Strauss's Die Frau ohne Schatten from San Francisco Opera

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Saturday at 1 pm, tune in for a special archive broadcast of the 1976 production of Die Frau Ohne Schatten, starring Leonie Rysanek and led by noted Strauss expert Karl Böhm.

The historic performance, recorded live October 15, 1976 at the War Memorial Opera House, features a cast that includes Leonie Rysanek (the Empress); Matti Kastu (the Emperor); Walter Berry (Barak, the Dyer); Ursula Schröder-Feinen (Barak’s Wife); and Ruth Hesse (the Empress’s Nurse).

The production marked the company debut of one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century, Karl Böhm, who leads the 91-piece San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Chorus in Strauss’s musically complex and mystical masterwork. 

The Empress's Nurse   Ruth Hesse
Spirit Messenger   James Johnson
The Emperor    Matti Kastu †
The Empress    Leonie Rysanek
Voice of the Falcon   Linda Roark
One-Armed man   Lorenzo Alvary
One-Eyed man   Joshua Hecht
Hunchback    John Duykers
Barak's wife    Ursula Schröder-Feinen
Barak     Walter Berry
First Servant    Claudia Cummings
Second Servant   Pamela South
Third Servant    Shirley Lee Harned
Apparition of a Youth   James Hoback
First Watchman   Paul Geiger
Second Watchman   Samuel Byrd
Third Watchman   Wayne Turnage
Children's Voice   Claudia Cummings
Pamela South
Linda Roark
Gwendolyn Jones
Donna Petersen
Alto Voice    Gwendolyn Jones
Guardian of the
Temple Gates    Claudia Cummings
Solo Voice    Gwendolyn Jones
Claudia Cummings
Pamela South
Linda Roark
Shirley Lee Harned
Donna Petersen

STAGE DIRECTOR:  Nikolaus Lehnhoff

San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Chorus