Summertime Explorations of the Modern Piano Concerto

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Piano concertos symbolize the very essence of our existence. The piano soloist pitted against the large orchestra parallels the lone individual struggling for place and meaning in a tremendous world. The piano soloist rises and falls within and against the group – soaring through the orchestral textures – morphing, disputing, blending, and bending.

Piano concertos reached their peak in the 19th Century but today they remain “alive and well” as modern composers continue their exploration of this beloved combination of instruments - searching and exploring new ways to express a fundamental drama.

Join your Q2 guest host pianist Lisa Moore as she continues her Hammered! summer exploration of the new piano concerto. This week features music by Bela Bartok, Benjamin Britten, Carson Cooman, Ryan Francis, Philip Glass, Lou Harrison, Charles Ives, Einojuhani Rautavaara, Poul Ruders, Joan Tower, Sir Michael Tippett and Jacob TV.