A Syracuse Organ Book

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With performances on four instruments in a picturesque New York university town, Pipedreams this week explores a collection of creative contemporary compositions in anticipation of an upcoming Organ Historical Society convention.

Program details:

ROBERT PAOLI: Three Pieces for Organ (2 Preludes and a Processional) –Will Headlee (1952 Holtkamp/Hendricks Chapel).

DON FREUDENBURG: Preludes on So nimm denn meine Hände.

BRUCE LAZARUS: Meditation –Will Headlee (1892 Roosevelt/1980 Schantz/Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception).

THOMAS DONAHUE: Fanfare March –Will Headlee (1950 Holtkamp/Setnor Auditorium, Crouse College).

DAVID N. JOHNSON: Fugue a la Gigue –Christopher Marks(Crouse) Raven 790.

JANET M. CORRELL: Homage to Persichetti –David Enos (1855 Johnson/Westminster Presbyterian Church).

ROBIN DINDA: Melody (No. 1), Meditation (No. 4), and Finale (No. 5), fr5 Pieces in Contemporary Notation –Katherine Pardee (Crouse).