Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

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Composers today inherit some pretty profound baggage. How is one able to write a single note! with all of music's most monolithic presences staring at your staff paper? One option is to ignore them, another is to talk with them.

This week on Hammered!, in week two of our programatic conversation between new and old repertoire, we listen to recently written music responding to – or in some way building upon – the musical languages of five musical giants. Monday we hear a collection of "night pieces" by Frederic Chopin and thematic counterpoints by Ryan Anthony Francis, Elliott Carter and others.

Later in the week we use as our launching pad works by Franz Liszt (in a program comprised entirely of Etudes for piano by Unsik Chin, Pascal Dusapin, Ezequiel Vinao, and more), Robert Schumann (with a companion piece to Kreisleriana by Timo Andres called It Takes A Long Time To Become A Good Composer), Claude Debussy, and, the Grandfather of us all, Johann Sebastian Bach.