Video Premiere: Grant Cutler's 'Georgia'

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Grant Cutler: 'Self Portrait'

For Grant Cutler's forthcoming album, Self Portrait, the Brooklyn-based composer and electronic musician recorded artists improvising to delayed recordings of themselves. Described by his label as "an active re-imagining of the self," the result is as defined by ambient-music soundscapes as it is chamber-music composition.

During the track "Georgia," a plaintive piano is set adrift in a haze of reversed sounds and delay-heavy mallet percussion. Suspended in harmonic stasis, the architecture is in the texture and slow swells.

Watch the video premiere for "Georgia" by cinematographer Bo Hakala below.


Chris Campbell, Jef Sundquist, Grant Cutler, piano; Chris Campbell, Jef Sundquist, organ; Grant Cutler, synthesizers; Michelle Kinney, Jacqueline Ultan, cello; Sara Pajunen, violin; Michael Lewis, saxophone; Aby Wolf, vocals.