "SU".

Q2 has the worst-designed Web site I have ever seen.
But they have made a very important change that I
noticed about a week ago: page loading is much faster.
I've held my breath for a week, but the improvement
seems to be a permanent fix. Thanks, Q2.

May. 04 2012 06:47 AM
Kendall Feeney from Spokane, Wa

How can I find out the names of pieces that are played throughout the night and early morning?

I am looking for the name of a piece that was played early Monday morning the 30th of April. It was scored for
clarinet, violin and piano and had a klezmer style to it. How can I find the names of all these great pieces that I
hear through the after hours that aren't announced and aren't part of a set program?

Love your station and I will send a contribution to it soon!

Thank you!

May. 01 2012 12:19 PM
Zoran Vukasovic from New Joyzee

Q2...Love the station....don't change. No, no, do change...oh, you know what I mean.....keep evolving...

Apr. 26 2012 11:39 AM
mitch weaver from eastchester ny

I'd like to hear more chorals and other voice pieces: Choral especially. Q2 is such a relief from the 'museum'

(yes, I donate)

Apr. 15 2012 07:21 PM
winnifred lamptey from Manhattan

The programme is good, but do you think you might develop a website which would make it easy to find a playlist - I'd like to know what's playing, or what was just played. Normally if I go to the website of a radio station it tells me what I have just heard, what I am hearing and what I will be hearing. Do you think you could do that as well, please? It can't be too difficult to do, surely. Some of us are rather busy and would prefer not to spend 2 1/2 hours trying to find out what you've just played.
Thank you.

Apr. 08 2012 12:06 AM
Claudia from New York

I have been a WQXR listener since my college days and still enjoy the station but not so much for contemporary music. I am not trying to put down Q2, but I find that Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen on WPRB takes the lead when it comes to playing a variety of new music. I listen online at and the program showcases new music from all parts of the globe. Also, he also plays a selections of avant-guarde music. There is something for every listener -

Apr. 02 2012 10:24 AM
Dimitar Kamb from New York

I made a very bad start with American Mavericks like three weeks ago with Mary Rowell hardly being able to figure out more than 20 words per minute while badly insisting to remain on air. Still, since then she greatly improved her hosting. As for the entire radical change of the musical style it was at first shocking as it had little to do with (my) idea of classics, even contemporary. I don't know how to call this pop-py style, sometimes it could be a cheap kitschy New-aging beat like now with Johnothan Bomboy Ethel, but it could be also powerful and convincingly self-sustainable like with Kimmo Pohjonen with Kronos: these two things I am mentioning on prima vista as delineating the new territories of the station. In general I keep on thinking the streaming needs a better musical journalists or simply play-back writers - people who know how to write interestingly about music and the host could take advantage of their skills if it is that crucial to make them musitions. But I accept the program change as generally fresh and vital although it goes radically at odds with my own suggestions to the station for more XX C second half, more European and global, better connected with the far end of WQXR programing, more modernist, adventurous, challenging, making inroads music, founded on the already established authentic contemporary classical names. I still believe such station is badly needed but obviously I will have it with with some other radio station.

Apr. 01 2012 10:33 AM
matt snee from Phoenix, AZ


I just wanted to say that I've been really disappointed in the station lately. The quality of music has changed and there's far too much talking. I've been listening since before you started calling Q2, and it's my favorite station. I listen to it all day long while I work.

I normally wouldn't comment, but the last few weeks since the fund drive everything has changed, and I don't understand why.

I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but Q2 means a great deal to me as there's nothing else like it. I like some of the new content you have had, but some of the music sounds like pop, which I could find on other stations. But I also dislike the additional talking, which ruins the experience for me. Nadia Sirota was very concise and I appreciate that.

Anyway, that's just how I feel and I wanted to let you guys now. Thanks. Matt Snee

Mar. 23 2012 02:55 PM
Mike Gilmartin from Bridgewater, NJ

I recently discovered your station, and had my first serious long listen yesterday while doing some yard work. I really enjoyed the music I heard! Also, needed to tell you that Lisa Rowell's Bob Dylan impersonation was one of the funniest things I have EVER heard on the radio! Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for the great work.

Mar. 18 2012 08:01 AM
JK from Manhattan

Pardon me if this has been discussed. A recent book about Hedy Lamar and George Antheil piqued my interest in the music of George Antheil. Not the movie scores but the more steam-punkish compositions for multiple player pianos. Would like to hear Nadia introduce such a work, her remarks always seem spot-on to me :)

Feb. 17 2012 02:00 PM
Jamie Conrad from Washington, DC

What was the anonymous "Piano Concerto" that you played today (February 15) from 8:16-8:15? It was really interesting and I'd love to know who wrote it.

Keep up the good work.

Feb. 15 2012 09:05 AM
Phillip Schroeder

Hello - just a hearty and sincere thanks for continuing to program tracks from my July release PASSAGE THROUGH A DREAM!! I have heard from several people who have heard the music vis WQXR and I greatly appreciate your support. The very best to all involved with Q2!! - Phillip Schroeder

Feb. 02 2012 06:55 AM
Glenn Thomas from Amsterdam Holland

Since I have complained a few times ( too much minimal music not enough variety etc ) I though I should tell you that the Polish music week has been very very special. Many thanks and perhaps other countries might work also.

Jan. 20 2012 07:59 AM
Charles Packer from Washington, DC

This morning I was puzzled to see on the playlist for 4:56AM Davidovsky's "Synchronisms
No. 10 for Guitar and Electronic Sounds" with "Geza Anda, piano" given as the artist.
Anda died in 1976. Clicking on "Buy Track" brought up the correct album information, listing
Daniel Lippel as the guitarist. I suspected that a live human must be typing the playlist on
the fly, so I went to the two other playlists to see if there was, perhaps, some 1960's piano
recording being played around 5 AM. No luck with "WQXR 105.9" -- it starts at 5:30 AM. But under
the "WQXR Special" tab I found that Bach's Cantata 208 had been scheduled at 5:01 AM with "Leon
Fleisher, piano" -- another pianist in his prime in the 1960's. So I clicked on _that_ "Buy Track" link and it
brought up an album called "Habanera," with the picture of a sexy lady on it...far out!
Thanks for the adventure, Q2!

Dec. 14 2011 07:59 AM
Jeff from Israel

Overall I like the design of your web site and the music that Q2 plays is wonderful. However, the "full player" when it is Full player mode generally cuts off the music schedule as well as the line that notes "next up". This is probably a small programming bug but it would be nice if the schedule was available in the full player mode. (I know that the full schedule can be accessed on another page but the full player mode is much more convenient).

Nov. 30 2011 01:25 AM
ictus75 from Milwaukee

for Larry Thomas from Michigan - you can find out what is playing by clicking on the "Schedules & Playlists" link at the top of the home page, then on the "Q2 Music" link.

Nov. 23 2011 04:05 PM
Larry Thomas from Michigan

Q2 is the mystery station. It plays great music, but nobody knows what it is. The non-stop pieces have no names, composers, or performers. Still, I listen a lot and enjoy the nameless works I hear.

Nov. 05 2011 11:31 PM

Jeff from Jerusalem, Israel

I use Winamp, whihc recently did begin showing me the work. There is a free version of Winamp.

Oct. 30 2011 01:39 PM
Jeff from Jerusalem, Israel

I have a couple of questions:

1. When using Windows Media player the name of the piece, composer etc. doesn't appear. Is there some way that this can be changed so that it does appear?

2. Sometimes on your "On Air" box (appearing on site) the title and composer of the currently playing piece doesn't appear (i.e. it get's cut off). A minor problem, but can it be fixed?

Thanks. Love your station. Best music on the internet.

Oct. 30 2011 11:14 AM
Kat Edwards from Concord, Ma

I love Q2! Keep up the good work! The perfect music to listen to as I wait for a snowstorm to hit - so moody, yet a funky edge. Thanks for making the day more interesting.

Oct. 29 2011 02:16 PM
JSF from Caprica

OK- let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of Q2 and contemporary music but.. the piece playing right now - "A Song for Wade (This is Not That Song) by Matt Marks is THE MOST PRETENTIOUS WHINY SOULLESS and WHITEST thing I have heard on the radio.. any radio (and I listen to Q2, WFMU, WPKN, WYEP, etc. etc.) in a LONG TIME. I hope I never ever hear this piece again as long as I live. Sorry... I really had to say something.

Oct. 26 2011 08:30 PM
kenn from Maryland/DC

I've listened to WQXR since I was a young child in the 1950's. This is the first pledge drive that I listened to (via Internet as I am Wash DC). I note that WQXR and WETA-FM in DC believe that the musical programming during the pledge week has to be the lowest common denominator. To make things even more obsurd, you are offering a box set of the most accessible selections as a gift for $180.00. Your listeners don't need the pablum, and the non listeners are unlikely to shell out the money. Let me know when the regular programming returns.

Oct. 18 2011 02:26 PM

Ouch! The recent "improvements" to the "playlist" section of the website are a downgrade from how it used to work. At this moment, I cannot find the listing of what is playing (about 10:08 EDT). The playlist feature of the iPhone app is just right. How about replicating that on the website? Hearing what you are playing on Q2 is amazing, but it is far more enlightening to also know what it is. Keep up the great programming. And please fix the playlist.

Oct. 18 2011 10:10 AM

@Charles Packer
Thanks Charles for your comments and suggestions. We are working to address all user suggestions to make listening via the website as informative and organic an experience as possible. Look for these improvements to be rolled out in the near future... and thanks for your support of Q2 Music!

Oct. 13 2011 11:11 PM
Charles Packer from Washington, D.C.

Q2 doesn't understand that those of us who listen using the Web
site are not always in front of our computers. When several
short pieces are played in succession we need to refresh the
playlist page to see all of what has been played while we
were in the kitchen or elsewhere. But if we refresh the page
the player has to be restarted. Here is a solution.

Problem: Separate the player from the playlist.

Solution: Use two separate windows. (More convenient if
your browser window is NOT expanded to fill the screen.)
1. Go to the Q2 Playlist page at
2. Open a new window. For example, in IE, click
on the "File" pulldown menu and select "New Window".
(Some browsers open with a blank page. If so, bring up
the Q2 playlist on it.)
3. This second window will be your player. Click on the
player's "Q2 Music" button and then click the "Play" button.
4. You can resize the player window down to "widget" size
by clicking on the lower right corner and dragging
it upward and to the left. Presto! You have a smaller,
floating player. Now you can refresh the original page
to get an updated playlist without losing the music.

Oct. 13 2011 07:04 AM

Happy Birthday, Q2 Music!

Thanks for providing such remarkable talent in your programming: musicians and hosts. Also, loving the use of white space in new logo and the site.

Wishing you the best in the future,

Oct. 10 2011 05:55 PM

Happy 2nd Birthday to Q2 Music! Thanks for a superb two years of music. All cued up for the next 20. Loving the site redesign, by the way, and the great new look!

Oct. 09 2011 02:25 PM
Bob McCauley

I never thought the previous web design of your site was that bad, but the current design is horrible and not geared for those of us who exclusively listen to Q2 as an alternative to our dreary local public radio classical stations across the country (I'm in Houston, TX and my station is Classical 91.7 KUHA.) Please, consider us for whom 21st century music is a passion and a NEED and return the site to the way it was.

Oct. 06 2011 10:21 PM
Charles Packer from Washington, DC

Your Web site design has just gone from bad to abominable.
1. Because the default player is no longer a
separate widget but is part of the playlist page,
I can't update the playlist without cutting
off the player.
2. The "Other formats" link no longer follows the
choice between WQXR and Q2. Its players always play WQXR.
I found the following workaround link:
Open it in a new window, then click on the "Q2" tab. But...what were you thinking? Evidently your Web site takes second place to iTunes and mobile apps.

Oct. 06 2011 08:11 AM

We seem to have lost the Comments for Q2 on the Playlists? Whats up with that?

Oct. 05 2011 06:43 PM
Raymond from FL

I love Q2! It has given a little meaning to a life otherwise rife with suffering. It makes me feel like I'm a part of something beautiful even when surrounded by ugliness.

My wish list would probably include:

- a future IPad app or one of those universal ones that is true to size on a tablet.

- slightly more in depth analysis of trends in contemporary classical music and/or intros to songs. I like the abundance of music but I also appreciate the pleasure of hearing someone smarter than me discuss the topic in a thoughtful way.

- some sort of membership program. I'd like to be a part of a community of individuals who enjoy this music. Right now one can't even direct their donation specifically to Q2....which I'm sure has a rational purpose but the option should still exist.

Right now I'm listening to what sounds like a lovely young lady host Cued Up San Francisco/Boston treats and I think she is a guest host. This is a fantastic idea.

Oct. 04 2011 07:44 PM
Guenter from Vienna, Austria

I've 2 favourite radio streams: Ö1 (=Austria 1) AND Q2!!

I love Q2 - it's so necessary not only for young composers - but also for listeners being a little bit outside of the mainstream!

Thank you very much for your engagement,

Guenter from Vienna, Austria!

Oct. 01 2011 02:32 PM
Moshe bar Noach from canada

I enjoy Q2 very much...the new and unexplored find a place here...I like the specials you have ie: Kronos Quartet, Philip Glass etc...Kudos !!!

Sep. 22 2011 06:26 PM
Arthur from Gothenburg, Sweden

Found the playlist. Never mind.

Sep. 18 2011 11:28 AM
Arthur from Gothenburg, Sweden

How do I find out what was playing at about 5:25 am Eastern US time on Sunday, 9/18/2011? It was beautiful. I must know what it was.

Sep. 18 2011 09:05 AM

We agree wholeheartedly. That change will be implemented shortly and was our initial intent. When there is a more robust interface for radio stations in iTunes, we will include all the pertinent information, including soloist, label and purchase details.

Funny you should say that, as your wish may be granted very shortly...

Sep. 17 2011 07:31 PM
JEC from SFO from San Francisco, CA

Great station, great programming -- but you need an icon for iTouch/iPhone.

Sep. 15 2011 05:06 PM
Stephen from Fayetteville, AR

It's great that you can now see what's playing on Q2 when you're listening to it in iTunes or Winamp, without having to check the playlist on the website. But along with the title of the piece, it would be much preferable to have the composer's name displayed instead of one of the performers. You still have to check the website to see who the composer is. Giving one of often several performers is not very informative. I think most would agree that it's more important to give the composer's name.

Sep. 14 2011 04:42 PM
Dianne H from Panama

Just LOVE this music stream!!!..I live in Panama now ( out in the middle of nowhere) after 20 years in NYC..cannot tell you how this keeps me 'there"..Love the avant-garde edge.You rarely get to hear this stuff on regular stations. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the 9/11 special too..just fantastic. I could listen to it all the time. Than the universe for the internet!! Great job all of you.Gracias gracias.

Sep. 09 2011 03:02 PM
Heavenly Music

I have been listening to the Remembering New York After 9/11 music on my HD Radio and it is absolutely stunning. The religious music (right now the Hilliard Ensemble is playing) is breathtakingly beautiful. My radio will be tuned to Q2 whenever this type of music is being played, and if that will be often, I anticipate becoming a frequent contributor to WQXR.

Sep. 08 2011 03:46 AM
mitchw from eastchester ny

I can't believe how much I love this station. The vocal tracks especially. In the evenings I can't drag myself away from the computer. If I could offer some criticism, it would be to play a little less minimalist stuff, and that I sit in fear of Eliot Carter tracks (I'm just not in that league musically).

Sep. 02 2011 10:17 PM
DEMI from Beechurst NY

I was thrilled listening to Miki Theodorakis music , "One day in May" you just played.

Mikis wrote this during the dictatorship years from 1967-1974 in Greece.

I was just a kid growing up in Greece during that time, we were not allowed to play songs by Miki Theodorakis. I was hiding a small radio under my jacket going to my friend's home to listen together to Miki's forbidden music...That was a lot of fun !!!

Thank you for the wonderful selection you are offering your listeners. Please include more of Miki Theodorakis on your playlist.

I will certainly spread the word about 105.9 to all my colleaques and friends


Aug. 30 2011 02:19 PM
Christopher from Kobe, Japan

As it happens, the time difference allows me to listen to Nadia Sirota's program all day as I am working. This has become a great pleasure and inspiration for an often uneventful afternoon. I've already discovered several new pieces and composers, and have come to feel very enthused about the state of contemporary music in general. Usually I would turn to a station without announcements, but I find Nadia's comments to be useful and distracting in the best possible way. Thanks!

Aug. 25 2011 04:24 AM
james wagner from downtown Manhattan

Please, please, please stop torturing us with your cheery invocations of 9/11, repeating the invitation (over and over and over again) that your listeners suggest how we can all best 'celebrate' the date's sickeningly-overworked meme.

You know you are talking to New Yorkers, right? We've had ten years of it.

Aug. 24 2011 06:37 PM

@Jeff Dodick
Thanks for your interest in the music, Jeff. The "Special Programming" in the What's On Now player is the website having a chance to refresh from the previous piece. If you wait a few moments, it will correct itself with the proper playlist information.

Aug. 23 2011 12:06 PM
Jeff Dodick from Jerusalem, Israel

Sometimes Q2 plays music that is designated "Special Programing" on its player with no name of composition or composer on its playlists. Does this have something to do with copyright? If not why do you hold back this information. Some of these pieces are very nice and I might want to buy them or read more about them.

Aug. 23 2011 08:24 AM

Thanks Jamie for the tip. We're on it!

Aug. 11 2011 11:05 AM
Jamie Conrad from Washington, DC

At the Toronto "What's Classical" festival this past weekend I saw and was really impressed by a composer and keyboard player named John Kameel Farah. Based in Toronto, but of Palestinian heritage, he combines elements of Renaissance music, electronica, Arabic music and improvisation into an original and integral whole. He's studied with Terry Riley, and won all sorts of classical prizes before striking out on his own path. You can check out his work at You should add it to your playlist.

Aug. 09 2011 05:06 PM

I began to gain an awareness of contemporary music in the early 1990s in Portland, Oregon where I attended performances by the Fear No Music & New Music ensembles. Now I live in San Diego & attend concerts at the Conrad Prebys Music Center (UCSD). Over the years I've read books by Paul Griffiths & American Music in the 20th Century by Kyle Gann -the latter especially broadened my horizons. Though I have amassed a very large collection on CD, there's really no keeping up without stations like Q2. Thanks!

Jul. 28 2011 07:06 PM


Check out the Playlists page:

Jul. 25 2011 12:34 PM
Gabriel from Montreal, QC

I've just discovered Q2 for the first time today - and I have to say, I'm completely floored by the music I'm hearing.

Is there any way to find out the names of composers and works when all that is displayed in the player is "special programming"? Also, is there a way to access a list of recently played works?


Jul. 25 2011 05:29 AM
Laurence W. Thomas from Ypsilanti, Michigan

I listen on my computer almost all day and love contemporary (well, most of it) music and have become familiar with many names new to me. This is not always possible because often works are played with no break and unannounced with 'Special Programming' as the only clue. This practice also happens on WQXR, mostly when McKnight is the announcer. But thank you for the broad coverage and interesting programming.

Jul. 24 2011 11:15 PM
Filippo Trasatti

hello, i'm filippo from Italy
let me thank you for your wonderful music which comes along with every single day.
i'd like sometimes to listen to composer that analyze those works
thank you again

Jul. 23 2011 09:23 AM
Francis K from Rockville Centre, NY

I like your "living composers" format very much, but maybe add those who have recently past - ie Ives to Cage...

Nadia - great stuff - perfect for daytime work/listening

Jul. 18 2011 01:08 PM
Richard Friedman from Oakland, CA

One thing that really annoys me about the q2live website is that it defaults to WQXR for playlists and the player.

If I enter the site via, you'd think it would set the defaults to Q2 everywhere. It's very annoying to go to playlists and then have to to the Q2 tab (which loads very slowly). Also, I'm not interested in hearing the 4th movement of a Brahms symphony on WQXR. Please show me just the Q2 feed in the player.

Jul. 07 2011 03:50 PM
mitchw from eastchester, ny

Your programming this 4th of July is knocking off my socks. I can't turn it off. If the player screen showed the artist name more consistently I'd keel over. (could it be my Chrome browser?)

Jul. 04 2011 07:48 PM
Bill from Barnstable, Massachusetts

I live on Cape Cod and used to listen to either WGBH or WCRB or WFCC all of which now play "classical Light" or are just long requests for money interspersed by repetitive news. I enjoy listening to Q2 as a cerebral alternative. Thanks

Jun. 30 2011 06:56 AM
Claudia from N.Y.

Hi richardmitnick, yes, it is a very good program and I enjoy Marvin's informative yet friendly approach. I am glad the programs can be heard online as I don't get the station on my radio due to my location (I am north of NYC). I listen to it on the wprb radio station site at

Jun. 25 2011 09:01 PM

Claudia from N.Y.

You have found simply the best hosted New Music FM radio program. Marvin is just unbelievable.

Tell your friends and family.

Jun. 24 2011 07:37 AM
Claudia from N.Y.

I discovered a two great radio programs that present a variety of music by living composers on WPRB 103.3 FM on Wednesdays from 5:30 - 1pm: Classical Discoveries and Classical Discoveries Goes Avant-Garde both of which are hosted by Marvin Rosen:

Example of one day programming for both shows – June 22 - Playlist

Classical Discoveries -
Mayr, Ignaz Rupert - Magnificat / Rubin, Justin - Bagatelles for Bassoon and Marimba (2008) / Carver, Robert - Mass, "Pater Creator Omnium" //
Williamson, Malcolm - Lento for Strings / Williamson, Malcolm - Sinfonia Concertante for Three Trumpets, Piano and Strings / Cabanilles, Juan - Tiento Ileno / Brubeck, Chris - Danza del soul for Chamber Ensemble (2006) //
Des Prez, Josquin - Sanctus / Biggs, John - A Renaissance Bouquet / Gombert, Nicolas - Musae Jovis / Rosner, Arnold - And he Sent Forth a Dove, Op. 71 / Donati, Ignazio - Laetare Jerusalem / Sollima, Giovanni - Federico II from "Viaggio In Italia" //
Trovesi, Gianluigi - Herback / Dinev,Peter - All My Trust / Cowell, Henry - Hymn and Fuguing Tune Number 5 / Harrison, Lou - Symphony no. 4 (Last Symphony) / Duty, Katelyn - Here's the Hurt //
Giorgi, Giovanni - Offertory "Terra Tremuit" / Reynolds, Belinda - Play (2003) / Nerses Shnorhali - New Flower / Leonarda, Isabella - Sonata, Op. 16, No. 12 / Van Ness, Patricia - The Voice of the Tenth Muse for a cappella choir (1998) //
Larsen, Libby - Ricochet / Olivieri, Mark - Hommage a trois / Eberlin, Johann Ernst - Mass in A minor / Moravec, Paul - Andy Warhol Saz for Bassoon and Piano (2005) / Berger, Theodore - Chronique Symphonique //

Classical Discoveries Goes Avant-Garde - Aldridge, Robert - Threedance / Beglarian, Eve - Play Nice / Hovda, Eleanor - Crossings in a Mountain Dream / Rypdal, Terje - Double concerto for Two Electric Guitars and Orchestra //
Franci, Carlo and Porfido, Margherita - Duetto con Margherita for Harpsichord and Electronic Tape / Shapiro, Alex- At the Abyss for Piano and Percussion / Kondo, Jo - Short Summer Dance / Vrebalov, Aleksandra - The Spell III for Violin and Live Electronics (2008) / Ziporyn, Evan - What She Saw There //

Playlists going back to 2001 at:

Jun. 23 2011 06:45 PM

In case anyone is having difficulty with the Q2 link for Winamp, the .mp3 link, I have discovered that the link which is specifically for Windows Media Player works in Winamp, if you have selected all of the file types. Winamp will play .wma. Winamp reports the link at 96k.

Jun. 16 2011 06:33 AM
Mike Schultz from Northern Virginia

I would like to see information about the selections you're streaming available more wdely. It's awkward to find if you're using iTunes or another player to listen. Can you encode the stream to broadcast this data? Or would you consider adding titles to your Twitter stream?

Jun. 09 2011 11:00 AM


We're aware of the problem and we're working to fix it. In the meantime, you can listen without drop outs if you choose one of the "Other Formats" in the right corner of the player.

Jun. 07 2011 11:53 AM
Charles Packer from Washington, D.C.

Serious dropouts in your signal to my Web browser these last two days. Listening as I write this, the stream stopped after 90 seconds. Anybody else having the same problem?
I notice the same problem with the WQXR stream.

Jun. 07 2011 08:08 AM
Loren Kjell Salmonson from Fairfield Iowa

I recently discovered a radio program that intrigued me more than Q2Live: Imaginary Landscapes, broadcast on KOOP Austin, Mondays 21:00. Hosted by Rick Kendrick:
Romanian Composers, part 1
Anatol Vieru - Clepsidra I (1969)
Stefan Niculescu - Ison I (1971)
Aurel Stroe - Concert music for piano, brass & percussion (1964)
Cornel Taranu - Symphony No. 2 "Aulodica" (1976)
Adrian Ratiu - Impressi (1969) - Formatia Ars Nova
Iancu Dumitrescu - Memorial/Altenances (1968) - Dumitrescu - Edition Modern
Vasile Herman - Syntagma 2 (1975) Formatia Ars Nova
Lucian Metianu - Evolution II (1976) Formatia Ars Nova

Jun. 07 2011 12:16 AM

gary gach from kitchen -

When I see Kyle's name, my eyes vibrate. Do you listen to his PostClassic at, or Counterstream, Iridium, or any of the five Innova streams also at live365?

Also, Kyle has a blog available by RSS.

My first experience with him was when he supplied the 13 essays for the MPR series American Mavericks.

I think that he was also a critic at the Village Voice.

Jun. 03 2011 04:49 PM
gary gach from kitchen

WHEN i first listened in i was really intrigued by the follow-thru on the pledge of 500 years of new music (gesualdo to golijov -- interleaving of past masters & ancestors, trailblazers from other centuries ) & continue to be pleased to find how amazingly well you all curate selections ( what & with what & why ). also visit archives & am very grateful for that. ( for one thing, it will provide nadia sirota depirvation therapy )
¿ one day you might feature kyle gann as you have jacob tv & steve reich ... ?
not much i can say but am glad too you're listening to the listeners. (the programming by listeners on hammered was spectacular ... julius eastman paired with morton feldman ?! off the hook! )
keep going !

Jun. 03 2011 12:30 PM
Paul Epstein from Lower Manhattan

Q2 is great. Keep the new (and interesting not-as-new) music coming. Though I miss having more of this music mixed into the regular over-the-air station music shows as it used to be on WNYC before the merger. I had to power-up an old laptop & run a wire from it to my living room amp to get Q2 without headphones. I'd rather leave headphones for planes & trains and listen to this great music over real speakers. Still not set up to listen to Q2 in the bedroom, so I'm glad Nadia's show gets repeated in the afternoon (for when I'm not working into the night).

Jun. 02 2011 01:13 AM

jonthebru from Maui -

Thanks for the tip. But, tell me, I am right now listening to Q2 on my DROID II directly from the WQXR web site. What would be better about using this Tune In site?

May. 29 2011 08:49 AM
jonthebru from Maui

For "smartphone listeners:
On Android, I use "Tune in Radio" The PBX app is not available for android.
iPod and iPad may use the Tune In Radio App or the PBX app, both work very well. is the site for you PC or Mac that allows you to set up favorites in the order you desire. the list is adjusted on the smartphone Tunein app after that so you can bring Q2 right to the top! I am 59, was an AOR DJ when we actually played albums, I am still into "Progressive Rock". A lot! I feel New Classical Music could save the many affected symphonies and classical radio stations in America. The marketing focus should be on young modern thinkers, difficult to pigeonhole of course. It is smart and creative and the players seem to be astute and humble. I could add ore to this, but I'll leave at that.

May. 28 2011 03:17 PM

I sent an email to listenerservices, but I will post it here, maybe I will get some supporting help:

"During the Q2 portion of the current membership drive, Nadia Sirota has had conversations, interviews or discussions, with a number of people. I listen at home and at work, but in no way can I always be near the computer.
It would be great if Nadia’s discussions, etc, could be put up as an archive so that we could listen at our convenience."

May. 24 2011 01:29 PM
Andrew from Fairbanks, AK

I've been listening for 8 months or so and you have become my music station. Being in Alaska, I rely on webcasts and Q2 to keep me in the loop on what's happening at the festivals I so terribly miss attending. You all are awesome!

May. 19 2011 06:32 PM

Amazing!! first pledge drive day and the stream is down??? Not good in my player, not good in the pop-up player.

I have been checking through the day.

Not to worry, lots of good New Music from Innova on .

May. 19 2011 02:46 PM

Re: phone apps-

I have commented before, I can stream Q2 directly from the web site on my DROID II. I suspect this is quite possible on many "smart" phones.

We got some notice a while back that there were apps available for Android and iPhone. I could never get it to work. I am not sure if it was an "app" or not, as it was a link, http://...

Just another note for any older WNYC types with long memories, Hearts of Space now has iPhone and Android apps. If you have a paid subscription to H.O.S., sign in once with your normal user ID and password. The Android app works very well.

You know it's H.O.S., not just by the music, but also by the deeply pure silences between pieces.

May. 18 2011 05:24 PM


Plans to develop a WQXR/Q2 iPhone app are in the works, but for right now your best bet app-wise is NPR Music or the Public Radio Player. You can also paste this URL into your browser:

May. 18 2011 10:52 AM
Mike Wilson from Brooklyn

Great stuff, so glad Q2 exists.

What's the best way to listen on an iPhone? Any plans for a Q2 app? It would be great to see the name of what's playing -- as you know, the popup player is Flash and doesn't work on iphones/ipads.

May. 17 2011 12:11 PM
Charles Packer from Washington, D.C.

Okay...At any rate, I've added Q2 to my
bookmarks, next to Counterstream Radio.

Incidentally, I've noticed, in just a month
of listening, that whoever is reponsible for
the early morning playlist has an apparent
fondness for the music of Gavin Bryars.
I've heard "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me"
about four times, I think, which is about
three times too much...

May. 17 2011 07:45 AM

@Charles Packer
Thanks for your comments and critique. We are trying to fix just that very problem of drop-outs as with increased listenership, this was inevitable. We agree on the silence between pieces and it is our belief as well to leave pause so the full power of the music can be absorbed before moving to the next piece. We hope you like the musical choices on Q2 and thanks for writing in!

May. 16 2011 06:11 PM
Charles Packer from Washington, D.C.

As a new listener of about a month, my first
complaint is that you evidently don't have enough
server power. I get fine reception through my
Web browser up until about 9 AM Eastern time, but then dropouts are so frequent that listeneing is not worthwhile.

Second, I wish Q2 would give some breathing space between selections. It's an insult to composers not to leave an interval of silence after a work. This is a problem for all announcer-less radio stations.

May. 15 2011 09:20 AM

@Rich from Brooklyn
The New Canon shows/chats get archived soon after the first episode (Mondays 4pm) and you can find all past episodes here:

Sincerest thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Glad to have you as part of the family.

May. 10 2011 04:07 PM
Rich from Brooklyn, NY

Just discovered Q2 and very much enjoyed listening to "The New Canon" with, I think, Olivia Giovetti. Now I'm trying to find the podcast and I don't see it on itunes or anywhere on your site. Can you provide the link? Many thanks. It's hard to always be able to catch the stream at exactly the right time--and I'd love to hear the previous episodes. Thanks!

May. 09 2011 05:24 PM
straightarrow372 from Tarrytown, NY

Sometimes I like new classical music & sometimes I don't. I feel some of Josh Groban's music falls into this category, like "Voce Existe Im Mim" on the "Illuminations" album, "Now or Never" and "February Song" on "Awake," "Remember When It Rained" on "Closer," and "My December" on "Live at the Greek." I love all these songs.

I am not a huge fan of traditional classical music. My parents were classical music fans and I listened to this stuff all through my childhood & am sick of a lot of it, particularly the classical style of playing the violin. I much prefer the violin work of Lucia Micarelli, who is much higher drama than the classical sound.

I am also intrigued by the songs where the Swedish Metal group "Nightwish" used an opera singer as their vocalist and the Metal group "Transiberian Orchestra" who have made metal adaptations of classical music.

I think that what these performers all have in common is an escalation of the tendency of late Romantic composers to put more drama in the music.

May. 04 2011 10:09 AM

Wow! I just discovered Q2 browsing through internet radio stations with my new Sonos device (an amazing little gadget that delivers internet radio and music services, and your own digital music library on your home network into your home A/V entertainment system with remarkably high fidelity). I am thrilled to know there is a community out there who crave the work of our amazing contemporary composers and that Q2 is serving that craving. Bravo!

P.S. just singed up as a contributor to help keep this happening.

Larry Dunn

May. 03 2011 03:33 PM
Alex from IL

I just came back to listing to Q2 after quite a while away from it, and I have to say I miss the "500 years of new music" theme. It's important to give time to living composers, but I liked the early days before it had programs with hosts, when you might tune in and hear Machaut or Schubert in addition to neat contemporary music.

Apr. 26 2011 01:24 PM


By Midge Woolsey, a host at 105.9. Here is the link to her post at the WQXR blog

Please go to the post and respond.

Apr. 22 2011 01:17 PM
tim taffe..out in iowa from IOWA CITY IOWA CITY IOWA IOWA CITY IOWA

I came here for WQXR, but find myself sleeping with Q a great deal..think I am falling in love T2

Apr. 22 2011 11:40 AM

@danny barrs from Atlanta
Thanks for your thoughtful points; we will be addressing them. As for the more general point of programming the "non-living," we believe in the value of sharing all music which is, not just through direct virtue of the composer having a pulse, living in the minds of musicians and artists. A more inclusive "living music" mission. This obviously includes the music of a composer's contemporaries and colleagues, but also those composers whose vocabulary and innovations continue to inform our collective musical world: Messiaen, Ligeti, Babbitt, Bernstein, Foss, Shostakovich... Our mission remains devoted to discovery in all instances.

Apr. 20 2011 08:59 PM

@Jay Berkenbilt
We are working on implementing realtime playlist information for the diverse platforms you mention: iTunes, Squeezebox, smart phone apps and any and all other internet radio streaming services where you can listen to Q2 24/7. Thanks for your continued support!

Apr. 20 2011 08:49 PM

The heading says, "Part of Classical 105.9 WQXR, Q2 is a listener-supported, New York-based internet stream devoted to the music of living composers..."

Q2 is to WQXR as The US Marines are to the US Navy. Suffice it to say that the Marines have their own Chief of Staff who reports not to the Navy Chief of Staff, but rather to the Chairman of the JOINT Chiefs.

Q2 is terrific, amazing, awesome, really really cool.

Apr. 10 2011 06:30 PM
danny barrs from Atlanta

I've made similar comments before but here we go again. I am a great fan of Q2 and have subscribed, even though I live most of the time in Atlanta. I'm also a fan of new music but, as I'm older than most ( I guess), my definition of new music seems to be a little different...What has happened to Shostakovich, Schoenberg, Mahler, Britten, Penderecki, ...and all the others that wrote pieces that last more than 10 minutes? Your commentators are great, but can we not just hear some music now and the middle of the night maybe? I also feel it is important to support living artists but I remember the first broadcast performance of Shostakovich's was new then and is rarely heard now! And how will these living artists get their inspiration and a broadly based music culture if they can never hear something written by a dead composer...just now and again?

Apr. 07 2011 01:12 PM
JPVIDEO from lost in NJ

more electronic music. I used to hear more electronic music on NYC radio in the seventies...

Apr. 04 2011 06:09 PM
Jay Berkenbilt from Washington, DC / cyberspace

I live in the Washington, DC area but am a member of WQXR because I love listening to Q2 on my Internet Radio. I listen in the middle of the night while up feeding our twins, and it helps keep me sane! My only complaint is that I wish there were a way for me to know in real time what I'm listening to. It would be great if an announcer would come on and announce what was about to be played and what was just played (like on a "regular" classical station) or if the Internet stream (which is what I listen to since I'm not in NYC) would actually carry the data of what is currently being played. As it is now, I have to remember to check the online playlist the next day when I may not clearly remember exactly what the piece sounded like. For what it's worth, I listen on a logitech squeezebox radio rather than listening through a computer. I haven't tried itunes or the pop-up player, so I don't know whether the current selection is displayed there. I know it's technologically possible to include artist/album/composer information in the stream since other streams do this, such as those from Thanks for your consideration!

Mar. 23 2011 02:31 PM
Rebecca Robarts from Boston MA

Just want to say that your live Web casts are incredible. Keep up the great work. And thanks.

Mar. 12 2011 05:03 PM

Forget about iTunes, just go to the WQXR web page. Terrific schedule. Thanks.

Mar. 08 2011 10:21 AM
Susan Tatum from New York City, NY

It is time living composers are played on such a continual bases. I love the music you play however, too often I do not know what I am listening to since the music played is not being announced.

Mar. 07 2011 06:33 AM

I really love Q2, can't live without it, but for the last few days I can't access it on the iTunes classical link. I wonder why? (WXQR 1 and other stations do tune in.) Frustrating- the Listen pop-up on Q2's website is not very good quality sound. I'm in Lima, Peru.

Mar. 04 2011 12:37 PM
njbernie from New Jersey

First, I want to say how much I appreciate Q2 - I've purchase a few CD's that I've heard on the broadcast, and have learned a lot about new music. But Terrance McKnight is a total bust! I want to listen to music - not that perpetual bla bla talk that he's broadcasting. If I wanted talk radio I'd choose WNYC!

Mar. 03 2011 03:49 PM
ken micallef from new york city

Just discovered Q2 on my phone yesterday -- heaven! And so happy the playlists are posted. Please keep on keeping it real with all these new composers and works. Just an excellent station and resource for new music.

Feb. 28 2011 11:39 AM
Katy from Manhattan

As long as we're suggesting about some Chen Yi? Also, Rebekah Griffin Greene...

Feb. 18 2011 11:22 PM
Valerie O'Connell from Western Mass.

Greetings from the Berkshires!

I'm really into Q2 so, thanks for doing what you're doing!

I'll follow Adam from DC's lead (love Andrew Bird too) and suggest an artist as well. Can you play Andrew Shapiro? Some STELLAR piano music and other ambient lovelies. But maybe he's too commercial for your station? Dunno.

Thanks :)

Feb. 18 2011 10:51 AM

@Adam from DC
Thanks for your nice words; they mean a lot. We are indeed looking to expand our musical horizons with singer-songwriters who embrace the same sincere and complex sounds of our our modern day composers. Keep your suggestions coming and look for Mr. Bird in the playlist. You WILL see him and his kin...

@Jeff from Israel
We're sorry you feel that way about the Bryars piece. For many, across generations and musical tastes (Philip Glass, Tom Waits), it is a deeply moving, watershed moment. We look forward to bringing you around in April when we launch our Gavin Bryars festival!

Feb. 12 2011 04:34 PM
Adam from DC from Washington, DC

First, I want to tell you how much I love Q2. Thank you for existing--you make my my workday not only bearable, but inspiring.

An artist suggestion: Would you play Andrew Bird? He has some wonderful instrumental pieces, namely from Useless Creatures. (A specific request: You Woke Me Up!)

Feb. 10 2011 10:34 AM
Jeff from Israel

I usually like the music that Nadia Sirota chooses for her show. It's daring, interesting and teaches me a lot about music I had never learned before. I even enjoy the minimalist approach, which can sometimes be a bit repetitive, BUT the choice of Gavin Byars: Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet, was a bit of a bore. I think the composer would probably (himself) consider it to be a bit of a throwaway. Hearing it repeated ceaselessly (How many repetitions did it really go through?) put me to sleep. Personally you can retire this one..

Feb. 07 2011 03:07 AM
Katy from Manhattan

I've been away for a while, and I'm really annoyed by the little snatches of "music" surrounding your spoken announcement of the identity of Q2. Also, you seem to need to identify it a lot more often these days, and what happened to the foreign language IDs?

Feb. 04 2011 11:25 PM

Melinda mclain from San Francisco -

What Q2 (and also WQXR) does with their playlist is the limit allowed by law.

Jan. 30 2011 09:54 AM
Melinda mclain from San Francisco

How about an actual schedule of what is on Q2 with times attached. I hear something interesting, but if I don't have my browser open I cannot find out what is was. How does that serve the cause of new music?

Jan. 29 2011 05:29 PM

Tuckerman Jalet from Stamford, CT -

I live in Central New Jersey. I tried a couple of HD radios to get Q2, total failure. I am about 35 miles from Manhattan.

But I am listening away from the computer on my Droid 2 cell phone. I do not use the Droid "app" for Q2, which does not work for me with Android 2.2.

I stream right from the web site. It is not perfect, but it is mostly very very good, no drop outs.

Jan. 25 2011 10:41 AM
Tuckerman Jalet from Stamford, CT

I listen to Q2 on WQXR HD-2 with a Sony XDR-F1HD tuner. Unfortunately, I am plagued with frequent drop outs of the signal due to WQXR's weak signal in Stamford, even though I am using a roof antenna and an extremely sensitive tuner. Also, it is frustrating to hear something that I like and wish to know more about, go unidentified and/or interrupted by a station identifier and not completed. Playing music without identifying it for the listener is of no benefit to the cause of contemporary music.
Listening to Q2 on the internet is not an option for me.

Jan. 24 2011 02:58 PM

Hi Mark, we're working to resolve this. Thanks so much for letting us know about this issue and we appreciate your patience. Thanks as well for your continued support of Q2. Stay in touch!

Jan. 07 2011 12:03 PM
Mark Cleveland from Albuquerque

Accessing Q2 over iTunes (10.1.1) results in a high squeal ever since the latest update. At first I thought it was a John Cage piece I hadn't heard before; but unless he wrote this to the length of a Lamonte Young work, I think this is a malfunction. Irritating because I use iTunes and AirPort Express to "broadcast" to my living room stereo. (I know, there are other other ways to do this, but I prefer iTunes).

Any info on this unwanted development?

Thanks, and I love Q2!!

Jan. 05 2011 07:56 PM
David Hennager

Can I submit my CD , with the possibility of playing it on your radio station? My cell is 951-961-0664

Dec. 17 2010 12:20 PM
Richard Friedman from Music from Other Minds Oakland/San Francisco

Well, there are many ways to listen to Q2. It's even on iTunes.

But the only way to know what is being played is to look at the player, or keep refreshing the Playlist page.

That is, if I can't already guess what it is. I've noticed lots of repetitions these days. Seems Golijov's Oceania pops up at least every other week %-)


Dec. 15 2010 02:12 PM

Richard Friedman MUSIC FROM OTHER MINDS from Oakland CA -

I feel your pain. But, I don't know why you are having this problem. I am a Q2 fanatic and zealot and it would just drive me crazy.

Obviously, you are on a computer. I do not use the player on the web site on my computer. Instead, I looked at the Listen Now box, I clicked on Other Formats, and I selected the MP3 link, right click, Copy Link Location, and pasted it into my Winamp player. If I used Winamp for nothing else, I would still use it for Q2.

But, I do use the web site player on my Droid 2 Android cell phone. I bought the phone specifically for that purpose. I just went into Verizon Wireless and said that was what wanted to do, can they find me a phone that would play Q2 from the web site? They tried a couple of less expensive phones, no go. But, the Droid 2 played, streamed Q2 right from the player on the web site. I have the site saved, it is a snap to get it on, in the car, on walks, I even listen in the dentist chair. $200. Just to stream Q2. That's all I can do on the phone besides making calls. I don't even "text". While there is an "app" for Android, even with the 2.2 Android O/S, I cannot use it on my phone, the phone says it is not "supported".

At the Other Formats link, you will also find recommendations for Windows Media Player and iTunes/Quicktime so, give one of these choices a shot, I hope that you have better fortune with one of them.

Dec. 14 2010 06:26 PM
Richard Friedman MUSIC FROM OTHER MINDS from Oakland CA

One annoying thing about this website is that the player always defaults to WQXR.

Specifically, if I go to or, the embedded player defaults to WQXR and not Q2.

This can be both confusing and misleading if I'm actually only interested in Q2.

The player on the Q2 page should automatically default to Q2.

Just my $.025

Dec. 14 2010 05:08 PM
Brendan shepard from Metro Boston

Very nice change from the mundane music found in metro Boston. Thank you for providing this great music.

Nov. 17 2010 11:20 AM

Wow, just found Q2 (and the White Light Concerts to boot). I had been collecting music like this on my own (the soundtrack of life, the "new classical"), but I'm so glad to find a station that is already doing this. I'll now set up the house with streamed music from your station.

Nov. 04 2010 09:20 AM
Matt Van Dongen from Hopatcong, NJ

Q2 is off da rocka!

Oct. 28 2010 04:04 AM
Don from Brooklyn from bkln ny

Thank you so so much for finally uniting the new and old music. I always hoped someone would do it ! Reminds me of Tim Page's great show on WNYC. You should bring him back.

Oct. 13 2010 10:36 AM

You can now have Q2 anywhere, if you have a Droid 2 cell phone, it plays right from the web site pop-up player.

Someone should try an iPhone and report back.

Oct. 11 2010 09:13 PM

hi my art class listens to you everyday! leave a shout out for mrs.cliffords art class block 4!! thanks

Oct. 11 2010 02:03 PM
Don Daniels

Is it true that you are releasing a new Q2 App for our mobile touch receivers? One that does not cut out the music every few minutes?

If so, how do we access it for loading?

Don Daniels

Oct. 08 2010 11:59 AM
VMiller from VA

Work for a school system in southern VA. FINALLY found a station with wonderful music that is not offensive to anyone.Did scare some of my co-workers when on 9/28 you mentioned possible tornado activity!!! When things get hectic, I close office door, put a Hershey's Kisses in my mouth & let it slowly melt while I listen to your station. I call it my 15 second spa moment!!!

Sep. 29 2010 09:14 AM

I'd like to see a mobile stream soon for Q2, too.

I love Q2. It's become a part of my life.

Listener Services wrote me an e-mail letting me know it's in the works for a Fall 2010 release: a WQXR/Q2 mobile app. - hopefully it'll work on Droid, Iphone/Ipod, and Blackberry devices.

Sep. 25 2010 08:47 AM

Just hoping all you guys are members of WQXR.

Sep. 21 2010 10:11 PM
Ron Mwangaguhunga from Brooklyn

Absolutely LOVE Hope Springs Atonal

Sep. 21 2010 01:18 PM

O.K. folks, now this is devotion, putting money where mouth is:

Q2 anywhere on my brandy new Droid 2 cell phone. Ear phones on a walk or hike, audio mini-jack in car, whatever.

Sep. 15 2010 04:21 PM
Rebecca Robarts from Boston

A friend told me about this stream, and I have been listening ever since! Great to have new and exciting music for a change. And to have a choice.

Sep. 15 2010 09:31 AM
Graham Taylor from UK

Just to echo some of the other comments here. It is really wonderful to have something new and exciting to listen to and to hear so much wonderful and unfamiliar music. I do hope you guys survive and thrive.

Sep. 13 2010 01:24 PM

Q2 is a welcome breath of fresh air in the all too repetitive world of classical music radio. At last, a refuge from Bach Brandenberg concertoes, Beethoven symphonies and concertoes, and everything Mozart! I hope this service endures. Just get a few more announcers so I know what is being played without having to check my computer.

Sep. 08 2010 07:38 PM
Craig from St Paul, MN

Just recently discovered Q2 and wanted to express my thanks for this rare and wonderful stream of music! This is a service worth supporting.

Sep. 08 2010 05:43 PM

Robert MacDonald from Los Angeles -

I don't know if you are on a Mac, Linux box, or Windows PC. I will tell you what to do on a Windows PC. If you are on one of the others, either translate over what I said or find someone who can.

Go to your browser(s) (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, any and all)) find the saved cookies, user id's, passwords (in Firefox, go to security), and get rid of any cookies that say WQXR or WNYC. This gives you a fresh start.

If you are using any other browser than IE, still, go to IE go to Tools|Internet Options||General tab||Settings|Viewfiles and delete any and all Temporary Internet files but not cookies which are there as well.. Then go to back and look at what is left, which should be cookies. Scroll these and eliminate anything that says WQXR or WNYC. Careful here, you do not want to delete stuff that is working for other sites.

The reason to go to IE and do this even if you use another browser is that all of the music players include browsers underneath to get you the music, and they all use IE,

Now, if you are on a Mac, you might have the same situation with Safari as I have in Windows with IE.

Hope this helps. Glad you are here, I love Q2, I was a member from here at KUSC, got Alan Chapman's "Modern Masterpieces" started (I think) by continually pestering Brenda Barnes about the lack of more modern faire on KUSC.

Sep. 04 2010 04:33 PM
Robert MacDonald from Los Angeles

If possible, could you wipe my sign-in slate clean?
I have used and tried so many combinations, none
of them work. I think that the only way to get to
the archives is to sign-in (also live concerts.) I am
a subscriber and Nadia Sirota's show is my fav-
orite of them all.
YT, R MacDonald

Sep. 04 2010 09:51 AM
Spencer in Vietnam

I've been listening to your station daily here in Vietnam. Thanks for introducing me to some AMAZING music!!!

Sep. 02 2010 10:58 PM
stib from Australia

There's distortion on the right channel of your feed. I spent the last hour under the desk plugging and unplugging cables, only to realise that it's coming from your end. Sounds horrible. Please fix.

Aug. 23 2010 03:55 AM
Rob Brennan from Thunder Bay

I live in northern Canada hundreds of miles north of NYC. Your online station is the best discovery of the summer. How relaxing and fun it is to have playing.

Aug. 17 2010 07:30 PM

Thanks for the Britten Missa Brevis, Aug 17, 3:25-ish. Brilliant and beautiful.

Aug. 17 2010 03:34 PM
gregory sholette from Inwood, Manhattan

Nadia SIrota is amazing. Thank you WNYC.

Aug. 11 2010 12:12 PM

August 3 morning program is perfect.
Thank you!

Aug. 04 2010 11:04 AM
tiziano from Italy

Compliments for your wonderful music broadcasting. Very nice programs!

Jul. 20 2010 04:54 AM


For more specific instructions about how to improve your signal, email Listener Services at

Jul. 16 2010 10:07 AM
Robert MacDonald from Los Angeles

Are you losing your signal on the WestCoast (LA)
I've got 2 MacInt MS750 Srvrs and Itunes/Radio/Q2
and lose sound for a second or until I stop and
start the srvr or click Q2 on Itunes.
The problem is frequent and disturbs my listening
to Nadia from 9pm to 1 am.
I don't think the problem is my eqpt. But let me know if there is anything I can do.

Jul. 15 2010 02:23 PM


If you're still having trouble with the stream, email Listener Services ( Let them know what browser and operating system you've been using on your computer.

Jul. 14 2010 05:19 PM
Jonathan from Austin, TX

Is anyone else having trouble listening online? My audio stream keeps buffering and the cutting out.

This is a new problem that just started July 12 -- I've been listening for months with no problem.

I love Holy Minimalism and am desperate to hear more...

Jul. 14 2010 02:34 AM
shadeed ahmad from New York, New York

I believe some people don't realize that with the commercialism of the world being as it is, we're lucky to have a classical music station at all.

Also, when you factor in the immense expense of running a station, and cautiously trying to not shy a way listeners who may love the music in general, but are perturbed by creative programs that they don't like for whatever reluctant reason(s), it's not easy please in an atmosphere of cheap.

Donating to WQXR like our creativity and cultural emancipation truly depends on it is the answer.

Don't kill the messenger (WQXR). Contribute and the messenger will deliver fantastic compliments to everyone's musical taste.

Remember, the messenger is you and you are the messenger. Don't kill yourself. Help yourself. Sincerely, Shadeed R. Ahmad (7-4-10)

Jul. 04 2010 09:53 PM
annette from montclair, n.j.

i am so disappointed that i have very poor reception on my two radios in montclair. my car radio is better than at home. i will no longer donate to wqxr until i get better reception.

Jul. 03 2010 05:29 PM
Nick DeStefano from Paramus, NJ

Wow! What a shame, The greatest city in the world and we don't have a selection of Classical FM stations. Now we have to settle for PBS support, which now is more piano CDs, and now Talk, and UGH! jazz. I go back to listening since 1959. WhenI woke up to WQXRs greatest announcer ever, George Edwards. What charm and a bubbling personality. he could turn a gloomy day into Sunny one. And I didn't mind a piano selection every so often. But mostly orchestra recordings. But (I think) ever since they imported "The Piano Lover" from the twice failing WNCN, it seems I never heard piano so,too often, And yes I got to the point oh hating it. Also, Sunday morning, I want to hear Classical Music, Not some Church services with some one preaching hot air sermon.

Jun. 21 2010 12:16 PM
Susan from Kingston, New York

I, too, am disgusted with WNYC for abandoning the music portion of their programming--particularly Terrance McKnight's program.

Jun. 17 2010 09:36 PM

What happened to WQXR streams on iTunes and via Reciva (which I use for Sanyo internet radio)? Both disappeared in the past two days.

Jun. 11 2010 06:59 AM
Gayle Alstrom from Staten Island, NY

I've been listening to the continuous music from Finland, today. I just love it.

Jun. 08 2010 09:13 AM
John from NY

Has Q2 gone all talk? Sunday and now today, Monday May 31, I get talk on Q2. What's going on?

May. 31 2010 01:22 PM
victoria schultz from NY

What's going on? I'm hearing BBC off Q2 not the music I'm expecting. Wires crossed/

May. 31 2010 12:27 AM
Ken Eastman from berkeley CA

Tom, You might want to try different browsers. Chrome has some bugs for me streaming, although you don't state what browser you're using.

May. 23 2010 10:38 PM


You really need to take this to email, This blog comment thing will just probably not get it to the right people. Especially, like, I am in New Jersey, I use Winamp they way you use iTunes and I have no problems. Also very few problems reported from around here, Europe, Israel, Iceland, etc.

So, unless you tell them, they won't know, and they really do care.

May. 20 2010 07:00 PM
Tom Mitchell from Tubac, AZ

Re Q2 plan and aesthetic content: 5 stars, superb. One of the few points of light in media's "new music" dark room; desperately needed.

Re Q2 technology base: There seems to be a problem that is defeating this wonderful effort. I live near Tucson; have a DSL connection; use the iTunes browser to successfully access and hold about a dozen radio streams, some at 192k. Yet, Q2's stream is regularly dropped after a few minutes of play. I get the same result if I use Q2's player directly.

This has got to be fixed. The aesthetic goal here is much too important to get this wrong; the Apostles of Modern Music that are played must be heard. If it's a server of insufficient power, or whatever the glitch, get a network expert to fix it. Just as Q2 is timing out on iTunes, listeners will time out, and probably not come back.

May. 20 2010 04:32 PM
Scott Munroe from Bethel, CT

Thank you for existing and improving, WQXR. I wearied of listening to the former WQXR with its top-40 mentality. With the Q2 and regular programming, you offer a breadth that was formerly unimaginable and unobtainable. And being online, it's for the world to find. That's unbeatable. Thank you.

May. 08 2010 08:00 PM
John Rousmaniere from Manhattan

When Bill McGlaughlin left this afternoon, Midge didn't mention his glorious "St. Paul Sunday" -- one of the best shows on QXR. I raced to the program schedule and was happy to see it's still there, after all, even at the inconvenient hour of 6AM.

Apr. 22 2010 02:02 PM

I second Hobart. This is supposed to be a venue for new music. I know it's "500 years of new music, and I do hardly ever hear any generic Classical music, but...

Apr. 16 2010 02:53 PM
Hobart Frisbee from Papua New Guinea

Hi Nadia,

I know it's blasphemy but I hardly listen to Beethoven. Mozart these days - too much fine new music to be discovered and enjoyed. Like the Britten you're playing at the moment.

Keep it up - so nice to have a charming and informed DJ.

Yrs in music,


Apr. 16 2010 01:52 PM


Do we have any members in London?


Apr. 15 2010 02:05 PM
Peter Holgate from London

Just wanted to let you know that you have listeners in London. I discovered the station about 3 years ago on an old-fashioned radio in a hotel room in NY but now listen over the internet. I recommend Q2 to all my musical friends in England. Please keep the variety coming, the more obscure the better. We can listen to Beethoven on many stations but what you offer is truly different

Apr. 15 2010 01:20 PM


Check out our Tuning In page to see if you're closer to one of our repeaters:

Apr. 12 2010 01:03 PM
jim freiband from Orange COunty NY

Curious...since you moved to 105 I haven't been able to receive you here in Orange County...found you today on FM...have you changed transmitters? It would sure be nice to have access to classical music here in the boondocks again........................

Apr. 10 2010 12:49 PM

I forgot to say, I am also putting Q2 news into a new blog, "News Bits-Quick Hits-Music", at These are single item bits, with some links, graphics, whatever.

I did not want to put this stuff into "Whither Public Radio and serious music" ( I want that to fremain for larger more complex issues.

I do not like it when Alex Ross or Kyle Gann do it. I get all this stuff in RSS feed, I see Alex has something, I'm hope it will be big, and it's one word with a graphic.

So, I hear a newsy item on Q2, or see it on Q2, or there is new cool new video, like Polygraph Lounge, I put up a post.

Mar. 31 2010 07:31 PM

Aha! I see that I am already a fan, I found myself in the list. I guess I just have not seen too much lately; but I do remember getting stuff.

It's important, because I do a little copying and pasting, get a graphic, and turn it around, with full attribution, and re-post it to my page so then it spreads - as far away as Los Angeles.

I do the same thing with Innova news.

Otherwise, you know, you're just preaching to the choir.

Mar. 31 2010 06:49 PM


Q2 does have a Facebook page; become a fan here:!/pages/Q2/173264569216?ref=search&sid=15402595.3207203784..1

Mar. 31 2010 12:41 PM

I see that WQXR now has a Facebook application. But I also see that it is apparently only for the 105.9 station and seems not to include Q2.

It would be great if Q2 also had a Facebook application.

Mar. 31 2010 09:16 AM
Daniel from Fort Worth,TX

Thanks WQXR, I listing this radio since moved to Texas 8 years ago. Finally i found steam radio.


Mar. 27 2010 08:51 PM

Oh, I am so glad Victoria said it and not me. I have already been negative enough.

I do not know if we would agree on anything else, but, thanks Vicotria.

Mar. 22 2010 03:26 PM
victoria schultz

Please, this Jacob TV may be interesting but enough is enough. Hours and days of this is sickening.

Mar. 21 2010 10:04 PM

Thank you for writing about the Q2 stream. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, the WNYC AM 820 broadcast feed was accidentally piped into the Q2 feed so that listeners heard WNYC AM instead of Q2. This issue has since been fixed, and we do apologize for the inconvenience.

We appreciate your ears and the fact that you took the time to bring this to our attention.

Mar. 15 2010 02:40 PM

What happened to Q2?? No station explanation. Left with WNYC AM!!!

Mar. 15 2010 10:45 AM

Hello! Yes, what has happened to the Q2 feed!?

Mar. 15 2010 09:02 AM

What has happened to the Q2 internet stream? Whether using the station player on the website (with IE or Firefox) or saved links in my internet radio player, all I get is WNYC (AM, I think) but definitely not Q2. This has been going on for the past couple of days.

Please say that this is just a case of someone getting their wires crossed!

Mar. 15 2010 07:35 AM
Flemming Th Pedersen from Denmark

Why cant I hear q2 anymore

Mar. 15 2010 06:21 AM
Charles Dimston from Longs Island NY

Now that you are no longer beholden to advertisers why not resume SaintPaul Sunday Morning programs to a better hour than 6 to 7 AM Sunday morning . It used to be daily at 7 PM ( perfect for pre dinner listening ). During your recent fund drive I contributed in the hope that commercial considerations will no longer drive programming .

Mar. 07 2010 06:52 AM


Advance play lists are no longer legal for WQXR.
WQXR had enjoyed a "grandfathered" status on this based upon the legal code. When WNYC bought - and saved the existence of - WQXR, since WNYC did not have this status, WQXR lost it.

Here is the code:

U.S. Code Title 17 Chapter 1 Sec 114(d)(2)(B)(ii)

"(ii) The transmitting entity does not cause to be published by means of an advance program schedule or prior announcement the titles of the specific sound recordings or phonorecords embodying such sound recordings to be transmitted"

and (C)(ii) "the reansmitting entity does not cause to be published, or induce or facilitate the publication, by means of an advance program schedule or prior announcement, the titles of the specific sound recordings to be transmitted, the phonorecords embodying such sound recordings, or, other than for illustrative purposes, the names of the featured artists, except that this clause does not disqualify a transmitting entity that makes a prior announcement that a particular artist will be featured within an unspecified future time period..."

Mar. 05 2010 05:09 PM

As a WQXR (and W2XR) listener for the past 65 years, I've always appreciated your music output. However I've always planned my listening with your advanced playlist which you have discontined. As a result the only time I listen is when I'm driving and at home I now listen to my CDs. This is to bad because reception is good here. Now you're asking for contributions. No! Resume the advanced playlist and I'll contribute!

Mar. 05 2010 04:01 PM

I think that Q2 is on HD. I cannot get it 35 miles from NYC, I tired an HD Zune and another. But, you should be able to get it.

Feb. 25 2010 12:34 PM
Mort Weinstein from Manhattan

I used to listen to the Q programming as "500 Years of Modern Music" on a sub channel of WNYC on a HD radio. With the merger, WQXR and its sub channel (WNYC-2) simulcast WQXR programming. The Q programing was moved to the internet. Lately I've been hearing snippets of the Q programming on WQXR-2, an over-the-air sub channel of WQXR.
I hope this is a test of an eventual Q-programming sub channel.

Feb. 25 2010 10:56 AM
beth from Kenosha, WI

I just discovered your stream through the "Classical" tab on, and I have bookmarked you for the longhaul. I love that your player lets me toggle between 105.9 and Q2 (Q2 gets more of my attention, but I love having easy access to either), and also that the text displays what's on tap. So simple yet so many streams don't provide this.

So thank you, in short, for being awesome. You're making this Wisconsin resident's life (and daily soundtrack) a better place.

Feb. 19 2010 10:04 AM


First, thanks so much not only for listening but for coming through to comment. It is nice to know that WQXR is reaching around the globe via the internet.

But, I wonder if you are listening to the Q2 stream, or the 105.9 stream from the FM station. The FM station is pretty traditional Classical music. The Q2 stream, web only, is more eclectic, more "new music", edgier, may I say hipper.

You are somewhere around 5-7 hours ahead of us. 12:00noon our time, on Q2, you will hear the very bright and knowledgeable Nadia Sirota with pretty much themed programming for four hours. These days, it is atonality.

Come back and tell us if that is what you are hearing.

If you are hearing hosts at any other time, and more normal traditional Classical music, you are catching the other stream. There are comment pages for that stream.

Again, thanks for listening. Tell your friends.

And, hey, send money. Join up. This is Public Radio. WQXR is owned by WNYC, an acronym for We Need Your Cash (shades of Mary Daley and good old times)..

It has been a pleasure.

Feb. 18 2010 11:43 PM
Glenn Thomas from Amsterdam- Holland

Hello, It's possible that when I listen to your station it's nighttime or early morning there in N.Y. and that you want to play easier music for night time listeners. Here in Europe I listen between 9:00 in the morning till 6:00 in the evening, and find your programing very safe and miss stronger pieces. When I first started to listen this was not the case.... so you loose me around 11:00 in the morning here when I go back to putting on C.D.'s. Just some thoughts..... All the Best Glenn

Feb. 18 2010 09:12 AM
Mac MacDonald from Los Angeles

I am recently retired. I worked w/o a provision for
retirement (IRAs don't last). I don't have family-I am surrounded by a Confederacy of Dunces. Since Caleb Berhens first Monday, I have clung to
"Nadia Sirota on Q2" like a rock. 9p.m. to 1a.m. PT.
I have been committed to Contemporary Classical Music for maybe 10 yrs. But Nadia's show is my most important thing. The dogs, the girlfriend are
asleep, the household is in order and I just sink into
the couch and drink it all in. Thank you Q2, thank you, Nadia. YT, Robert MacDonald

Feb. 18 2010 12:26 AM
Kenneth Bennett Lane from Lake Hiawatha, NJ

I appreciate the comments here especially Richard S. Mitnick, a true believer in today's world hearing/seeing what TODAY'S ARTISTS are striving to communicate. My own case is that I am both a Wagnerian heldentenor (www.WagnerOpera.c om) and composer of operas using Shakespeare's own texts in single protagonist format. Shakespeare, with the connective text written by me, describes his contemporaries and in 23 "arias" following a critique of the preotagonist in the play, in Shakespeare's own words delineate the character, the situation and the plot to evolve. The plays protagonists appear in the opera in the sequence of their authorship dates. My two operas are "Shakespeare" and "The Political Shakespeare". I have sung the title roles in the American or world premieres of operas by George Antheil's "Vplpone" (Mosca), Prokofieff's "The Gambler" (title role of Alexis) and Marc Blitzstein and others. My four solo concerts in the main hall of Carnegie Hall, the Isaac Stern Auditorium, have representation by 37 complete selections on my website, downloadable, of course at ":Recorded Selections" from the Home Page. Ken Lane, director, Richard Wagner Music Drama Institute

Feb. 10 2010 11:38 AM

Hey Peter-

What is your site?

Feb. 02 2010 10:46 PM
Peter from The Netherlands

Certainly one of the best stations listed among 160 others on my site!

Feb. 02 2010 11:08 AM

Done, and thanks.

Jan. 25 2010 12:16 PM


We encourage you to contact Listener Services ( with specific questions about reception with HD radios.

Jan. 25 2010 10:35 AM

I want to be able to keep listening to to Nadia's program when I leave my computer. So, I tried two HD portables, one from Insignia and a new HD Zune.

I am 35 miles from Downtown Manhattan in Central New Jersey. Neither portable that I tried could pick up the HD channels from either 93.9 or 105.9.

Can I get some help? Does anyone know about any portable HD radio players that will work 35 miles from Manhattan?

Jan. 22 2010 12:19 PM

Not only Otto's. KUSC, also, and others I cannot remember.

I think maybe wnyc2 did have the content stream into my player, Winamp.

I mean, you know, I know it's on the web site; but that means I have to click over to my browser, while I am working, as opposed to glancing at my player.

Jan. 21 2010 03:15 PM
Richard Salk from TX

I liked WNYC2 - now I like Q2 - state of the radio art. I would like, however, to see title and performer info displayed on my media player, as it does elsewhere, like Otto's Baroque, just to mention an example.

Jan. 21 2010 01:32 PM
ervin Dudas

Hungarian born american conductor
passes away on Jan. 16, 2009

Jan. 18 2010 05:10 PM
Jamie from Flatbush

I was disgusted when WNYC abanoned music programming, and considered it a breach of faith, after the City sold the WNYC foundation the licenses at below-market value.

Since 105.9 is barely audible, as far as I'm concerned the only serious music on the radio in NYC now is the classical and jazz at WKCR.

However, I will give credit where credit is due. The Q2 webstream is quite good, and is one of my regulars.

Jan. 13 2010 08:35 AM
Paul from Brooklyn

Thanks for getting Nadia Sirota back to host again. Perhaps, eventually you'll even consider giving her a show when the ghouls aren't lurking.

Jan. 11 2010 11:12 PM

A suggestion- For subscribers, could you give us a "favorite" icon as well as the "buy" and "comment" links on the Playlist page? Then we could access stored names of interest at a later date to investigate and buy?

Jan. 02 2010 12:02 PM
George Arias from California

Thank you for providing an alternative to mainstream classial music. It is wonderful to be introduced unfamiliar pieces.

Jan. 01 2010 09:07 PM
Pam Turner from Bronx, New York

Why is it that I don't hear the music of Joseph Bologne aka Chevalier de Saint-Georges on your station? He was a contemporary of Mozart's and he wrote some extraordinary music. Is it because he had African blood, or what? I'd really like to know.

Jan. 01 2010 05:27 PM

My prayers have been answered! 2010 will be a brighter year with Q2. Thank you.

Jan. 01 2010 02:03 PM

My prayers have been answered! 2010 will be brighter with Q2. Thank you.

Jan. 01 2010 11:02 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

Is the Alan Gilbert who has recorded spots for Q2 the new Maestro of the New York Philharmonic?

If so, I think it is quite a compliment for Q2 and speaks to its importance as a venue for New Music.

Dec. 31 2009 01:59 PM


You can specify your desire for your donation to go towards Q2 in the comments section of the pledge form.

Thanks for your suggestion about the counter!

Dec. 30 2009 12:26 PM
Paul from Brooklyn, NY

Please create a separate Donate to Q2 link so that you folks can know that there are people that LOVE the music being played here and value people like Terrance and Nadia like the invaluable and precious resource that they are. Please also consider creating a counter that tells fellow listeners how many others are listening to Q2 at any time.

Dec. 27 2009 12:21 PM

I know you have to cater to a wide variety of listeners, but can you cut back on the barogue music and play more music that I never hear on your station. Such works as JOSEF SUK'S: Symphony in E Major, Opus 14 GIAN CARLO MENOTTI'S: Violin Concerto and Piano Concerto DING SHAN-DE'S: Long March Symphony JEAN SIBELIUS: Symphonies No. 4 and 6 BRAHMS/SCHOENBERG: Piano Quartet No. 1 In G Minor, Opus 25 Getting back to MENOTTI, how about the SEBASTIAN BALLET SUITE the Leopold Stokowski recording with the NBC Symphony Orchestra.

I have more requests, but I think this is enough for now. I get excellent reception of WQXR and I won't abandon you. Take care and all the best for 2010.

Best Wishes,

Fred Garrison

Dec. 24 2009 05:18 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

Jean-Marc Scanreigh-

Bon Jour (that's all the French I have, except the Louisiana Cajun motto "Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet").

Welcome to WQXR/Q2, where is presented an eclectic mix of "the fearless music we crave", the wine to the arts scene of New York City. The stream is at 128kbit stereo, suitable for international consumption and competition with peers.

Please tell your friends of your discovery.

Dec. 20 2009 08:13 AM
Brian Lehman from New York, NY

With the caveat that is the first time I'm listening to wqxr-q2, I note that most of the contemporary selections played do not seem, to be longer than 22". I look forward to further listening here; however, there are other fine contemporary classical streams available through LIVE 365 such as one called Contemporary Classical which features full-length works of over one hour often as well as another called French Contemporary Classical et alia. They stream 24/7 also.

Dec. 17 2009 02:34 PM
Jean-Marc Scanreigh from France

Hello from Nîmes in Languedoc (France)
And "vive 2010 " for your music station!

Dec. 17 2009 12:14 AM
Jim from New York City

Steve Reich's compositions are simply too repititious. When I hear his music, I switch to another classical station.

Dec. 16 2009 07:07 AM
Michael lonsdale from Sydney Australia

I listen to Q2 on the internet , truly the best music station of all time. It's great to hear a station that's not afraid of modern music and has such creative programming. Great work and thank you, I enjoy it so much.

Dec. 14 2009 07:57 PM

I am a New Yorker who has lived in Colorado for the past 20 years. I am listening to Q2 over the internet from Broomfield, Colorado . I feel extremely lucky to live Colorado and to listen to music from NYC.

Listening to modern music although painful at times is very interesting.


Dec. 14 2009 03:56 PM
Stephen F. Goodrich from Madison, NJ

Why isn't Steve Sullivan listed among your hosts? Over the last few months he's been on "Overnight Music" just as much or more than Helga Davis, whom you do list. Further, he's been a host at WQXR for years! NOTE: I am not related to him (save through Adam and Eve) nor have I ever met him or seen his picture. As a financial contributor, I want you to acknowledge Steve officially because he is a credit to the station. By the way, thanks for making him and WQXR-105.9FM clearly available in Madison, NJ

Dec. 07 2009 04:22 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ


Q2 is the re-named wnyc2, where there was considerable content of New Music; but which was never limited to new music. There was always as there is now a mix.

wnyc2 had two mottos: "500 years of new music" and "non-generic classical music". While the Appasionata is not exactly "non-generic", it is not often played. It certainly would have fit well on wnyc2.

Dec. 06 2009 03:27 PM
BH from NYC

Why is Q2 playing Beethoven's Appasionata this morning? Isn't Q2 supposed to be a station for all-contemporary orchestral music? That's what I loved about Q2!

Don't misunderstand me please -- it's not that I have anything against Beethoven. His music is wonderful to be sure. But for Beethoven and other pre-modern composers we have WQXR along with many other outlets and means of listening performance...?

Dec. 06 2009 10:47 AM

For more information about listening to WQXR on your internet radio, take a look at our Audio Help page:

If you're still having trouble, email Listener Services at

Nov. 30 2009 10:36 AM
Laura from Albuquerque, NM

Thank you WNYC! I love Q2 -- there's nothing like it in New Mexico. I have one problem -- I can't seem to pick up Q2 on the squeezebox. There's a station listed as Q2 on 105.9 but it does not play the same music as what is playing via the browser's popup player on my computer. Can anybody help?

Nov. 29 2009 04:10 PM

Question for Bob who says he will stream QXR through his regular speakers once he gets the correct cables. I live in CT, beyond the current 105.9 range and the only reception I get is via the computer stream. I have gotten a wireless speaker that I can move around the house, but have loads of conventional speakers. Is there a way to hook them up to the computer stream? Thanks.

Nov. 29 2009 01:32 PM

Yes even though WQXR cannot reach certain destinations throughout the Tri-State area, I'm still fortunate to get it on my radio clear as I live in midtown Manhattan.

I also often sometimes wished when WQXR not only moved from 96.3 to 105.9 FM, as well as moving their offices from 122 5th Avenue down to 160 Varick Street, they should have taken down or switched their transmitter antenna of 96.3 over to their Varick Street offices and the 105.9 transmitter of what was the former Spanish format over to the 122 5th Avenue location. Those transmitters should have been switched.

I'm also glad at least they're able to still broadcast 103.7 FM and 96.7 remotely from the Poughkeepsie and Asbury Park areas.

Nov. 27 2009 03:40 PM
Richard S. Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

Hey jabur-

Wow- you are in Brazil, I live in New Jersey, but I am this day in California, we can both listen in 128kbit stereo.

If you stay with us, you can join. Just check the website.

Thanks, WQXR, and thanks WNYC.

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA.


Nov. 26 2009 07:08 PM
jabur from Curitiba-Brazil

It's a lovely site, unique, good quality. Thanks from Brazil!

Nov. 26 2009 02:37 PM
Jonathan P.

I have just discovered Q2, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Bravo! I've been exposed to small helpings of modern classical music over the past 5 years (and became a fan of Philip Glass, Arvo Part, and a few others). I've long been a fan of New Sounds, but that requires more active listening and only lasts an hour a day. Suddenly it's like I'm drinking from the fire hose. Thank you!!

One small request, echoing Christopher above: it'd be great to have track information come up in iTunes radio stream. I keep having to check back to the website to find out what I'm listening to.

Nov. 25 2009 01:34 AM

To George Morrison (previous post):

No, it is not a simulcast. (Right now Bill McLaughlin is on QXR and New Sounds is on WNYC 93.9,

If you have a computer, you can go to either the QXR website or the NYC website and click on the Listen button. It opens a small window on your desktop and allows you to switch among all four choices.

I too cannot get decent reception even though I live in Manhattan. I am going to run the computer stream through my regular speakers (once I get the right cable).


Nov. 16 2009 11:41 PM
George Morrison from Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

I have on two occasions tried to get clarification from listener services: Is the HD 2 service on 93.9 FM a simulcast of WQXR on 105.9? (and not Q2) If it indeed is a simulcast, and at an acceptable streaming rate, then many of my friends in my suburban location could once more enjoy at home and perhaps in their cars, the WQXR they can no longer reliably receive on 105.9

We could use some guidance regarding brand name and model numbers of HD tuners and home and car radios as to price and performance in your 93.9 and 105.9 service areas

Nov. 16 2009 09:43 AM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey


Hooray!! At least some of us are happy with Q2.

Nov. 16 2009 12:20 AM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey


Q2 is the re-named wnyc2. When wnyc2 was being built, I told George Preston I would complete a US$500.00 pledge if we could get a crawl of what was playing that I could see in Winamp, or you could see in iTunes.

I do not think that this was ever accomplished.

I know it is possible because I do get this kind of crawl when I click on WPRB, Princeton, NJ.

But, that was when we did get the "What's Playing" on the WNYC web page, succeeded by the "WHAT'S ON NOW" on the WQXR web page.

So, it's not perfect. but it's way better than nothing.

Nov. 16 2009 12:08 AM
BH from NYC

This is really fabulous. All new music, all the time. Thank you WQXR!

Nov. 15 2009 09:52 PM
christopher from London, ON, Canada

i'm listening to Q2 through iTunes. would be great if song information would stream as well.

Nov. 14 2009 03:17 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

Barbara Appelbaum-

Barbara, this is what Q2 is all about. It is the successor to the wnyc2 stream, where especially new music is more a norm than an extra.

Nov. 09 2009 12:06 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ


Re: what's playing on Q2, there is a running playlist on the web site.

Nov. 09 2009 12:04 PM

My error. Performers of the Bach Coffee Cantata are listed. But I would also like to plan for future listening. Play lists in advance would be welcome.

Nov. 08 2009 06:58 PM

Q2 sounds fine on 105.9 HD/2 but I want to know what I'm hearing. Earlier today I bumped into an interesting recording of Bach's Coffee Cantata, but whose performance? And I need a play list to avoid what I don't want to hear.
Daytime listening to WQXR is in danger of becoming "easy and restful listening, classical light." How many times do we need to listen to the slow movement of the Samuel Barber string quartet, and then repeated as a massed string version, and then again as aranged for mixed chorus?

Nov. 08 2009 06:40 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

Maureen Traub-

Maureen, to which stream are you listening/ the 105.9 FM stream, which is 32kbit mono, or the Q2 stream, which is the old wnyc2 stream, at 128kbit stereo.

On the 105.9 stream, you will hear all of the announcers and traditional Classical music. On the Q2 stream, there are no announcers and you will hear more of the modern works.

Please let us know which one.


Nov. 08 2009 06:29 PM
Barbara Appelbaum

My reception is in and out, but my bigger complaint is about the music - on radio I get a steady stream of the chestnuts of classical music - the Barcarole from Tales of Hoffman, Fur Elise, and all that - while on Q2 I get John Adams. Could someone tell me what the phrase "new music of the last 500 years" is supposed to mean?

Nov. 08 2009 06:00 PM
Maureen Traub from Milwaukee, WI

To all of those who are having difficulty with your listening, I have a suggestion.

I am a loyal listener and contributor to WQXR from Milwaukee, WI.

I'm having no problem w/the new station but I listen on HD Speakers that are connected to my desk-top computer. I haven't tried the speakers on my laptop, but I do know that you can also connect the very small speaker system to a laptop.

I purchased the HD Speakers, for about $50 from Dell. I don't know if this will help any of you, but maybe it's possible that the new station has more advanced technology, which would be better suited to HD Speakers.

I do know that I was unbelievabally impressed with the difference that HD Speakers made to the sound quality of my computer, even before the switch on WQXR. I couldn't imagine that they won't improve your listening pleasure, regardless of what you're listening to.

Hope all of you contine to get the beautiful music that I so frequently enjoy!

Nov. 08 2009 02:00 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey


You are in the wrong Comments page. This page is for the Q2 internet stream.

You need to go to either Terrance, or David, or, even better, the WNYC Comments page at

Nov. 06 2009 04:03 PM
John G

New station is barely listenable in Central Jersey compared to the old 96.3 which was crystal clear. You better increase the signal strength or you will be losing listeners like flies (along with their donations).

Nov. 06 2009 10:57 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

The Prelude and Liebestod(?) to Tristan- sexiest music ever written.

Nov. 05 2009 02:11 PM
Jamie Conrad from Washington DC

I concur with the others about how refreshing Q2 is, esp. in comparison with all the other 'all warhorses, all the time' classical streams. I also commend you for fixing the playlist glitches that WNYC2 had -- I can always see what piece I'm hearing now. A slight caution, though: I'm starting to feel like I'm seeing/hearing the same composers over and over (Rautavaara, Adams, Reich, etc.). I seem to recall WNYC2 having broader reach, and certainly there are boodles of other folks out there composing interesting music. Keep your (and our) ears open!

Nov. 04 2009 09:44 AM
Harry Matthews from Brooklyn, NY

As a long-time listener and occasional volunteer at WNYC, I can confirm that Q2 is essentially a new version of WNYC2, conceived as an alternative approach to classical music. The stream has never had live hosts -- a strategy to keep costs down -- but the real-time playlist is available through interconnected websites:,,

If you're in the New York area, you can hear Terrance McKnight host two hours of Q2 music on WQXR, 105.9 FM, every Saturday at 10:00 PM.

Terrance is also hosting some of the WNYC public events; info at

The four streams now offered by WNYC may not be the ideal for all listeners. But they try to cover a wide range of tastes, and if you're talking about classical music or serious concert music or whatever you call it it's the only game in town. Give them props or, preferably, cash, or see it disappear.

Oct. 29 2009 02:13 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

For anyone concerned enough with the kbits at Q2, the only player that I know that reports such data in Winamp, at . The player is free. There is a paid Professional version.


Oct. 28 2009 02:53 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

Ah, Q2,safe at 128kbit. Thanks, I can stop screaming about Q2.

Now I only have to SCREAM for 128kbit on the 105.9 stream, on the other Comment pages.



Oct. 27 2009 06:45 PM
WQXR Radio from New York, NY

Q2 is now listed in iTunes, and no longer under WNYC-2. Q2 will also continue to stream at 128kbps, as shown from the website and internet stream aggregators.

Oct. 27 2009 10:13 AM
zazy from zip code 10456

I am in the Bronx and I cannot hear your new station.
End of WQXR this is very regrettable.

Oct. 26 2009 12:29 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ


Not yet. Winamp is still reporting 128kbit stereo 44,100 mhz. But, even though they are calling it Q2, it is still being introduced as wnyc2.

So, maybe there will be a change. But WE CAN NOT TOLERATE 32kbits. NOT ON Q2, NOT ON THE WEB STREAM FOR 105.9!! NEVER!! NOT EVER!!.

WNYC had wnyc2 at 128kbit, and the web stream for 93.9's music 7:00PM-5:00AM at 128kbit.




Oct. 23 2009 11:46 AM
Christopher Hobe Morrison from Pine Bush, Ulster County, NY

Well, now that Q2 is established the old WNYC2 MP3 speed has become the new Q2 speed. They have gone from 128k to 32k, which is hardly enough for speech let alone music.

At this speed I can't see any reason to listen, let alone actually support the station through donations.

Oct. 22 2009 11:21 PM
Miriam Weissblum

The station is so greatly improved without all those horrible commercials! It is a joy to listen to Jeff Spurgeon's wit and good humor every morning. Thank you!

Oct. 22 2009 10:37 PM
Ri from Highland Park, New Jersey

I just found the Comments RSS feed. If I had missed it, my regrets. If you just got it up, thanks.


Oct. 20 2009 07:53 PM
Richard Mitnick from HIghland Park, NJ

We need RSS on these comments.


Oct. 20 2009 05:42 PM
Richard Mitnick from HIghland Park, NJ

The WNYC website is reportong the Q2 stream at 32kbits. Winamp is reporting it at 128kbit.

The WQXR web site says nothing.

What's the story? Is there a story? Is wnyc2 being taken down from 128kbits to 32 kbits?

This would be an intolerable action.


Oct. 20 2009 05:40 PM
Eric Somers from Poughkeepsie, NY

I loved the service when it was WNYC-HD and it seems just as good as Q2. My only problem is finding the playlists. The new ones are not on the old HD site and, since composers and compositions are never mentioned on the service, it is extremely important to find that information via playlists. Music heard on WNYC-HD has accounted for any number of CD purchases I made. There is music on this service that very rarely, if ever, is played on any other classical music radio stations in the U.S.

Oct. 19 2009 01:14 PM
j.g. owen from suffolk long island ny

Mon 10/19/2009 11:37 am. Not only did I give you a giant donation, I just bought $200 worth of Bach's complete organ works from hyperion, because I got to hear the excellent Herrik on the excellent Pipe Dreams last night! ... So, stop the stupid commercials already! You promised there would be *fewer interruptions* -- they may be shorter but I don't hear fewer. ... Just because they promote your wonderful shows instead of magical skin creams doesn't really make them any better. And loose the news! ... I don't think anybody minds hearing your thoughtful on-air personalities tell us stories about the music they *are playing* or *are going to play*; but I don't need to hear the disasters of the day or what's playing next week, or at least that much of it.

-- best wishes

j.g. owen * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oct. 19 2009 11:42 AM
Joel Wilson from Area Code 954

Q2 is one of only two alternative classical radio stations I listen to on the web, the other is the KING Evergreen channel in Seattle.

Oct. 19 2009 05:11 AM
Evan D. from 08889

Since 1964 to Oct. 2009 It was my station.
Why you desided to change to another station which is worst for the classical music and only for bad music? Why did you do it? I am terribly say to hear your music.
Evan D at 08889 for 35 years.

Oct. 17 2009 05:59 PM
marc from NJ

I am a long-time WNYC supporter. I would be willing to contribute more for WQXR advance playlists, even if it is only the major selections. Consider a subscription fee for (daily?) playlists in advance, e-mailed directly.

Oct. 17 2009 12:18 PM
lara tyler dunne from nyc

I ditched WQXR years ago because I found it's classical repetoire very conventional and repetitive - classical lite, you could say....when I heard of the connection between WNYC and WQXR I thought I'd check it out again. Perhaps Q2 has been around for awhile and I didn't realize it, having wandered away from QXR, but Q2 is now on air all the time in my house, computer, iphone....Wonderful to hear new music - it does sound alot like NYC2 but whatever - great selection of music, like the listings section for information....QXR still seems like classical lite but Q2 is perfection.

Oct. 16 2009 09:29 AM
Jamie from Brooklyn

At home I listen on the internet, so no problems there. Via webstream, I can hear West German Classical Radio, out of Cologne, just as well as a New York station. But over the air, there's essentially no longer a classical music station in New York.

The WNYC Foundation bought WNYC AM and FM from the city (meaning the taxpayers) at below-market rate, with the promise that they would maintain them. The gradual abandonmnet of music is now complete, and as far as I'm concerned, this is a violation of the public's trust. Laura Walker and her colleagues should be ashamed of themselves, turning a valuable public asset into just another long-winded talk, talk, talk station, as if there weren't already enough of that on the dial.

Oct. 15 2009 08:51 AM
Jeff from Jerusalem, Israel

Q2 is a great addition to the classical music world. It's great to have a station dedicated to "modern" music. I love classical (and non-classical) music in general, but modern classical is usually considered too outre and is thus ignored. Would you accept programming suggestions? Then how about Max Richter's work? What about Einojuhani Rautavaara? Thanks..

Oct. 15 2009 07:53 AM
Mimi Mansky from Manchester, NJ 08759

Congratulations on your move; however, those of us who live in Ocean County, NJ and love classical music, we cannot hear the station. I heard unofficially that you traded your powerful antenna to the newcomers who now occupy station 96.3 FM while you took their less powerful broadcasting equipment. I truly hope that you will increase or augment the broadcasting signal so that all of NJ can enjoy 105.9 FM. I would also like to be able to listen in my car and in my home, and I can't due to poor reception.

Thank you.

Mimi Mansky

Oct. 15 2009 12:36 AM
Sharon from 11722

Very poor reception to western Suffolk County in car and at home. It is basically static with an extremely faint background of music. Makes me want to cry. However, Q2 on the computer is great and I like the playlists at

Oct. 14 2009 08:24 PM
Elizabeth from United States

No reception here either. Is anyone reading these comments, and if so, is anything going to be done to remedy the situation? The zip code is 10549, Mount Kisco, NY.

Oct. 14 2009 06:12 PM
Steven from White Plains

In addition to reduced signal strength, I notice a sudden emphasis on older CD's? If it is a rights issue, you should note that KUSC in L.A. has no problem playing very recent CD's. So why can't WQXR do the same?

Oct. 14 2009 02:30 PM
Jeffrey S Robbins from Somers, NY

Sadly, here in Somers in the very northern reaches of Westchester County, the new 105.9 signal is marginal at best. In the car it comes and goes to the point of being un-listenable. Please work on boosting the signal or relocating the transmitter. This is a sad and major loss.

Oct. 14 2009 11:04 AM
Michael from Nassau County

Very, very disappointing. I live in mid Nassau county and the reception is absolutely horrible. This cannot be what was intended by the move...

Oct. 14 2009 07:59 AM
George H from 10590

I'm in zip code 10590. Essentially no signal for WQXR. I'm completely disappointed! I believe H. Felton is correct. This is the end game. WQXR can not survive where it is on the dial. It will be quickly abandoned (combined with 93.9). Sorry to see it go. In my opinion the music programming on WQXR was far superior to WNYC. I intend to reconsider my ongoing pledge to WNYC if something is not done to save WQXR. Perhaps other supporters of WNYC should consider joining me.

Oct. 13 2009 10:05 PM
Mary Jane from Upper West Side, Manhattan

I live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and cannot get any reception at all. Can anything be done about this?

Oct. 13 2009 09:13 PM
Terry from Manhattan

We miss the rebroadcasts of old editions of New Sounds featuring John Schaefer. What happened to it?

Oct. 13 2009 12:26 PM
saby from riverdale,ny

It is what it is . Why ,suddenly the change of frequency? Changes are not always welcome. I'm really surprised that the change was no announced,unless I missed the announcement. Welcome back "WQXR"

Oct. 12 2009 11:10 PM
Gerald from NYC

Did you know iTunesdoesn't put out WQXR under classical but WNYC2 is there? Maybe this is a temporary glitch, bur WQXR used to be a favorite internet station.

Oct. 12 2009 05:17 PM
Christopher Pappas from NYC

I agree with Jamie; this is not only the best internet radio stream, it's the best classical radio station, I believe, in the world, for both new music and old. My CD collection has grown by a factor of 10 since I first discovered it a few years ago, and continues to grow.

(And I have to say, I completely panicked today when I browsed to the WNYC homepage and saw that WNYC2 was no longer listed in the left-hand column. I really don't know what I would do without it.)

Comment: Why do you no longer use hosts? I know times are tough economically, but the commentary that they provided was exceptionally good. Perhaps with the re-formatting you plan on bringing some of them back?

Overall, though, great work -- and again, what really makes this station so unique amongst the broader array of "classical radio stations" (and institutions -- you know who you are!) is the incredible breadth of music that you play; keep it up, no matter what.

Oct. 12 2009 04:32 PM
Ben from Staten Island

Please consider streaming the artist's name and song title so those of us with internet radios (I have a Grace) can see it on the console. KCRW, for example, tells you what you're listening to. It's half the reason for listening to new music -- so you can get a bit of an education. As it is the console says I'm listening to WNYC, 93.9, New York Public Radio, followed by "128 kbps" and "mp3." Isn't "93.9" superfluous on an internet radio, and am I the only one who doesn't care to know the streaming rate?

Oct. 12 2009 03:29 PM
Howard from Levittown, NY

If numbers mean anything, I thought I'd add one more comment to this post.

Yes, it's very disappointing. For years I've enjoyed listening to WQXR at home and in the car. The reception at the new frequency ranges from barely acceptable to "forget about it and just change the station," it's so bad.

Oct. 12 2009 01:29 PM
Mark from Elizabeth, NJ

Reception in the car is a little fuzzy. Reception in the the kitchen is not possible - nothing but static. I will miss it. I guess it's just me and the CD player from now on. I hope the Times spent the money wisely when they sold the quality (and sold out the listeners).

Oct. 12 2009 11:58 AM
Howard from Norwalk CT

Misery. Absolute Misery! I work in Norwalk CT (45 miles away from the transmitter) and although I can pick up the new 105.9 signal, it is overshadowed by a Hartford rock station that is 71 miles away! The other day I heard Mozart interrupted every few serene measures by Def Leppard singing "Love Bites." Sure I can listen on my computer, but since I spend so much time in my car, that doesn't help. Can they maybe be picked up by XM or Sirius???

Oct. 12 2009 11:00 AM
Jamie Conrad from Washington, DC/Alexandria, VA

It looks (and sounds) to me like this is simply WNYC2 renamed, which is good b/c it was, by far, the most interesting radio station on the internet. EXCEPT I hope the new Q2 will do a better job of posting all the music played. I was continually exasperated when I looked up a piece I really loved and couldn't find it, even after the fact.

Oct. 12 2009 08:11 AM
Frank Feldman

Forgive me for being dense, but how do I get the eclectic Q2 stream? I can't find the link.

Oct. 12 2009 12:41 AM
Nancy Wilken from Princeton-New York

Pretty unhappy until I get it fixed but I live in Princeton and New York. No problem with the signal, terrible in Princeton (Mercer County) and since I just purchase a brand new radio from Bose and the computer is in the downstairs home office, have no intention of buying a NPR Internet radio for $200. Guess I'll have to call the radio engineers @ Bose for their inputs, your engineers, no help and/or settle for WWFMT and the Chicago programming. Feeling as if I've lost a friend for half the week!

Oct. 11 2009 11:54 PM
James Klosty

I feel totally abandoned, not to mentioned - as a devotee of modern classical music, trashed. I live in Millbrook NY and always felt blessed to receive WNYC and your wonderful music programming which treated classical music as a living entity rather than a museum installation. I can recieve niether 105.9 nor the WXQR repeater 103.7. So much for membership support. What a farce. As though what the world needs is more talk radio.

Oct. 11 2009 09:05 PM
Martin Sandler from Upper west side, Manhattan

I live on the upper west side of Manhattan. OTA reception is poor in stereo, acceptable in monaural. The stream is a shame for our kind of music at 32K. Not only the bit rate, whoever supervised the Mahler 3rd broadcast was a murderer. (Perhaps it was agc?). I downloaded the broadcast to my computer and then luckily found that the Philharmonic had a listen-again feature offering the Mahler 3rd for one week. You would not believe the comparison. Actually, I was in Avery Fisher for the performance and could listen to this performance forever. Thanks, Philharmonic. Boo WQXR.

Oct. 11 2009 04:17 PM
John from Queens, New York

I enjoy the music selection much better but the reception is absolutely horrible!!! I am located in 11362, which is about 15 miles or so outside the city with an advanced hi fi tuner and antenna setup but to no avail. Do they plan to address this situation?

Oct. 11 2009 04:15 PM
Helen Yao

I miss the hourly news report at the old WQXR, would you please put it back?

Oct. 11 2009 03:44 PM
Charlie from Colebrook CT

32K feed and it definitely shows (or whatever the audio equivalent is). I use iTunes to listen, and switch sometimes to other stations (gasp!). If I use the pop-up player from your site, the sound quality is "fine" but you are streaming a "poor" 32K as Mp3 into iTunes. I can only assume you are using a higher rate for your own site. And I would rather have all my stations in iTunes rather than keeping a browser player open. Could I? Yes. Just rather not.
I've had WQXR in my life since childhood and it pains me think I may stop listening, especially after a move away from NYC leaving me only the internet option. Please consider upping your bandwidth on the Mp3 feed to at least 96K as it was before the change.
I had let my membership to WNYC drop when I moved and was considering rejoining in support of WQXR (music) programming. But please give me a decent quality sound in return!

Oct. 11 2009 11:23 AM
jh from manhattan

very poor reception on radio.
I don't use the internet as a substitute, so I'll
listen to 99.5(wbai).
If the management of 105.9 wants to charge I am not paying to listen to classical music.

Oct. 11 2009 10:34 AM
H.Felton from Brooklyn, NY

WNYC executives knew before the frequency swap that the 105.9 signal is extremely weak and virtually unlistenable throughout the NYC area. Yet you have no announced plan to upgrade the signal.
Thus, I'm guessing WNYC has a hidden agenda. At some time next year, I believe WNYC will announce that since so many listeners have complained they now find WQXR unlistenable, and thus won't pledge to pay for it, you are moving it to the internet, perhaps calling it Q1, and then selling the 105.9 frequency.
Otherwise, why would WNYC have accepted a low-power frequency in trade for 95.9, a full-power franchise?
In any case the WNYC Foundation and the NY Times deserve condemnation for teaming to end free classical radio in NY.

Oct. 11 2009 03:55 AM

In my apartment in Manhattan, I'm having trouble getting the station signal without significant interference (though I have no trouble with WNYC-FM and had no trouble with the old WQXR frequency.)

I'd simply listen to the online stream, but it is a very narrow 32kbps -- free of static, but hardly high quality. Ditto for the Q2 stream -- if you're a news station 32kbps is fine, but you really need 128kbps for music. The weird thing is, WNYC is currently streaming at 128kbps even though it barely plays any music any more at all. Someone's got a twisted sense of priorities.

Oct. 11 2009 12:00 AM
ROBERT W. MORRISON from New Vernon, NJ

I used to get a clear resonant transmission from 96.3. On 105.9 the signal seems compressed, and lacks resonance. I have a great receiver, and am getting a full strenth signal. I live just outside Morristown, NJ, approximately 30 miles from New York. What in the bandwidth or the equipment has changed?Listening on the internet with $50 speakers sounds better than on my expensive hi-fi equipment. Also I miss the daily "quiz"

Oct. 10 2009 11:42 PM
vasco bands from Westchester

105.9 does not reach me in Northern Westchester so I opt for Q2 on my computer but many of the recordings are unidentified; moreover I cannot find a pinted schedule listing said music.

Oct. 10 2009 08:36 PM
John Buchbinder from Brooklyn

It appears that Q2 is simply WNYC2. Is this the case?

Also, I greatly enjoyed Terrence McKnights evening music program, formerly on WNYC and now on WQXR. Unfortunately, I am unable to receive a clear signal on my FM radio and will have to listen on the web. What is the URL for this web stream? I have been using iTunes for playing streams.

Oct. 10 2009 08:17 PM
Frank in West Islip from West Islip

I can't get your signal anymore either in my home (attic antenna) or in the car in West Islip. There is a lot of bleed-over from other stations interfering with the reception. Can you suggest another radio that eliminates bleed-through? Will you have a second repeater frequency for eastern Long Island, as other stations do?

Oct. 10 2009 07:44 PM

Listening via iTunes:

It's actually easy, though not documented on the site!

In the "What's On Now" box on the upper right, click on the feed you want to listen to: WQXR 105.9, WQXR Q2, WNYC 93.9, or WNYC AM.

Then click on the down arrow next to the "Other Formats" text to the right of the blue "Listen Now" button. Select "MP3".

This will download a pointer to the feed you want. If your system is set up properly, iTunes will launch with the stream. Note that the name of Q2 currently appears as WNYC2 in iTunes.

If it does not automatically launch iTunes, look for the file downloaded (which should have a name like mp3.pls) and double click it.

You can them load other streams.

(The old WQXR stream that you may have is no longer valid. Delete it first!)

Oct. 10 2009 06:00 PM
Marc Auslander from Westchester, NY

Right now, its on

On squeeze, the easiest thing is to use the web interface to tune that url, than make it a favorite.

Oct. 10 2009 05:51 PM
brokenhearted from Manhattan

Reception in Manhattan is awful. I'm close to the transmission but I guess buildings in the way block the signal. Investigating HD radio purchase NOW.

Oct. 10 2009 05:28 PM
E Marcus from NY

If you are in the NY area, Q2 appears under Local Stations in the Classical Music category under Internet Radio.

Oct. 10 2009 01:52 PM
Carl Todd from Glen Cove, LI, NY

Will I be able to connect my cell phone a Nokia e71x to Q2 with having to subscribe to a satellite radio station? The phone uses wireless blue tooth head sets so it has no built in FM receiver that requires the use of a wired headset as the connecting wire also functions as the FM antenna.

Oct. 10 2009 01:37 PM
George from Phoenix

What a mess! I've looked everywhere on your new Internet site,Q2, to try to determine if it will still be possible for me to continue to receive your classical music from itunes on my apple. Will I have to move from Phoenix to NYC and listen to your local radio broadcast?

WQXR Radio:

Q2 is an internet stream with separate programming from WQXR. You will be able to listen to both via iTunes under Radio and Classical or via the pop-out player on the right of all pages. Please address any further questions to Thanks for your support!


Oct. 10 2009 01:15 AM
david from Manhattan, NY

I am trying to find a playlist for the new WQXR to determine if "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera" is stilll on, and if so, what it is. If it's gone (pity) I'll at least not have to set my alarm clock to wake up by 1pm! It would be nice to know!

Oct. 10 2009 12:42 AM
Leon Carter from Alpharetta, GA

I was able to listen to WQXR thru a stream in iTunes where it was wirelessly transmitted to my airport express hooked up to my stereo (I live in GA). Will the stream in iTunes continue?


Yes, both WQXR and Q2 will be available in iTunes under Radio and Classical. Please address all further questions to Thanks for your support and keep listening!


Oct. 09 2009 10:25 PM

I am VERY,VERY upset..... I can not get a signal from 105.9
My new speakers are also VERY upset!!!
I'm located in Greenwich, Ct. .... on the border of N.Y.

Oct. 09 2009 10:08 PM
Charlie Berkey from Danville, PA

How do I stream Q2 over my Squeeze Box?
Charlie Berkey

Oct. 09 2009 09:30 PM
Bart from Westfield, NJ

From 22 miles out in NJ. Fine reception. The wonderful announcers are back. Excellent choice of music so far. I for one am delighted. Will listen another week or so and then become a member (presuming all continues well). Great to have QXR continuing in high quality.

Oct. 09 2009 08:55 PM
John Francis Dolphin from Bolivia

Just to let you know that I am getting WQXR loud and clear on the internet here in Cochabamba, Bolivia.


Oct. 09 2009 02:31 PM
marc from Central NJ

Now that I'm retired, I listen to WQXR the entire day. I'm used to planning my errands around your playlist. I assume from the website and your announcements that you will no longer publish advance playlists, and I will miss them terribly. Although your signal is not quite as strong, I am still able to listen. I guess I'll have to get used to serendipity, or switch to CDs.

Oct. 09 2009 02:02 PM
newtkerman from huntington NY

I cannot get your signal (105.9 fm) .I live in
Huntington NY

Oct. 09 2009 12:10 PM
Chris McIntyre from Brooklyn

"Q2 puts you in the room with some of the most beautiful music being created today..."

What definition of "beautiful" is Q2 working from? Or rather, how broad is Q2's definition? I ask because I've been a struck by a narrowness in the Evening Music programming relative to the current New York scene. I see a a particular linear historical track having been taken on as fact at WNYC, WNYC2, Q2, et al. If you disagree, I'd love to hear why.


Oct. 08 2009 11:19 PM

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