WQXR 50th Anniversary Show [Album # 01]

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Elliott and Eleanor Sanger, December 25, 1979.

For this first episode of WQXR at 50, host Bob Sherman creates an audio montage of music and reminiscences from some of the station's founders. The program Includes interviews with Elliot and Eleanor Sanger as well as former Music Director Abram Chasins.

The show starts with a rebroadcast of a December 7th, 1964 concert by Leonid Hambro and Jascha Zayde in the WQXR Concert Hall.

Performances include:
Bach-Bauer: Prelude & Fugue in C Minor (Hambro and Zayde)
Schubert-Zayde: Moment Musical in G Minor (Hambro and Zayde)
Debussy: Three Movements from Petit Suite (Hambro and Zayde)
Berlioz: Excerpts from Damnation of Faust (Barzin)
St. Saens: Rond Capriccioso (Elman)

WNYC archives id: 66309