Watch: 'The History of Classical Music' in Under 5 Minutes

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - 01:21 PM

Jon Cozart, who posts to YouTube on the Paint channel, created a 'History of Classical Music' video. Jon Cozart, who posts to YouTube on the Paint channel, created a 'History of Classical Music' video. (Jon Cozart/YouTube)

YouTuber Jon Cozart, who is behind the channel Paint, created an a cappella video following the (loose) trajectory of classical music, from Hildegard von Bingen to John Williams. He takes a few liberties with the timeline (curiously Beethoven comes before Mozart and Debussy follows George Gershwin), but what are a few historical details when the resulting arrangement mashes up Williams's Jurassic Park theme and Debussy's Clair de Lune so nicely?

Watch the video below:

Which pieces would you add to Cozart's "History of Classical Music"? Let us know in the coments below, or Tweet us at @WQXR.


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Comments [24]

Matthew Green from Mexico

Fun! Kind of a very short/light version of Paul Drayton's "Masterpiece". (Check out the King's Singers version on YouTube; it's amazing!)

Aug. 26 2016 06:21 PM
Debbie from Yonkers

Total fun, but...John Williams?? Really? I agree he needs to add Mahler and Stravinsky to truly reflect the historical progression of music.
Nevertheless, I'll be sharing this one with friends!

Aug. 26 2016 11:09 AM
Deborah Seidman from Greenwich Village

Agree with all the missing....Chopin, Stravinsky, Shubert, Dvorak, Mahler etc.... but.... it should be a series! This guy is GREAT! (also look at pedatonix for amazing acapella)

Aug. 22 2016 09:24 PM
bklynbug from Brooklyn

Great fun!!

Aug. 22 2016 06:24 PM
Diane Albert

So much fun! But what about Mahler? And I think he needs to more Mozart. and Haydn and Brahms.

Aug. 21 2016 06:28 PM
Maurice Clapisson from New York, US and Montpellier, France

What a wonderful conversation piece - next project: Rameau, Verdi, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, and so on ... with trumpets, drums and burst of silence

Aug. 20 2016 05:54 AM
Gramercy Gal from New York

Classical is for old folks is just hooey...wonderful and clever video.

Aug. 19 2016 05:41 PM

This is awesome! Can't wait for my son to get home and share the John Williams excerpt. He'll catch some of the heavies, too--Vivaldi, Wagner, Beethoven, Mozart. This vid reminds me to introduce him to Gershwin. Not a bad idea.

Be cool detractors.

Aug. 19 2016 04:25 PM
EJ from Brooklyn

Fun and engaging as a short historical journey. Don't think it was was ever meant to be comprehensive and all inclusive. Otherwise, it would be an hour long.

Aug. 19 2016 01:58 PM
BohdanUke1 from Upland, Ca.

What talent. Just a quick taste, done expertly!

Aug. 19 2016 05:00 AM
Gracia Sol from Hayward, CA

What happened between MoZart and Tchaikovsky??? Huh? Brahms, Schumann, Chopin, Schubert, Dvorak, Rachmaninov, and so on and so forth... this is a good start... but too much was left out...

Aug. 18 2016 10:49 PM
Gene Lieber from Montclair, NJ

Duh? Haydn, Schubert, Brahms, Stravinsky, for starters.

Aug. 18 2016 07:52 PM
linda kemp

Absolutely wonderful. It's an ode to joy.


Aug. 18 2016 06:24 PM
Chrisoa from Texas

I'd add Dvorak and Borodin.

Aug. 18 2016 05:05 PM

How about the solo bassoon opening of The Rite of Spring? Stravinsky's name would fit right in it.

Aug. 18 2016 03:35 PM
Dagmara Bastiks from Jacksonville, FL

The Opera Greats: Wagner, Puccini, and Verdi

Aug. 18 2016 02:30 PM
Jean Speiser from West Chester, PA

Schubert. Mendelssohn. Dvorak. Mahler.

But primarily Schubert.

And although I don't like him, what about Chopin?

Again, Schubert.

Aug. 18 2016 02:15 PM
JS from Chelsea

Very entertaining but no Purcell!?!

Aug. 18 2016 01:47 PM
Lorna Salzman from Brooklyn

Romanticism: no Brahms or Schumann...or WAGNER?

Opera: Verdi?

Schoenberg????? atonalism, 12 tone



(and Stravinsky, already mentioned)

Everything that's terribly wrong about your classical programming shows here.
Fire your classical programmer....and get your brain straightened out....and
abandon Classical Light.

Aug. 18 2016 01:05 PM
bern from la la land

Creepy and useless.

Aug. 18 2016 01:00 PM
Ben from Manhattan

This is awesome!

Aug. 18 2016 11:41 AM
Dr Jerry from Folsom, CA

Excellent, creative, entertaining Music Depreciation! (:>) Thanks!

Aug. 18 2016 11:08 AM
Carol Luparella from Garfield, NJ

You really are running out of things to put on your website, aren't you?

Aug. 17 2016 07:59 PM
Carl Edwards from BYC

Um,... Stravinsky?

Aug. 17 2016 04:46 PM

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