In Tribute to Lorin Maazel

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Lorin Maazel

The late maestro Lorin Maazel, who died this past Sunday at the age of 84, served as music director of the New York Philharmonic from 2002-09, and was an important figure on and off the stage. To commemorate his legacy, the orchestra presents this week a program that originally aired on the occasion of Maazel’s 75th birthday. The program features works composed and conducted by Maazel, with an incredible lineup of soloists.

Program details:

Lorin Maazel: Monaco Fanfares (New York premiere)

Lorin Maazel: Music for Cello and Orchestra
— Han-Na Chang, cello.

Lorin Maazel: The Giving Tree (New York premiere)
— Dietlinde Turban, narrator; Han-Na Chang, cello.

Lorin Maazel: The Empty Pot (New York premiere)
— Jeremy Irons, narrator; James Danner, treble; Brooklyn Youth Chorus; Dianne Berkun, director.

Lorin Maazel: Irish Vapours and Capers (New York premiere)
— Sir James Galway, flute; Dylan Baker and Dietlinde Turban, narrators.