Video: Conductor Starts Concerto Without Soloist

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Updated 11/13

A Veteran's Day concert by the Louisiana Philharmonic faced an awkward moment on Monday, when the orchestra began a newly commissioned piano concerto without the soloist in place on stage.

The Philharmonic was set to premiere Dreams Of The Fallen, a new concerto written for the occasion by Jake Runstead. A video posted on Youtube shows the composer giving a lengthy introduction, after which the camera pulls back and sweeps over the audience. Conductor James Paul then launches into the piece but with one problem: piano soloist Jeffrey Biegel is nowhere to be seen.

The conductor stops, Biegel makes his entrance to chuckles from the audience, and the performance begins again.

(In the comments below Biegel gives his account of what happened in the video, which was first posted on the blog Slipped Disc and later picked up by Classic FM. Biegel later clarified to WQXR that the entrance was not the fault of the page-turner but a misunderstanding in stage cues. The video has since been removed from YouTube.)

The video comes soon after another video made the Internet rounds that appeared to show pianist Maria Joao Pires momentarily panicking as she realized that the orchestra had started the wrong concerto. As some observers have later noted, that video was filmed in 2009 and featured a rehearsal, not a formal concert.