What Pieces Should Be Played on the East River Piano?

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The mysterious piano that was first spotted on the Manhattan shoreline of the East River a week ago appears to be harmonizing with its surroundings swimmingly.

A small group of curiosity-seekers stopped by the spot beneath the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday to take pictures and marvel and the strange beauty of the sight. There was little use in trying to play the waterlogged instrument – a Mason & Hamlin – as the strings and actions appeared damaged beyond repair. Several keys were either missing or cracked.

Brian Wise/WQXR

Still, some could not wait for low tide to try the instrument out themselves. One woman shot what appears to be a music video and posted it to YouTube.

This man also tickled the ivories:

This got us to wonder: If the piano could be salvaged, and left in its current location, which piece would you want to hear on it? Take our poll or leave a comment below.