Wagner's The Flying Dutchman from San Francisco Opera

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Saturday at 1 pm, join us for a broadcast from the San Francisco Opera of its new production Wagner's The Flying Dutchman. The story of a man condemned to sail the oceans endlessly unless he can find the one woman willing to be faithful even unto death, the production stars bass-baritone Greer Grimsley in the title role and dramatic soprano Lise Lindstrom as Senta.

The Petrika Ionseco production, imported from Belgium for the Wagner centennial year, incorporates multicolored projected visual images of the ocean, ghost world and cosmos.

Senta   Lise Lindstrom
Mary   Erin Johnson
Erik   Ian Storey
The Steersman   A.J. Glueckert
Daland    Kristinn Sigmundsson
The Dutchman   Greer Grimsley

CONDUCTOR:  Patrick Summers
STAGE DIRECTOR:  Petrika Ionesco

San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Chorus