Timing Is Everything

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One cycle ends, another begins, ushering in new priorities, new methods of organization, and probably a renewed gym membership. This week on Hammered! we honor this most momentous of metronome clicks with piano music that uniquely addresses the question of time and the temporal.

Organizing sound in time of course means certain considerations have to be made regarding rhythm, but some composers go beyond these inherent decisions and take rhythm, meter and the listener's perception of these elements, to a whole new level.

A composer like John Adams in his Gate pieces employs rhythmic subdivisions in multiple dimensions to create wave-like perceptions of meter; or, speaking of multi-dimensional, Milton Babbitt creates different hierarchies of regular pulses in pieces from the Time Series; and, more abstractly, Timothy Andres – in It Takes A Long Time To Become A Good Composer – addresses cumulative rhythmic pile-ups, and his own ongoing compositional development via Robert Schumann. 

But that's just Monday. We also have rhythmically-conscious scores from Phil Kline, Eve Beglarian, Kyle Gann, György and Lukas Ligeti, Jacob Cooper and many more. Happy New Year friends!